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Why do i get so little points in ranked?

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Hey! So im currently playing in silver div 1 and when i reached 80 points i suddently only recieved very little points per game. I won the first game and got 7. After that one i played another game and got 3, and after that one i managed to win another game and got 2????
Ofc i lost the game after that and lost 15 points??? So basiclly i lost more points in 1 game then 3 victories.
Is it a bugg or is it supposed to be like this?! Then u have to get like a 5 winstreak to able to rise in leagues?!

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the same here it dumb as ****

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Congratulations, you are the 1 millionth person to ask this question without looking for the answer first!

Basically, your Elo is lower than the division you are trying to reach, so you are being LP clamped till you either struggle through at a couple points a game, or your Elo reaches the division you are trying to achieve.
Until then, you will lose more, and gain less LP, because the game doesn't think you are as good as you appear to be visibly.