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In-Game Zoom Level

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I'm a relatively new player, but I (like most people here) have an incredible amount of experience playing competitive games, as well as some game design background.

So far, I'm loving League of Legends. However, one thing that is incredibly annoying is not being able to zoom out further. I am often forced to unlock my camera view from my champion to see a full line of sight to my teammates/opponents, leaving me with no vision behind me (except for the mini-map). Additionally, because the HUD is bottom-centric, vision is significantly lowered (by ~15%) when starting at the top of the map and trying to fight players south of you.

I, as well as many other players, surely would appreciate being able to zoom out an extra 50-100%.

I've read some of the reasons behind the development team's chosen zoom level, and I feel that their assumed benefits don't outweigh the negatives. Purposefully limiting a player's vision (using zoom level) when the game already has a mechanic to do so (fog of war) is redundant and unnecessary. As for tactical advantage, if all players had the ability to choose an extended zoom level, no advantage would be given.

In summary, from a new player's perspective (which should be doubly important, since the first few weeks are when someone decides to keep playing long-term or not), the zoom level is too narrow. Please allow players to increase their zoom out by 50% or more.