@Lyte Kassadin making games unfun.

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The thing that triggered me to make this thread at this moment was because I just had a game where the Lee Sin decided to AFK because the game is lost though not completely. This is due to the unfairness of Kassadin and his hyper-scaling potential on Dominion. Is it correct for the Lee Sin to AFK and making his teammates suffer? The answer is no but if this problem persists, it may become problematic.

Even though I say report Kassadin at the end of the game, I for one have only reported the Kassadin twice for unskilled just to relieve my anger. For anyone who thinks I actually report them, it is hilarious because I know how the tribunal works and how Riot handles false reporting. Even if I were to report every single Kassadin "spammer", I highly doubt it would make my reports null because there just aren't enough of them to justify the reporting. Not sure if reporting someone for unskilled even goes towards false reporting because unskilled reports doesn't seem to do anything for the majority. If it lowered their elo, that is great!

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Originally Posted by Orphane View Post
"Enjoy Yourself, but not at Anyone Else’s Expense"

Well, I guess since winning means 5 other people have to lose, better not win! Let's just take victory or defeat out of the game because then nobody will feel like their fun comes at the expense of someone else's.

Stop. You know damn well that line applies to trolling or screwing around with your teammates or verbal harassment for either side. It does not apply to people playing champs in an effort to beat the enemy team.
Some of the most fun matches I've played, I've lost. It was really close, down to the wire, and both teams were really skilled.

I still think an argument could be made about Kassadin.