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Korean LCS?

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(sorry if this is in the wrong forum section)

I'm just curious as to why there seems to be no advertisement for the Korean and Asia LCS games. It's very easy to find and watch the streams of the NA and EU LCS, but I'd really love to watch some of the Korean games and see how those teams are doing.
It would be quite nice to watch how TPA are doing in S3 as they were the S2 champions, and other teams such as Azubu Frost/Blaze.

So are those games not streamed or have I not found them?
If they are streamed, please tell me where!

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Glath Wiermind



There is no LCS for them, they have there own versions that they started long before LCS. China has the Tencent Pro League(TPL), South east Asia has the Garena Pro League (GPL) and Starswar League (SWL) and Korea has The Champions and NicegameTV League of Legends Battle (NLB).
Look at http://leaguepedia.com
Right now, the Koreans are in off season, preparing for Champions Spring.
Also, Azubu Frost and Blaze are now called CJ Entus Frost and Blaze.

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There's some sort of off-season tourney -- ESL Asia? Or something.

There was a recent iG versus WE game that was pretty insane ...

Their strategies and tactics are a full step above any NA/EU team.