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Login screen performance issues

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Junior Member


Whenever I get to the login screen It lags very badly. I don't mean it loads slowly, I mean the animation is slow and has horrible framerate. When I type the letters are slow to show up in username and password.
This has never happened when I use ILOL.
When I am in game I get ~60 fps on max settings without vsync.

I have a mid 2012 retina macbook pro
OSX is version 10.8.2
CPU is i7 3615m
8GB of ram
The GPU is Nvidia GT 650m, which starts being used when I get to the login screen, however in ILOL It only uses the Intel HD 4000 at this point
The only software I have running at this time, experiencing the problem, is the client (at the login screen) and google chrome with 2 tabs open.

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Associate Software Engineer


Hi WillfulNemsis,

Thanks for the report. This was a bug we found during our initial testing and fixed but it may have regressed. I'm working on testing it again now... and tested.

It looks like it's still a little bit slow for me. The animation is fine but I do get a slight lag on the keypresses. From your description it seems very different on your end. Can you check Activity Monitor and see if you are running low on CPU/Memory/Etc? Also can you post your Serial No. so I can get more specific specs on your computer? It's located on the bottom of your Macbook.

I'm glad to hear the game is working for you .