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[REQUEST] Guide for New&Improved Ryze

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Arthas Menethil



Post away.

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Junior Member


1. Get AP items
2. Pick an enemy champion somewhere on the map
3. Go to said champion
4. Kill said champion with your op-ness
5. Because your cooldowns are now around 3 seconds, kill anything else that moves
6. Repeat

Seriously, Ryze is now the most op champion in the game. Can just pulverize and entire team WITHOUT being fed. If you can get a couple kills with him early (which you should) you will be laughing by the end on how easy kills come by.


1. Buy AP items
2. Buy more AP items
3. ?????
4. PROFIT!!!!!

But seriously...

Summoner Spells - With the Flash nerf (Its a nerf for an assassin) Ghost is now the way to go. Its an amazing escape mechanic AND it will net you some nice kills. For my second skill, I usually grab Clairvoyance, that is, if no one on my team already has it. Your second skill is very insignificant. you are the perfect guy to take Clair, and there is nothing wrong with the Assassin knowing where people are. Your one of the scariest guys 1v1 (if not THE scariest). Hunt junglers and all that jazz.

Other options...

You dont NEED it... AT ALL! But Ignite can work. Problem is, you do plenty of damage without it. I have never sat back and said "Damn, I wish I had ignite right now to finish this guy off." I usually just Ghost at them and blast them one more time if I need to.


Flash - You use Ghost instead
Teleport - Boots of mobility are better for Ryze.
Clarity - Only useful for the first few minutes of the game.

Runes -

9/0/21 Works just fine. CD reduction is good fun. Be sure to get the masteries for your summoner spells.


Not going to list them with fun descriptions, but here is what I would do.

If your against multiple people, focus on spell flux
If your against one champion, focus on overload

I usually lane with someone, against two people, and the someone with me has been blitz or cho the last couple games. So here is what I do

1. Flux
2. Prison
3. Flux
4. Overload
5. Flux
6. Desperate Power
7. Flux
8. Prison (Or Overload, depends how badly you need the extra time on prison)
9. Flux
10. Overload to max
11. Prison to max

Overload -

A simple nuke, aim and fire. I usually start with this if I am ganking someone. Firing the other spells in quick succession brings this CD to nothing, allowing you to fire it again,

Flux -

Im becoming more and more convinced that Flux is now the best harassing ability in the game. Whenever the enemy champs are alone (or alone enough) let is loose. If they are standing next too each other, let it loose. And then you just watch their health go down. R + This makes it have AoE damage. A couple champs next to each other will devastate them. Because of low CD, dont be afraid to just let it loose if you have golem buff. Also, with your ult on, this will take out all minions nearby, even at low levels.

Prison -

Not that great, but doesnt need to be. it has two purposes.
1. To stop someone from running away
2. To stop someone from running at you.

Thats really it, I dont initiate with it. Id rather save it for reducing my CD's on my other spells, or getting them when they think they can run. You got to practice with it to get used to when you use it. Remember, your faster then everyone but Teemo with Ghost on (unless they pop ghost also). So zap them if they get a little outside your reach.

Another thing that is very important. Do not rely on Prison to net you kills. This over-reliance will get you killed. Prison can be very helpful in killing, but if you rely on it too heavily, it will be cleansed, and you will die. Period.

Desperate Power -

Use it when farming off a large group of minions (or golem) or use it when your about to unleash hell with your nukes.

Passive -

Forget what its called... Magic Mastery or something like that. Anyways, just always bear in mind that you have low CD... VERY low CD with this. Try to cast spells in an order that will bring up your favorite quicker.


For some good ol' fashioned Ryze fun.

  • Sapphire + Health Pots to start
  • Catalyst
  • Rod of Ages
  • Mobility Boots
  • Ring
  • Void Staff (If you need the health, Rylai's, if nobody is getting MR, Void... otherwise Rylai's)
  • Rylai's Scepter

Couple of things to add, first, you will be targeted, you will be targeted A LOT. Be aware of your surroundings and where all champions are at all times. The excuse "Why didn't anyone call out mia!?!?!" Doesn't actually work. Its YOUR job to make sure YOU don't die, your team mates can help though. =] Do not solo a lane, your a little too squishy and lack the range to do so properly, with help youll be netting kills in no time. Late game, dont push a lane by yourself. Jumping in and firing off an R+E will clean all the enemy minions, leave it at that.

Other Options -

Game is ending or over by now, but if you really need more options you got three choices
If the enemy has too much health Kage's --> Deathfire (or if at any point in the game they have too much health for your team)
Another Ring
Archangels if you cant get a golem (If for some reason you just CANT get a golem, you can get this before too... but if you cant get a golem your team is getting dominated anyways.
If the enemy is stunning the crap out of you, the cleanse-O-matic
Another Rod of Ages if you are STILL getting rocked (dont get it too late though)

The times the game HAS lasted that long, I went and got me an Archangels.

Ryze benifits most from AP, second most from Health.

Ryze DOES NOT NEED Mana. No. Focus on AP. My build has plenty of mana built in, you dont need any more. (Rylai's + Ring + Void)

Ryze DOES NOT NEED Mana Regen. Again, NO! Dont get a chalice, its a waste of money. Ryze can dominate creeps, get the golem. Have someone help you get the golem if your worried. Lvl 1-5 you will probably be low on mana, just play a little conservative and you will still get a kill or two. Lane with someone who can slow (or stun, or Blitz) and you will still get easy kills.

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Senior Member


Bad. Bad. Bad.

The only place where your build will succeed is low elo games where players aren't very goo. You absolutely need lots of health to survive, especially with the new cleanse which everyone seems to be running.

1. Catalyst into Rod of Ages
2. Merc Treads
3. Mejai's Soulstealer
4. Rylai's Scepter
5. Deathfire Grasp
6. Zhonya's

Build order is up to you, I usually start out with sapphire+2 hp pots an build into catalyst then buy boots(speed one to start out) and build Mejai's asap. After Mejai's is done start building Deathfire Grasp. Finish rod and boots and move onto rylai's at this point. If the game isn't over by the time Rylai's is done building get zhonya's.

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Junior Member


Dont like the new Mejia's at all. Really dont like it. Better AP items out there, and your going to die a couple times. Really, no matter who you are.

Not sure how you will die that much, not sure at all. Yes, your targeted a lot. But its not like your running head first into the enemy team. Stay back, bide your time. Ill add that to the build. Also, I would get Ring over Deathfire and Rylais for sure. And no need for merc treads. Mobility lets you travel the map with ease, which is much more important.

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Yes, his damage output is ridiculous. Yes, with his new passive, you can pretty much auto-spam your spells. However, he is incredibly squishy. In a game against people who have any idea what they are doing, he will get targeted down first, almost immediately, in a team fight. He needs at least one Rod of Ages and probably Rylai's, if not two ROA's. Archangel's Staff is also highly recommended as a later item, since it will help keep his mana up for spammage and further increasing the damage output of Overload.

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Senior Member


Above guy speaks the truth.

Invest in the new items only IF enemy team is MR stackin heavily. Buy Deathfire/voidstaff or Haunting Guise (or whatever it's called).

Do not pick Mejai's. But then it's all like before... Catalyst, tear, rod, archangels. lichbane, GA, Zonyas...order of purchase depends on the enemy team. For the boots you should take either sorcerer's or mercurys.

I personally run the new (completely broken) cleanse, making Mercury's somewhat unneeded. New cleanse is great on ryze too... it's not "just for tanks". Just think about how many time you die to CC Second summoner spell, I take ghost.

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Senior Member


Haunting Guise + Deathfire + RoAx3 + boots?


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Senior Member


I really like the new Ryze. I've played him a few times and have had success with a mana-ish build that I need some advice on.

I like to start with Sapphire Crystal and HP/Mana Pots. For the first 3 levels I like to get one of each ability (order depends on who I'm laning with) and then build the same as Mukuu suggested.

From the Crystal I build a Tear asap. This mana boost makes Overload very powerful in the beginning even with only one skill point into it. I then build a Catalyst and some boots. Since there's no AP items yet I rely on my ult and like to use a Brilliance pot, then start with my AP items.

Here's the crossroad. I now have boots, catalyst and a tear. My next item is a Blasting Wand, but what do I built that into? I could either go with a RoA or with an Archangel's Staff. At this point you have enough mana for Archangels to give you 80ish AP, already more than what RoA will give you fully charged. By going with Archangels you also save your Catalyst for a Banshees. But on the other hand, a RoA will give you more health in the long run, even more than if you build a Banshees.

I suppose choosing one way over the other will be determined by their team and how the game is progressing, but what do you think? Is going for mana like I do in this build beneficial for the early Overload boost? Does it have enough survivability for mid-late game? Clearly if they have a Viegar, rushing Tear will be a definite no, but for other cases will this build do well? Im leaning towards building Archangels most of the time but do you think RoA will be better?

I too don't like the new Meijas, but some are suggesting Deathfire Grasp as a good replacement. Ive already tested and the damage from Deathfire doesn't AoE with Ryze's ult (damn!), but it could still be a good source of AP in mid game and damage in late game.

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I'd definitely stack Rod of Ages with him. Maybe an Archangel's or Rylai, but he definitely needs at least one RoA. His other weaknesses are in range and movement speed but I'm not quite sure on what to do to fix that without gimping his survivability.

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Junior Member


Edited my OP, changed item builds par your guys suggestions. I still hate the new Mejai's, and still dont like Archangels as an early item UNLESS you cant get golem buff.

But overall thanks for the posts guys. Input is always welcome!

@JunkRamen I think the mobility boots does a great job of overriding his mobility problem, and ghost also helps with both mobility and range (somewhat) Other then that, you need to develop patience to really help you overcome those weaknesses. Sometimes, it seems that this new Ryze excels at just being scary. Ive noticed people stay far away from you, and if you have team mates with you much further.