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[Game][Launcher] League of Legends won't launch

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So I will press the icon to launch League of Legends, but it only bounces once if I press the shortcut on my dock, and since my dock autohides, it doesn't even stay up long enough for me to see it come up on the top toolbar.

- Mountain Lion 10.8.2
- Macbook Pro 2009
- 2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
- NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB
- 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

There are clearly no logs since I can't even launch it.

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Junior Member


I'm new to the public beta. i have the same problem! i am not admin to my macbook pro so i can't drag the app into the Applications folder. i put it into a folder of games on my desktop. is this the cause of the problem? Last night I opened it to patch up and when it was done i exited it and when i was ready to play later today it wouldn't even open at all. Nothing happens when i click on the app! Plz help!

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Associate Software Engineer


How are you attempting to launch the client? Are you pinning it to the dock at all? Try navigating to the install folder and running the app bunlde in finder.

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Senior Member


I've had a similar problem but I got it working. I've dragged League of Legends to the application folder, and then double clicked it to launch it. However all that appeared was the logo, and when I would hover my mouse over it I would see the spinning rainbow wheel (i.e., application not responding.)

Eventually it would disappear and when I would launch the client next, it would say there's an unreponsive instance of LoL running and ask me if I would like to terminate it.

I went to the application, right clicked, selected open package contents, clicked on the contents folder, clicked on the LOL folder and then double clicked Play League of Legends, and it's working now. Hope that helps someone.