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$300.00 to beat team PECS at a DD tourney

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Warlord Buwberry

Senior Member


Hi, I'm Buwberry, member of Team PECS and we are current tourney champs in the Dominate Dominion Tournaments that take place every Saturday at 8 EST. For 12 weeks in a row we've taken 1st place and I'm offering a generous amount of money for any *NEW* team to come and challenge us and take our title. The rewards are $20 RP per person for 1st place, Triumphant ryze skin + the bounty I'm offering if you beat us at any point in the tourney.

I know this may seem crazy, but we as the DD community need more teams so we can advance and grow to maybe having a competetive scene one day. Come bring your best teamates and try to dethrone us. We like a good challenge and need more people to spar with.

* - The current and past members of the teams PECS, FTV, +5, Cheese Enema, and BPB are not eligible for this reward, as they have already had success. They can have their shot at the prize at later date. This is intended for new teams to form and have something to play for. You will have until May 25th to claim this bounty. If it is not claimed by May 25th, then on June 1st it's a winner take all for 1st place for any team. You can sign up at Mobafire.com for the DD tournament on the upper right hand side.

P.S. All the bounty money will be provided by yours truly.

P.S.S Smurfing/Changing your name and trying to pass off as a new team will disqualify you for the June 1st tourney. The Eyes of SAURON are upon YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!