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Player Behavior Experiments and Restricted Chat Mode on PBE

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This! like. I try different things when having trolls, mostly i hate the spamming trolls and maybe this is why they are doing this.

When i mute it doesn't really help, but something i have tried seems to have instant effect.
When they won't stop i find a way to make another comment, usually there is another player on the team that people support because they have been playing better than possibly me or another person.

If the troll calls me out as the cuase of loss, i simply call out who is doing well, who i WILL support, and the say who gets honor, sometimes i will directly tell the troll that they are not getting honor, but i tell them why, and i tell why im giving out honor.

The next thing that happens is instant SHUT UP. It's amazing, and it seems they become more careful, but maybe this is effective because ...children...not sure. Thank you riot for the honor system.

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Hey Lyte/Drevarius,
I don't know if you guys still check up on this thread but I was just wondering how this trial was going? Any updates or progress would be cool to hear about.


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What about having a "Restricted chat" buy-in option?

Let me explain: I know at times I can type mean things to my teammates. Though I'm going on 9 months since my last week ban (Reformed mostly yay) I still have times where I have a bad day on LoL and go on a losing streak and often times even players who are only doing slightly bad on my team or say something that annoys me and I start going off on them. My playing is also affected since I spend too much time in chat in general because they fight back and I'm not paying attention to the map, doing bad etc and just typing in chat. Overall, I'm generally not a toxic player, but honestly, it would be nice if I could restrict myself to a certain number of messages per game much like I can turn off all chat (this has helped a lot) this way, I can still communicate "mias" and "res", along with using the awesome new pings, but not talk much more besides maybe a "gj" here or there.

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The restrictions are specific to each player. As long as you aren’t sharing accounts, you should be fine! Please encourage your boyfriend to behave while playing League

If my fiance behaved this way, I wouldn't even play with him...hell, I probably wouldn't even be engaged to/dating him. Poor girl, raise your standards a bit, you probably deserve better.

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So can I get my account permanently unbanned?

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I love this idea and here's why.

I know you're going to act like children and say "IF YOU GET BANNED YOU'RE CLEARLY A TOXIC PERSON." no. There is a different between toxic, and occasional rager Somewhere riot states that they want to allow the community to decide the definition of toxic. Here's mine.

Toxic is a person who INTENTIONALLY RUINS THE GAME FOR OTHERS. .This is not the MAJORITY of people titled as "ragers". Often times that I have lost my cool I was being trolled by other players. I'm pretty sure I have never just lost my sh!t because im a jerk. I see others do this too, they are perfectly friendly all game, however; once another player decides to troll it is simple to see why someone would lose their composure after a certain point.

My biggest issue has always been ranked games. I can't wrap my brain around people who try to ruin them for other people. Do you know how frustrating it is to be in your placement matches, or trying to go up a division and someone decides to intentionally feed, or spam all game?

I can handle bad players to a point, god they frustrate me, but only in games that matter. For someone just being generally bad I usually start with "please adjust this" but more often than not they return with a rude comment such as "SMD" or "kiss my ass noob" and this of course triggers an unpleasant response from me.

There is toxic, (Intentionally feeding, HARDCORE verbal abuse or verbal abuse of anykind with NO PROVOKING, spamming, troll building, refusing to adjust to the teams needs Ex: someone going duo mid because they wanted to throw a tantrum) and there are ragers who don't deserve to be banned but probably need to be saved from themselves. These include; people who return abuse to other players who have provoked them, people who occasionally lose their cool and say "God you're bad" or "You might just want to uninstall" without doing it constantly to the point where it is ridiculous.)

While you do catch a majority of truly toxic players, by laying out bans constantly you are pretty much asking a community of HUMANS to have sand thrown in their eyes, and to simply walk to the sink and rinse it out. Quietly hoping that the other guy will get in trouble.

Please remember, there are humans and there are trolls.

Bravo, great system.

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Xuanxue NA

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HOW ABOUT WE MAKE A 18+ CLIENT. no srs im getting tired of these kid trolls already, this pg **** is nonsense. I didn't support this game generously for this garbage. A new map? Sure! Chat restrictions are a PG joke , if someone plays like trash and cant handle critiscisim then gtfo.