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need some advice on morgana

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So, being fascinated with morgana and being a TBC glad disc priest in my long gone wow days, I finally picked up ol' morg.

I am building her like a tank, as that was the advice I got, and every player that doesnt end up feeding gets some magic resist anyway...thought going gank/dps build was pointless in terms of helping the team.

However, during team fights, I root people and pit everywhere, toss magic shields on the melee initiators, and cast shield on myself and run and pop ulti, etc. I get a ton of assists, a few kills, and a few deaths (learning curve), but my issue is that I don't think I am making enough of an impact in the game. I seem to be some mild form of harassment but I dont really do any damage. OH, and i have tele/rally as my summoner spells. Do you think its worth it if I try getting soul shroud and then just build dps items after that in order to try to harass with some sort of impact?

idk, I am used to picking carries before I played morgana, and I am just concerned at my lack of damage. I am usually second to last.

any advice from seasoned morgana players? or am i helping the fight more than i think?

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Morgana has some of the best AP ratios in the game, with all of her abilities being at least 1 to 1, and dark binding is 1.2 to 1. This is only made better by her passive, which gives you health when you deal damage. Grabbing AP and CDR makes her do some pretty mean damage, although you'll be fairly squishy if you're not doing damage.

Next game, try picking up a Rod of Ages and a Frozen Heart and see how your damage is. The new Deathfire Grasp might also be worth a look, considering it's got both AP and CDR, as well as mana regen and a cool active.

I also like to put Boots of Swiftness on her, as you can just block incoming stuns and slows with your shield.

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I generally play Morgana and the key is to try and get a leap on levels.

My item build is usually:

Meki Pendant -> Chalice of Harmony
Boots of Swiftness
Rod of Ages
Mejais Soulstealer
Frozen Heart
Sell Chalice for Archangels Staff

I always try and get a solo, mid preferably and do best against other casters. My skill order is maxing Tormented Soil, then Dark binding ASAP - grabbing ulti whenever. Its easy to snatch and early kill by hiding in bushes in mid of lane, waiting till enemy attacks turret and snaring from behind. If this takes too long just remember Morg can harass from very far meaning they have to pill a lot.

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Only using chalice for mana may work if not you should probably go :
mekis pendant -> chalice
mana mnipulator -> soul shroud
and after that rod of ages followed by frozen heart i would say. A lot of mana, AP, AP because of mana and cd reduction. then again i usually do quite fine without the rod and guardian angel instead. if you have something like 5 kills (not so many) deaths and 20+ assists you're probably doing good. I would also advice any morgan player on getting ONE good partner to play with. If you coordinate well with an Alistar it's not even funny anymore how much you wtf pwn the enemies in your lane.

Basically play her like MFing chogath : harass with the black puddle of doom and have your lanepartner show them who's the boss everytime they try something and you basically take 2 guys out of the game, if the solo lane guy in your team also does well, it's 5on2 in midgame. And your impact in team battles should be big enough normaly, no matter how you build her exactly.

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Rod of Ages is magic on her.