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Looking for jungler

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Hello I just got into jungling and can jungle with zed, ww, nocturne, fiddle, and Kha zix. I'm looking for a jungler within the 4800 ip to 1350ip that would be good for me. I really want to get shaco but I heard his late game is bad and is always banned. I heard that amumu is good but is always banned. So I've really narrowed it down to who i'm gonna get and I need some help deciding.
If you have any other suggestions please comment them.

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Shaco is rarely banned, and isn't as useful to a team as other jungle's would be. I would recommend Jarvan IV, he offers a lot of utility for the team with great ganks and damage/tank ability. One of my favorite champion. Hope this helped

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I would recommend Jarvan as well. None of the champions you listed have strong early ganks. Jarvan's early ganks are arguably some of the strongest in the game, and will help round out your champion pool.