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@RIOT Veigar relevancy - how to build S3

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Corner Warrior

Senior Member


I was a pretty boss Veigar these past two seasons, and he is the main reason I went up to around 1500 ELO.

However, with the DFG changes that were aimed at Eve, I feel that he has completely dropped off, and his mid-game dominance is no more...

Any high ELO/Rioteers that have some ideas on how to change my playstile so I can still get my 'magic on' would be highly appreciated.

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xx Full Metal xx

Junior Member


DFG is really good on veigar, but to be honest, i rarely buy it and still tend to go 10+/5- k/d as veigar around 1500 elo.

Even without DFG he has massive damage, provided you are diligent in farming his Q passive, try this build if you are so inclined.

Spells: Flash/Ignite

Masteries: typical 21/9/0 for AP


Quints: Flat Health
Marks: Flat Magic Pen
Seals: Flat Mana Regen
Glyphs: Flat AP

(These focus on early survivability and ability to farm Q as much as you can early game, with some damage as well)

1. Boots, 2 red pots, 1 blue pot.
2. Doran's Ring
3. Doran's Ring
4. Sorc Boots
5. Rabadon's
6. Zhonya's
7. Rylai's or Void Staff (Rylais if you are getting hurt badly)
8. Sell Doran's Ring --> Rylai's or Void Staff (whichever you don't have yet)
9. Probably won't make it here, but: Sell Doran's Ring --> Guardians (if getting focusd in fights) or Abyssal Sceptre.

Farm your Q as much as you can up to lvl 6. At lvl 6 you can insta-kill any other typical AP mid, exceptions being tanky ones, like ryze/gragas/galio/sometimes annie.

Concering ganks, pay attention to how tanky the enemy jungler is when he comes in to gank you. I can't tell you how many times i've been ganked from behind and i just turn around an obliterate the jungler with ult-combo, while the enemy mid laner is no where in position to interfere.

If that's not a possibility:

its typically safest to save the cage to stop the jungler from ganking you. So its always off of cd when he comes in, and you can escape while taking little dmg so you may continue you farm your Q.
Of course it can be used to secure kills but as it is his ONLY escape mechanic... you see where im going here.

If you are more than positive k/d in lane (like 3/0 - 3/1 k/d) OR are against a tanky mid that you can't combo-kill, then push out and roam to bot (as AD squishies never have the health to survive your combo with ult).

In mid-late game team fights you just hope to stun their CC and carry with the cage, and then combo the carry (or their highest dmg source) for an insta-kill, if you succeed at that then your job in the fight is done and you can back off and wait for CDs

By late game, you can practically 100% - 0% anyone on their team, even their tanks. (unless tank has dmg reduct. like Alistar w/ ult).

Note: can't say anything about your playstyle, but i'll offer a note on veigar's stun cage.
Many people target the cage to surround their enemy. Try lining it up so that the wall of the cage lands directly on them instead.

Note: Farm your Q as much as you possibly can without neglecting your team. By end-game, I typically have 120+ bonus AP just from Q passive; that's almost another free rabadon's.

Hope any of this helps.

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Senior Member


this is how you play him


My masteries were 21/9/0 specced into 3 mr 1 armor
Runes were 44 mr at lvl 18
24 armor at 18
8.2 armor base