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gold 2 player lf ranked team (mid/top)

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dN Vanish

Junior Member


Hi im looking to enter the competitive scene and am currently look for a team to join.

About me:
Best roles: top/mid
main champs: Jax,Orianna,Veigar,poppy,Akali, Elise, garen
I have skype and am flexible with schedule. Also Started a youtube channel dedicated to league. http://www.youtube.com/user/daNinjaVanish?feature=mhee

What im looking for: A fun and competitive team that likes to win but does not get angry about losing or making a mistake. Prefer if all players in team were at least gold V.

If interested please reply back in thread or add me in league.

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Hey I'm starting up a team right now and would be interested in you as our top laner. Currently its me (Silver II) and mcscrag (Gold 4). We're looking for really active people, we play every day, and plan on going into tournaments like Go4lol and the such. If you're interested add me (IGN = Sicmonkey) and we can talk more.