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Season 3 Tier/Division Boosting ( Done by 2400+ S2 Player's )

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A brief introduction

Greetings gamers! I assume you are viewing this because you are concerned with your current Rating and intend on having it improved. Rest assured; this can be done very
easily and proficiently.
From my interactions with gamers in LoL, essentially all of them have expressed to me one or more of the following reasons as to why they wanted the boost done
to their accounts:

• They feel that they play at a higher rating than they are currently placed, but the teammates at their current rating are often too difficult to carry in most games,
resulting in a 50:50 Win/Loss ratio.
• They have dropped a considerable amount of rating due to trolls and bad teammates and want to reclaim their former rating so that they can further improve into
higher ELO brackets on their own.
• They want to play better quality ranked games and feel that if they are given a boost to avoid low rating brackets entirely, they can freely thrive and gain rating.

All of these issues players commonly face are legitimate, and I personally empathize with them.

What I can personally offer you
I have been playing LoL for years now at a top rating of 2200 S1 and 2600 S2.
What confuses most players is that you have to play differently in lower Rating than you would in high Rating.

In lower rating, you must play extremely aggressive and punish every mistake your opponent will make, all while communicating to your team what needs to be done next;
conversely in higher rating, you will play more passively, take less risks, and prepare for mid/late game teamfights.

What does this mean? It means that you might have been playing at a high level this entire time, but are applying your playstyle to lower level brackets, and
thus not optimally carrying your way out of your current ranked bracket. Over the course of my LoL experience, I have come to observe and master the optimal
playstyle/level of aggression for every bracket and will use this knowledge to deliver you your desired Tier/Bracket as fast and efficiently as possible.

What can you expect to pay?
I personally do not intend on overpricing this service since I enjoy playing and learning the game for fun’s sake.

That being said, I have constructed a table of rates one can expect to pay for each bracket, mainly to repay me for the time I will spend helping you out.

Too see our charts with rate's please contact us on skype : n-a-5-e-l-o-j-o-b-s ( no dash's inbetween )

Anyone concerned about Riot's recent temporary suspension's for the player's who sold Elo job's should know that we use VPN's with dynamic ip addresses so we will always have a new ip adress meaning Riot cannot trace the job to us and ban us. Know that we have this issue covered.

Yes of course With the coming of the new we are getting a massive amount of inquiries and it does take time to boost each account, with this being said i will let you know when we can take your job upon contact.

for time's sake , please have your CURRENT Rating Ready when contacting me.

(and Yes, You will ALWAYS be given proof that your working with Diamond players when contacting me. )

- It has come to my attention some booster's are still charging people per win for boosts nowadays witch is a rip off, there's no reason anyone should be paying these enormous price's so come get a price quote from me and maybe we can work something out.