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zzzz teemo counterd by ONE item

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Why would I care?

* Because its unfair to new players to have to contend with a cheap strat like this.
* Because people will look at 3s and say - pfft all you do is spam Teemo, this map is broken
* Because it encourages an un-fun style of play for everyone and makes games very passive and dull.
* Because Teemo has more than just 1 ability
* Because you can still use the shrooms intelligently to good effect, you just have to actually try now.

1) new players can always be stomped on by 1 strat of some champ in a game that has over 100 champs with unique powers. It's too much to learn. Will it be Fiddle's drain, Rammus taunt, Shaco stacked traps in bush? Heck, even a heal bait is rough on noobs.
2) The map is broken, all people do is play two or three bruisers.
3) The active reveal and cheap Oracles was enough to counter Teemo. The problem was that people were too dumb to do this or lazy ("no dude, that will mess up my build, you buy GSL!&quot.
4) Yes, but this is his "ultimate" and you ignored my relevant part regarding this in my last post, so I have nothing more to say.
5) You only can if your team is able to pressure enough to keep them from clearing the jungle. Otherwise, they can harvest your shrooms freely if they know how to attack-move. Sure, if they are still a noob-- you can use them effectively still with just a little more thought.

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Mushrooms will still be stepped on in a teamfight/flee/chase. If the other team has enough map-pressure to be clearing your jungle, you have bigger problems than teemo.
Mushrooms will still be placed on the edge of bushes, making you guess which side is safe to enter from for clearing purposes.
Mushrooms still act as wards until/while destroyed. Wards OP.
I think even teemo players admit that Teemo is annoying.