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[Discussion] Uldyr Builds

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I actually like to focus on turtle, then tiger, then bear, making sure to get a point of bear at level 5. This way, I can run in, hit with bear, switch to tiger, then jump to turtle when they start attacking. Then switch back to bear, and repeat. I'm still rolling around with different builds now that locket is gone, I like glacial shroud, it seems to proc well with spirit (is it too much though?) I'll start with a mana crystal and two health pots, and jungle to 6. I usually shoot to get phage and boots of swiftness first, then work torwards spirit and shroud, then add bloodthirst/madreds depending.

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Getting tiamats on udyr I think is a good idea that is really strong especially when used in correlation of tiger stance

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Hmm i will have to try tiamat on udyr...the build i usually go with is ninja tabi, madreds, phantom, warmogs, atmas and frozen mallet. spreading out the points between tiger bear and turtle and only 3 in pheonix and have ghost and exhaust/clarity for survivability....with this build ive done 19/1/6 but usually its somethin like 12-15/4-6/8-10 so by 18 i have 4k+ health and close to 250 AD with 135% attack speed so i can chew through most champions pretty quickly even with turtle i can sit and feed off a tank and still do enough damage by late game

165 attack speed forgot about the passive