Simply put, I avoid ranked because champ select gives me anxiety.

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And the fact that Riot doesn't seem to care about this problem or offers a weak solution of "communication makes everyone happy!" pisses me off.

I love your game, I'd love to play ranked over blind pick normals. I avoid ranked like many people avoid confrontational situations. I don't see the reason to increase my stress level for the sake of playing a game.

Fact: Communication does not make everything go smoothly. Arguing it does is simply wrong. If communication worked so well the idiom "an act of congress" wouldn't exist. Last I checked congress was a bunch of people communicating their wishes.

Fact: You have the resources to brainstorm, design and implement a solution to make champion select not suck.

Do you agree there is a problem? Are you working on a solution? The community needs you to answer those two questions. Quite frankly I don't want to waste any more time with this game if you agree there is a problem but don't think it's big enough to need a fixing.

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You see this is your problem though, you avoid confrontations. I imagine you mean either a single or a handful of pissed off players try typing to make you do things a cross a computer screen.

There are a couple of steps you ought to consider.

1. Accept that because of the players in your group, your team will lose. Cooperation is a must, and will not happen with players such as this. You would then report them for any foul-mouthed or toxic behavior when necessary

2. You will pick the champion and role you wish to play based on a couple guidelines.
- If people can contain themselves with a mature behavior, the group would most likely have a picking order or calling.You would then choose your role and champions accordingly. Again, people must be mature to have a system in place. A system does not work with uncooperative players.

Lets say there are two people that call Mid role, that first individual would get that role first. Yes both individuals will begin to fight, because they know there can only be one Mid [if they're metasheep] and that one person will not get to be Mid. IF the person who called Mid second calls another Role and it was not called yet, then that will be the role he or she may take. Remember it is a cooperative attitude that will make the system work.
-If people were not all caught up in the meta, I would have suggested that those two individuals just play duo mid. A new formation does not mean failure, only that you would have to adapt to the play and cooperate in a strategy that is unfamiliar to the team. What causes new formations to fail is the unwilling attitude to adapt, most of the time.

If people can not be mature under a system of Calling or Pick Order, then you are free to pick the champion and role you want. You may be sympathetic and fill a missing role if you wish, if that makes picking easier for you.

3. Communication does not guarantee that 100% of the team will be happy, and it never did. Communication is a tool you are supposed to use in order to resolve conflicts. Ever heard of the "impossible individual"? Reasoning with these individuals does not work at all, you may feel free to try, but you will only frustrate yourself. Learn to cut your loss in trying to reason with the person. Let that person suffer in his or her own emotional mess.

4. Do your part and report individuals who go against the Summoner's Code. You may receive a thousand reports because players don't like your build, or how you play, or may flat out not like you but you will not be Banned. Ever look at the people that cry on forums about an "unjust ban"? How many of them were actually deserved because of their bad behavior? All of them. Those players have trouble keeping themselves in check, and deny their toxicity.

TD;LR You are in control of how you respond to others.