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March MCCC-"In like a Lion, Out like a Lamb"

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Moby the White

Senior Member


Please do not post here to advertise champions.

Welcome to March's Monthly Champion Creation Contest! This is a four-week contest to see who can create the most complete and best champion concept within a given set of parameters.

Your hosts this month are yours truly, Moby the White, ObscureClockwork, and this month we are joined by last months co-winner GenMadHatter. We have an amazing MCCC this month, with tons of surprises in store. I can't give the details just yet but don't worry you will find out later tonight!!

As far as judging goes, if you wish to be a judge, review a non-winning champion from the February MCCC using this month’s judging rubric. No exceptions everyone must submit a review if they wish to judge no matter who they are or what they have done. We will be accepting additional judges, and We won't accept someone who is not a good reviewer. Remember, if you judge, you cannot compete in the competition!

As far as being judged goes, if you do not like your judgement do not whine or complain. You have entered into the contest with the understanding that your concept will be judged based upon the opinions of the judges as they understand the game. If you don't like our opinions tough! No one is forcing you to enter the contest, and if you should so choose to enter, then you are submitting yourself to our opinions. We may not be right, and in some instances we may be wrong. Remember we review over 20+ concepts or more in one sitting usually, chances are we may make a mistake. If you feel our judgement is erred based on reasonable explanation, then calmly explain yourself and it will be reviewed and judges will discuss the outcome. You are not guaranteed additional points, but you are guaranteed a second look.

Week 1: Abilities!
Contestants must come up with an Innate (Passive), Q, W, E, and R for their champion. They must relate to the theme and be unique. No numbers are required at this point, but descriptions of the ability's mechanics (if they aren't obvious) will help. AFTER WEEK 1, SIGN-UPS ARE CLOSED.

Week 2: Lore!
Write the background story for your champion, like the Lore of current canon champions. Roughly 400-500 words in a two- to three- paragraph format works best, and can be adjusted even after Prelims. 500 word limit can be exceeded in certain circumstances if it means the story becomes more polished. If you exceed this amount just to spout out some half brained gibberish obviously you will be docked.

Champions who do not meet the theme and challenges will be eliminated, as will champions who lack lore or are missing abilities. Those who pass move on to Weeks 3 and 4.

Week 3: Stats!
Contestants must develop base stats and stats related to their abilities during this week.

Week 4: Judging
Judgment week! Contestants will be eliminated until the winner and runner-ups have been found; they will be judged using this rubric:

Abilities: (X/25)
Do the abilities work well together, resulting in fun combos for summoners to employ? Are the numbers balanced compared to similar abilities? Is each ability worth putting points in?

Story: (X/5)
Does the story fit sense and fit in with other champions' Lore? Does the story adequately explain the champion's abilities? Is it within a reasonable length?

Stats: (X/5)
Are the Champion's stat numbers within reason? Are they within the proper boundaries and neither too big nor too small? Do they fit the champion's intended role? Does the champions base stats fit with the rest of the champions in the league (30 magic resist, no base AP, etc.).

Gameplay: (X/5)
Does the champion as a whole make people want to play it? Is it fun to play as? Is it fun to play against? Is it different from champions that already exist in the game? Is the interface and targeting confusing or streamlined? Do enemies have some way to counterplay your mechanics, or are they dead no matter how well they play? Note: if they are dead no matter how they play, that’s bad.

Theme and Challenges POSSIBLY WILL BE OUT OF 5 TBA
Did the Champion and his/her abilities fit the Theme? Do they satisfy the challenges mapped out for them? Champions who cannot pass the Theme and Challenges are disqualified, and that’s that.

- - -

Week 1: March 2 – March 9
Week 2: March 10– March 16
Prelims: March 17– March 18
Week 3: March 19– March 27
Judging: March 28 – March 31

There's no limit on how many people can sign up for Week 1, but champions without complete lore or abilities will be eliminated.


In addition, if you fail to complete your abilities and/or story by the time their respective weeks end, you will be eliminated. Don't argue - you've been warned. Just for clarification, however, you CAN scrap/edit a champion concept and start over after week 1 is over so long as you met the deadlines for your previous champion(s). However, you cannot do this once Week 2 has ended.

This doesn't mean you have to "come up with an idea before coming up with an idea". You can post lore and stats early, you just need four abilities and an innate up. Even if they don't meet the challenges, I won't disqualify you for that after week 1. I only check the theme/challenges part during prelims and judging.

Now, onto the Theme and Challenges!

So I am really glad you guys were so PATIENT in your waiting for me to make the themes. Please forgive my hellish work schedule I did not have time to post these challenges earlier and felt it appropriate to spike your interests with a placeholder.

AT ANY RATE! I digress...

Here you go...


In like a lion - Your champion will be from OR allied with the void. If you are allied with the void your champion should be either from the grey order or the black rose. If your champion is from the void then its obvious where they came from I would assume - the void.

Out like a lamb - Your champion should be on the side of defending Valoran and all of Runeterra....wait but what does this mean?

WELL since you asked...

Lore Challenge:

Here's the situation, your lore should describe the following either your character's attack or defense of Ionia. If you choose lion your champion will attack Ionia after being released from the void or after the void release, if you choose lamb your champion will defend against the void invasion.

Heres what to include:

Setting- Ionia


Void Origin- Void
Void Details- Describe your attack on Ionia and the allied forces. Describe briefly your past failed invasions. Describe your hatred and hunger for anything not void.

Black Rose, Grey Order- Anywhere you like
BRGO Details- Describe how your involvement created the destruction of the league/institue. Explain what this destruction is exactly. And describe your recent attack on the Allied forces up until the void invasion. Attacks may vary and can be militaristic to assasinations could even be economic. Be creative with this.




Runeterrean Origin- Anywhere you like
RT Details- Explain your newfound awkward alliance with your old enemies. E.G. Demacia and Noxian, Ionian and Zaun. Describe the collapse of the league and your old life as a champion, and now portray your defense of the homeland as the void invasion begins.

Okay thats your lore challenge....I know I know its a doozy...but give me a second...

Ability Challenge-

Luck of the Ionian-
To honor St. Patricks Day this challenge will be for those who chose Lamb
One of your abilities needs to have a tendancy to occur. E.G. 50% chance


Might of the Invasion-
To honor something else...for those who chose Lion
One of your abilies needs to have tenacity as a passive.

Tides of March-
One of your abilities needs to create a stack system preferably one that stacks up to 21 to 33 times in honor of Julius Caeser

BUT MOBY!!! You said there were surprises!!!

I did didn't I?

Well then onto the surprises.

Moby the White:

SO In honor of March Madness I am adding a bonus point surprise for any person who designs/draws a Dunkmaster skin for their entered champion.
The Surprise being the best skin wins the bonus point

This month will have two winners, one from each category. We will have one Lion winner and one Lamb winner.

Is that all?


These winners will be featured in the up and coming story that will be written by myself and created by Bergmeister: Heart of Darkness: The Story

But wait theres more!!!

These two winners will also receive $20 each in RP!

As for Second place winners your champions will receive a brief cameo in the story.

Now I know these rewards are not the most amazing thing in the world...but I hope you like it.
This is not a precedent for future MCCC's this is a one time thing that I came up with, and it may be a one time only deal.

Suggested Reading: Heart of Darkness Collection (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3095771)

Don’t forget, no using already existing champions, as that defeats the purpose. And only one entry per person!

Good Luck and Have Fun! I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.

Note from Moby,

So this is my 2nd time hosting an MCCC, and this time I am joined by a new judge Hatter. Well I am really excited to have her on board with us because her ripping reviews are accurate to say the least. At any rate allow me to say this, despite last months agonizing conflicts I had fun, lots of fun. BUT BE WARNED I will not tolerate this type of behavior again in my thread, if you argue with each other over something, I will issue a warning and if you continue I will DQ you. THIS IS BEYOND FAIR. Keep chatter to a friendly manner and you won't get DQ'd. If you do not like something I have said personally, do not attack me, please ask me to explain myself or calmly address me, if you thrash me after I continue to attempt to resolve the problem peacefully I will issue a warning and if you continue I will DQ you, and this is also fair. This means you get a 0 from myself in the competition, if the other judges wish to judge you that is their prerogative.

If you have comments questions or concerns throughout the entirety of the contest feel free to join me on http://www.mibbit.com

server: irc.ircstorm.net
channel: #ccf

Good luck and have fun, Moby White

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Senior Member


It is evening here. 1/03/2013, 18:12.
Bloody 'muricans...

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Senior Member


Okaaaaaaaaay I'm passing this month, looks a lil too complicated to participate or judge, good luck to the participants tho!

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NA Rukhron

Senior Member


If this month pleases me (and whatever I can come up with with the theme also does) I'll sign in as a contestant.
I can truthfully say that I won't be able to join as judge regardless of any factor with things that are going on in my life right now, so that's without chance.
I've silently watched the previous month MCCC and I believe the new DQ clauses over behavior are justified. Hope there's no need for it through.

Also: This post can (and will probably be) converted in my champion post if I do join as a contestant. This because having the champion on the 1st page is certainly enjoyable. (some few things get way easier)

EDIT: In the end I just couldn't come up with something I liked, so I'll be off this month as well.

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Senior Member


Hon'Ash, Tyrant of the Void

Link to external thread- http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3181957

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Senior Member


aww i missed last month so this even more suspensful...... you are evil in a fun way sir

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Senior Member


My guess for the theme is a champion who can succesfuly get in and out of a fight at a moments notice, like Kassadin. Not saying it is, but just a guess. Also I would be happy to join.

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aw, my Tril'Nik champ would've been perfect for this. oh well, moving on.

I can definitely work with this. :3 thank you Moby, I think I have a good feeling about this contest.

Name: Sta'Kov, Desire's Dread

Theme: Out Like a Lion


An unknown creature from an unkown place, Sta'Kov was a Void creature that fed on the desires of the enemy. He developed his powers from observing humans using a scout-like creature by the name of Vin'Teth. Vin'Teth allowed Sta'Kov to see using his eyes, one to travel, and one to remain. Observing their desires for power, belonging, love, friendship, and more, he discovered a way to use these against them, to twist their feelings and their desires to make them do his bidding. He reveled in the potential of his discovery.
Attempting to test his new found knowledge, he traveled time and again to destroy the land of Ionia, which had seemed so flawed with emotions and vulnerabilities. Time and again he failed, and he wondered why, but he realized that it must be their will that is so strong. That must be why he cannot succeed. He attempted once more, to invade. But this time, he would do so, by surprise...
Sta'Kov waited for an unsuspecting victim, and one approached. He subtly tugged their minds, sensing their desire and conflicting with their reality. As the unsuspecting victim felt their thoughts changing, but were unaware of the cause. Becoming more and more befuddled, they simply began walking toward her comrades with an angry look on her face. Upon reaching them, she had killed one of them outright. Upon being questioned, she had told them that her comrade had conspired against her and her loved ones. Pleased with these results, Sta'Kov began to cause mayhem, one by one amongst the army before him. He continued until a unit caught him by surprise, capturing him by knocking him out. from behind. Upon waking, he found his powers locked by a suppression device that prevented him from doing anything but speak. Upon being questioned, he refused to speak. To this day, he exists only to be used by the summoners, and when not being summoned, he is contained in the suppression unit.
"Your desires will be your downfall pitiful creatures." -Sta'Kov


Damage: 50(+3 per level)
Health: 325(+72 per level)
Mana: 220(+55 per level)
Move Speed: 340
Armor: 14(+2.5 per level)
Magic Resist: 30
Health Regen: 5(+.72 per level)
Mana Regen: 6.75(+.6 per level)

Passive: Twisted Desires:
Sta'Kov uses enemies' desires against them, dealing an additional 2(+.01 AP)%-5(+.03 AP)% of their maximum health as magic damage depending on how long they were out of combat(minimum of 2% max health at all times, maximum of 6% if target was out of combat for longer than 6 seconds)

Q: Friendship:
Passive: Sta'Kov twists nearby enemy champions' views of friendship to a minor degree, causing them to see him somewhat as an ally, giving Sta'Kov 5% tenacity for each nearby enemy champion.
Active: Sta'Kov causes an enemy champion to confuse foe for friend, walking harmlessly towards an ally of Sta'Kov's choosing for 1 second and deal 12/14/16/18/20% reduced damage for 3 seconds after.
Cost: 70 Mana
Cooldown: 15 Seconds

W: Love:
Sta'Kov takes enemies' desire for love and slowly crushes it, causing him to apply stacks of Heartbroken for 10 seconds. After the duration ends, all stacks detonate. Stacks cap at 33 stacks and deal 12/14/16/18/20(+.2 AP) magic damage per stack.
Auto attacks apply 1 stack per successful hit.
Friendship applies 4 stacks per successful cast.
Belonging applies 6 stacks per successful cast.
Power applies 10 stacks per successful cast.
Cost: 65/70/75/80/85 Mana
Cooldown: 11 Seconds after the effect ends

E: Belonging:
Sta'Kov slowly fills the targets' desire to belong, causing them to confuse ally for enemy, as if being taunted to their nearest ally for 1.5 seconds. If the target reaches their ally before the duration ends, they both take 60/70/80/90/100(+.6 AP) magic damage.
Cost: 90 Mana
Cooldown: 17 Seconds

R: Power:
Sta'Kov begins to search through an enemy's lust for power, no matter how hidden it may be, and causes them perform a suicidal ritual in an attempt to gain power falsely offered by Sta'Kov, causing them to take 150/300/450(+.3 AP)(+2 per 4 health missing) true damage.
Cost: 120 Mana
Cooldown: 85 Seconds

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Senior Member


....MOBY ITS GEN>MAD>HATTER...not madgenhatter....

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Moby the White

Senior Member


....MOBY ITS GEN>MAD>HATTER...not madgenhatter....

Close enough :P

just kidding fixed :P