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Queue syste (NOT RANKED)

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How does it exactly works? I'm level 27, with only around 140ish wins I lose often though, but I don't blame on my team, I recognize sometimes I do mistakes that could have turned the balance to the enemy's favor.

Anyway, that's not the point, so that's my level and wins so far, the thing is, when I solo queue I usually get in teams in which I carry the game or at least do a really good game and have a lot of presence, but whenever I team up with a friend lvl 30 with around 300's wins, we have very balanced matches in which we have lost more likely because our team seems to not synergize well (counting us) and sometimes we'll get a really good and cooperative team and win mostly by surrender, does my wins and his wins' contrast have something to do with this?

I've been wondering if maybe I should be playing solo queue to rack up more wins with people of my league instead of his.

I solo top with Tryndamere and I've been doing good even when I'm with my friend playing, it's just in the late game when we start losing teamfights, I also use Vayne and have been using Talon mid (Rarely I my best games have been when playing Tryndameere, I play AD Tryndamere, that's it)

so, sorry for the long post

tl;dr: should I go solo queue and get friends of my level and "rank" to get better or should I keep teaming up with people with higher level and rank than me?

LOL I spelled the title wrong :c I meant to write system* :P

Carlos the Happy Mexican c: