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The Anti-Rage Guide

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Lu Caos

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-edit edit-
Thanks for the spotlight! I will strive to ever keep the rage of the community at a minimum!

Anti-Rage Challenge: Link this thread to people who are obviously raging, but remeber you have to be civil about it. Go ahead and defeat the rage by enforcing the anti-rage! Or you can post your own diagnosis and treatments to rage! Will be adding all good suggestions to the guide ((Character limits permiting))

Do you have trouble raging during games? Do you find yourself often tempted to sit at spawn and AFK? Is your ELO in the ****ter? Well this is the guide FOR YOU!!!

Step one: Recognizing Rage.
Many people I've talked to don't even know that they are raging. So before one can take any steps to actually rid themselves of rage they must first acknowledge "yes.. I am raging, I am raging hard, I am raging so hard the hulk looks at me and goes 'Dude just calm down!' "

Common signs of raging include.
1. Mashing of the shift or use of the caps lock key
2. Spamming chat with insults or general hate
3. Spamming the ping key in game
4. Grunting loudly and redness of face
5. Intentional feeding or desire to AFK
6. Temptation/Act of setting your computer on fire.
7. Punching of babies and puppies, seriously dude not cool.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms you may indeed have caught the flu... of RAGE!

Step two: Confirming the Rage

After you have shown signs of RAGE please take a moment to ask yourself. "Am I raging?" "Am I drinking Hateraid right now by the gallon?" "Are my hands clenched so tight my nails are causing me to bleed?" And other such questions of this sort. If any of these questions turn up yes then you have confirmed you are raging (And might need to see a doctor, cuts can get infected you know).

Step three: Analyzing the rage

How am I raging? What am I raging at? Why type of rage is this?

All important questions to ask when you have confirmed the rage. For without knowing what type of rage it is you won't be able to take further steps to correct your rage!

Common types of rage include
1. Nerd Rage- "They questioned my build! I know better than them! I'll show them how pro my build is by FEEDING!" *Rage rage rage rage*
2. Gank Rage- "Oh my god man there is nothing I can do I get ganked over and over no matter where I go.. best solution to this is to FEED"
3. MIA Rage- "You didn't Call MIA why didn't you call MIA Why can't I take 1 second to look at the mini map every once and a while to realize that their lane is missing. I guess I'll just face check every bush now.. and FEED!"
4. Ranked Rage "All you guys SUCK you're ruining my ELO my precious ELO, obviously my ELO is more important than life it's self.. so to prove how important ELO is I'm going to afk... then FEED!"
5. Rage Rage "FUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-.... then FEED!"
and finally
6. Eldrich Horror Rage- AHDOSFJhfasdok3#$@49098#$&@@@&@&#&370987sadfhaweushgadifugahseioajwesyy!@$*&*asdjfhiuykllizx,mcnv... then FEED!

If you have any of these rages proceed to the next step immidately. ((Or if it's eldrich horror rage.. proceed to summon forth your dark god to lay waste your enemies))

Step Four- Curing the rage

By far the most important step in all of this guide, or any guide ever in fact.

1. Take a deep breath then let it out.
2. Think of something funny or something that will make you smile.
3. Realize this is just a game and you're here for fun.
4. Laugh out loud.
5. Stand up and do interpretive dance for 10-30 seconds ((Depending on re spawn time))
6. Take a chill pill
7. Let it all out by screaming at the top of your lungs. ((Only recommended if you are alone in the house.. and if your window is closed.))

By doing one or more of these things you will find that your rage will decrease and your ability to win games will increase dramatically!

Stay tuned for updates on how to
1. Prevent Rage from ever happening!
2. Learning how to play champions in ways that are fun without trolling your team!
3. Bake a pie!

and much much more!

And as promised! The next part of the Anti RAGE guide!

Preventing rage from ever happening to begin with!

1. Before playing the game one must stop and look around his/her room. Then ask yourself "Is this a comfortable space?" a lot of the time being in a cramped up space or uncomfortable space will lead to a much higher contraction rate of the "RAGE" virus. ((Unfortunately some people who live their parents basements can't avoid this, so make due and try and liven up the place a bit!))

2. Always remember to start a game in a good mood. Never play a game when you're pissed off or depressed. ((Unless you know how to have a good time every time then go for it!)).

3. Another tactic many often forget is to take breaks in between games especially ones that went horribly or made you rather stressed out. Go play some stupidly cheery mini flash game or something ((Rainbow robot unicorn works for many people.)) Then come back and play another game.

4. Always queue up with people who love to play the game, avoid people prone to raging. If they rage-sneeze on you then you can get the rage-flu and no one likes the rage-flu. ((Unless you're into that sort of thing.. hey I don't judge))

5. Remove any projectiles from your desk. Many people I have known had the habit of chucking the nearest chuckable across the room, and when that chuckable happens to be a valuable cell phone or something hard and heavy that just broke through your window or knocked out the nearest family member, this just tends to lead to even more rage!

6. Pick champions you like to play, or that you find fun! When picking your champion, don't give a hoot about what some person says is good or not, play the champion anyways. You play the game to have fun so do it! Play that Evelynn, pick that Teemo or Veigar, support the hell out of your team with Soraka, or just go where you please as Mundo.

7. Ventrillo. Remember when you have teammates there to support you or laugh with you ((Or at you if you have a good sense of humor)) even the worst games can turn out fun. Instead of surrendering on a bad mood, convince your dudes and dudetts to mess around in your final moments. Pull off weird and exciting tactics. Confuse the hell out of your enemy by bum rushing down mid. Leeroy it up the center, see if your team can make it to their back fountain before dying! ****around! Do it!

-edit edit-

+50 up votes already? ****.. looks like I'll have to actually post the third part..

How to play champions in a fun fashion.

Well there are many options that are both fun and semi-viable ((I say semi because they can work but will most likely die to more try hard builds))

AP Revive/Ghost Rammus: Also works with revive/teleport but revive is necessary and the AP part is necessary. Did you die in that fight? Do you want to deal 1:1 AP ratio death? Do you want to fly at 1000 mph while doing it? Then AP rammus is the turtle for you! This build works more often than others I've found and there's nothing funnier than to fly back into a fight going at around 1800 ms only to grab a penta kill with your ult and roll out!

Sunfire Eve/Twitch tag team! This one only really works at lower elo's but is hilarious to see done. Once you both have 2-3 sunfires, you can kill people by just running around them. If they don't get oracles they will die without you ever having to leave stealth!

AD Veigar: What's that? Veigar has a horrible auto attack? *Crit for over 9000* That's right I crit so hard It'll make you break your scouter. What's that? It's impossible to crit for that much? Ever heard of a lichbane proc? What's that? Lichbane procs don't crit? Well screw you stop messing with my logic. AD veigar needs no logic!

MANDROP Pantheon!: Also know as AP pantheon, with a 1:1 ratio Stun and Aoe ult it is a suprisingly effective build. Though gotta remeber not to neglect your AD spear shot, to remedy this grab a Manamune at the beginning buy sorc shoes then build straight ap. Don't forget lichbane this is key. Also remeber kids you HAVE to HAVE to yell SPARTAAAAAAAAAAA! Whenever you drop in, this will guarentee your ult will crit. Yes your ult will crit, it can do that, don't need to look up that fact.

100 upvotes -edit-

Hmm.. it seems that you guys want pie. So how about an apple pie! ((The Pie of Rage!))

This process will assume you have already have your crust ready and you filling prepared. ((I'm going to post these steps later in random order, because I can do stuff like that))

Step one: Cutting ((No not that kind..))
Now that you have your angry dough crust prepared you cut the crust into two equal halves, remeber they have to be exactly equal, if the volume is off by one fraction of a square decimeter then the pie could end time as we know it.

Step two: Rolling the dough
Alright take one of those perfect ((And I mean perfect)) halves of dough and roll it out untill it's roughly 1/8 inches thick or so, if you don't know what 1/8 of an inch is bring a ruler or something I dunno. I would say just wing it.

Step three: Putting it in your pan.
You take the dough and you put it in your god **** pan how hard is this to explain?

Step four: Dump all your apples into the pie
Dump all your applies into the pie, don't forget to put butter on top of the apples, because we all know butter is good for you! Just like bacon!

Step five: Place the other ((Positively perfect)) half of dough on top of the pie, yes.. after you roll that one out as well, then cut around the edges with a knife ((Or in my case your sharp wit)) and proceed to create a pattern around the edges of the pie using the back of the knife.

Congrats your pie is now ready to bake!

Baking your apple pie

Step one: Place tinfoil around the edges of your pie, to prevent alien's from reading your pie's mind. If they find out it's delicious secrets they will steal your pie, or it will prevent the edges from burning or something. ((Don't forget to take the tinfoil off about 10 minutes before the pie is done else it will explode))

Step two: Bake your pie at 400 degrees for about 50-60 minutes ((Fahrenheit,Kelvin,Celsius,Rankine,Delisle,Newton,Réaumur or Rømer pick your temperature scale I dun care))

Whent the pie is done let that badboy cool before you eat it.
((Though on secound thought eating it might not be the best idea, this is rage pie after all))

TLDR: Obviously this is a guide about rage or something.

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It's too complex !


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So If I tYpE lIkE tHiS aM i RaGinG/

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You question mah ragin'???? Omfg noob feeeeeeddddddding time!

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<3 thank you for making my morning a wonderful one.
This made me smile :3

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Brilliant! =)

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You forgot threatening to report your team for being noobs.

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I really liked this guide.

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Excellent thread.

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uncle anime

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play lux because she constantly says encouraging things to you