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Gragas needs Quality of life changes/buffs

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First of all let me start off by saying his damage is fine where it is, no need to buff it.

Gragas has not seen very much play after his nerfs.

Some quality of life changes I suggest are:
1. Lower mana cost on his E at early ranks. (maybe about 50 at rank 1 and have it scale as u rank it or 50 at all ranks)
2.increase the E speed back to I believe 1350 (correct me if I am wrong). Now I know this made him really strong and got him picked almost every game BUT since u increased the cd of his ult this would help.

Some buffs: If increasing this speed of his E is too much. lower the cooldown of his ultimate back to what it was pre-nerfs. this would really help now that his E costs a lot of mana at early ranks.

Let me finish by saying that Gragas is one of my favorite champions and he feels weak.
IMO the only thing that made him OP was the speed increase they did to his E. Then riot sees that high level players were picking him a majority of the games and decided to nerf him really hard by increasing his ult cd and E mana costs. then reduced hie E speed back to what it was.