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Remember my settings!

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3 points:

1. Remember my settings on the champion summon screen / rune screen / etc

Nothing is as frustrating as having to pick "Small Icons" every damn time I reopen the LoL client.

2. Put the keyboard focus where the user would expect it!

Pop up menus - default select the OK or Close button. TY!

3. Give me the tools I need to do the stuff I want to do:

The hyperlinks in the client would be awesome if clicking them opened the contents of that post *in* that quadrant of the screen.

Also, even better - give me a direct button to get to my Runes from the loading screen.

Take that useless lower right or lower left Quad of the client and show my summoner stuff there. You can reclaim space later when you need it again for your next big feature, but don't make LoL be hard to use now.

4. "recommended items"

Please for god's sake let me tooltip over the icons to see the name of the item in the hero preview. TY!

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@1: Small Icons -> i completeley agree!
and btw you can just skip the summer spell point spells are still the spells from the last game but rune page isn't saved ;(

@2: Agree.

@3: Hyperlinks, hopefully this will come with a new Chat System

@4: Agree.