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In game name: pdugg45
Role: (order from best to ok) Top, Jungle, Support,Mid,ADC
League:Silver V Anivia's Wizards

(Top,Mid,Adc) I will never feed....ever if i cannot win my lane it will be a farming game, I ward, I dont over extend, I finish games fast as possible with wins. I don't have "bad games". i play to win and have fun. I dont rage.
(Support) I will die for my adc, adc gets all kills and farm, wards up everywhere at all times, protect the adc in fights then teammates next.
(Jungle) Aggressive, I like to steal reds I will not over do it, i gank every lane. I don't forget about my top laners out there.

Champions I use: (Jungle top 7) Xin,Hecarim,Zed,Naut,Moa,Vi,Lee Sin
(Top top 5) Zed Jax Darius Jayce Rumble
(Mid) Zed, Ryze, Vlad, Karthus
(Support) Lulu Taric Sona Nunu
(Adc) Ashe Ezreal Corki Cait Vayne