Does the idea of a dedicated dancer Champion sound good to you?

Yes 1,176 74.29%
No 168 10.61%
Maybe/I don't care 239 15.10%
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@Riot: Why is there no "dancer" Champion?

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Before you mention that every Champion has a dance emote, that's not what I mean. I mean a Champion whose focus is on dance movements and the like.

"How would that ever help in combat?"

Ever heard the term "sword dancer"? That's just one way. But in another way, a lot of cultures had dancers who (I assume) performed spiritual dances before battles as a kind of "blessing" for the soldiers. A dancer Champion could be made as a support that provides various "dance blessings" on their allies.

"You'd want a Champion who does break-dance moves as their means of fighting?"

Break-dancing? NO. I'm thinking more oriental-styled dances like what you'd see in China or India (as generic examples). Now, I don't mean belly-dancing, but more like the stuff you'd see at acrobat shows or plays. A bit more civilized, uplifting, and meant to captivate an audience.

"What made you think of this?"

Playing Fire Emblem: Awakening gave me the idea (great game, btw). You get only one Dancer in the game, and her special ability is that she can grant one of your units an additional move in a turn. That can be rather handy in a TBS game. Other dancers in Fire Emblem titles could also perform dances that enhanced an ally's stats temporarily (this would be more what I'm interested in).


To quote Riot Uracan:

Originally Posted by Riot Uracan View Post
I think the main thing that people see with Orianna is that while lore wise and emotes have Dancer elements her gameplay / experience doesn't match.

Orianna strikes that uncanny valley kinda human but not really feeling, where those who want the dancer want something that evokes fluidity, grace, even some would say humanity that Orianna doesn't evoke in gameplay.

While there are a myriad of ways of doing this, ( just look at those who want the break/capoeira fighter vs the ribbon/sash/sword dancer) there's definitely a core hook there that's different that want League has to offer.

Community please feel free to add on if am missing a point or have more to add!
Long-story-short, Orianna's playstyle is based around The Ball, not her dancing. As such, she's not what I'd consider a dancer Champion.

Vote above if you'd like to see something like this.

EDIT: WOW, I didn't expect this to explode so quickly!

EDIT2: Got some very rough ideas for a dancer Champion now. Check it out. (Did some more brainstorming!)
Name: Freesia, the Spirit Dancer
Role: Support, Ranged

Attachment 619716
(reference art only) (found here [danbooru can be NSFW])

Statistics (no numbers yet, except for MR)
HP: Moderate
HPR: Poor/Moderate
MP: Good
MPR: Moderate/Good
AD: Very Poor
Range: Poor (i.e. 450)
AR: Poor/Moderate
MR: 30 (+0)
AS: Poor
MS: Moderate

Abilities REMADE!

P - Rhythm
Freesia gains 20% bonus movement speed and ignores unit collision for 1 second each time she hits an allied/enemy Champion with one of her abilities. (Does not stack or extend duration with multiple hits.)

Q – Samba of Swords
Freesia dashes to target unit, dealing magic damage to all enemies she passes through and to all nearby enemies when she arrives, and receiving bonus AD for 3 seconds. If her target is an allied Champion, she grants it bonus AD for 3 seconds; if her target is an enemy Champion, she reduces its AD for 3 seconds.
5 second cooldown. Moderate mana cost.

W – Wind Waltz
First Cast: Freesia sends a whirlwind in target direction that damages and slows all enemies it touches. Slow projectile speed.
Second Cast: Freesia blinks to the whirlwind (consuming it), damaging and inflicting a stronger slow upon all nearby enemies for 2 seconds when she arrives. Nearby allied Champions will also receive bonus movement speed for 2 seconds. Damage from first and second casts is equal.
12/11/10/9/8 second cooldown.

E – Lover’s Lavolta
Freesia dashes in target direction, shielding herself and any allied Champions she passes through for 3 seconds. Enemy Champions struck are also briefly charmed, causing them to walk harmlessly toward Freesia for 1 second; the charm cannot occur twice on the same Champion within X seconds. If Freesia hits an allied/enemy Champion with Lover’s Lavolta, she can cast it again within the next 4 seconds at no cost.
14/13/12/11/10 second cooldown (does not cycle while second dash is available).

R – Flourishing Finale
Freesia unleashes her most powerful dance, dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies (large AOE). For the next 10 seconds, Freesia generates an aura that grants her and all nearby allied Champions bonus MS, AR and MR.
140/120/100 second cooldown.
EDIT3: Wow, over 1000 Yes votes? Riot, better get cracking!

Also, I've done some more work on Freesia. Still incomplete, but I'm hoping to get some feedback.

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+upvote and bump
Would love to see a dancer champ!

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Top Lane Only

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I have a idea for a Q. He/she does a break dance, boots allies attack speed/movement speed. While slowing/stunning target enemy champion?

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Blade Waltz
Checkmate, Atheists.

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Make it an ADC so they can botlane with Sona. :B

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Sona has an ult that makes every champ a dancer.

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Riot Uracan

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As a player who likes to talk about archetypes.

Food for discussion:

What is it about the Dancer Archetype that is cool? What's the hook to play a dancer?

What would a dancer look like if you tried to make it into the specific roles? Tank dancer, adc dancer etc.

What cool dancer's have you seen before?

How could a dancer fit within the league of legends IP or with other similar character archetypes ( thinking of sona)

When I think of dancer I think of FFT's Dancer. Global support / debuffer.

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lol like christmas Kat?


GD loved that one!

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Well we could have a Lee Sin Capoeira skin, it could be a tribute to the Brazil server

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