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To the junglers.

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Jungle is arguably the hardest position to play. It is in my opinion at least. You need to know how every lane works and have at least some experience in them. I have mained jungle for a long time and most people who don't jungle also don't understand that the jungler can't magically be everywhere at once and that there are something called wards that prevent ganks. Wards can easily stop enemy ganks so they essentially pay for themselves. They only cost 75 gold anyways. Pick up one or two every time you back. There are also a lot of bot laners out there who don't understand that bot lane is very difficult to gank for most junglers due to the fact that the support will usually have the river warded. Better supporrts will even keep the tri bush warded making it nearly impossible to gank bot lane without something like Nocturne ult. Not to mentions, a 2 v 1 is a lot better in your favor than a 3 v 2.

People also don't understand that the jungler is basically the support for primarily top lane and then mid lane a little. Top lane is easiest to gank and as of the current meta, bruisers and assassins can carry games the hardest. It doesn't matter how fed the adc is if you can just burst him down or dive him.