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Journal of Justice: Ionia Demands Noxian Rematch

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I really want to see more champs from the different areas of runeterra like the voodoo lands, great wall, etc, instead of the trend of champions from noxus and demacia.

either guinsoo or ezreal has stated that season one will focus on champs from noxus and demacia, and after the end of the season and seasons in the future will focus on other types or all types. i can only say that there will definitely be a tourney where you pick either demacia or noxus and fight for your side till one city state is left standing.

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Interesting imo your storylines could be abit more interesting but all in all nice to read

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Trikari Sunstar

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Soooooo. I am reading way too far into it, or is the first article about the 'Noxus Occupation of Ionia' a statement by Riot about the occupation of Iraq?

Becauuuse, if you replace Noxus with the United States, The League with the UN, and Demacia with idk, Britain or something...Uhhhhh.

Am I crazy? There are a lot of striking similiarties.

And if it is a subtle message, I approve Riot.

Given the overall situation, and the culture of Ionia, it reminds me a lot more of the Chinese occupation of Tibet.

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What's so difficult about putting the link in the OP? I really don't understand why have to search every time.

^ This.

Sometimes, I don't want to log into my client, because I always get, like a boat-load of game invites, when all I really want to do is read my Journal of Justice. And if you don't have it bookmarked, getting to the browser version is problematic.

I don't feel like playing a game right now. I don't want to be sent 5+ game invites and 8+ messages. I just want to sit down, chillax, and read my JoJ.

Please correct this discrepancy, Riot.