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Shoutcaster Looking for content to cast to Interested Asian Countries!

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hi guys,

I see lots of threads of people looking for a shoutcaster. I am a new shoutcaster belonging to Rapture Gaming Network. An organization primarily based in Asia. Orginally this organization focused on DOTA/2 and CS:GO, but have recently undergone taking up League. Within the next few weeks our League of Legends branch will be going live, along with the youtube portion.

I'm here to ask anyone interested to send me replays of past tournaments, present, and future. or if allowed, have access to spectate live. If replays of past tournaments are allowed that would be fine. I dont want to take away from your live casters.

Getting your organizations out there and showing people what you guys do, might help spark things up in Asia, and can bring more people to follow your events.

Trust me, lots of people are interested in the competitive LoL scene out here, sadly, its just not as common or easy to have smaller scale tournaments out here.So its my job to hunt for live events/replays that I can give out to the audiences here.

If I've sparked interest please post here

Thanks guys!

Website: http://rapturegaming.net/en/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RAPTUREGAMING

add me on skype: jcrezabek