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[Guide] Diffrent team builds for SOLO RANKED.

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Captain Shin:

Third - A healer team is gimmick - since it's a gimmick, it's usually hard for the average player to counter, but all it takes is one experienced player to shut you down on champion pick to shut you down completely. He'll say something like - ok, ignites everyone, let's make them suffer, and pick katarina, and ask whoever is left to pick either MF, or Pirate. If your luck is really bad, then It will be a skilled pirate, who'll play as tankplank, running an executioners calling, and he'll proceed to gun/slash everyone one of you once, while katarina halves your entire team healing with one dagger flip. When i see a healer stack team, I pick Katarina, then pop on all chat at game start - "Remember, you brought this upon yourself".
At lower elos, they probably won't be able to pull it off, and you'll come out of it with a win after breaking a cold sweat. At higher elos... Bwyahahahahar. Nuff said.

Healing team is NOT reserve to healing only:

Morgana+Soraka+Kayle is already considered a support heavy/healing team. Why? BUBBLES!!

A healing team could be something like this:
- Mundo
- Janna
- Kayle
- Rammus (jungle)
- Morgana

Or something like this:
- Taric
- Swain
- Tristana
- Vladimir
- Udyr

Another healing theam:
- Soraka/Sona
- Trydanmere
- Janna
- Irelia
- Chogath

They have a mix of high regen+heals+Shields. That's what make them a "healing" team. That they regenerate HP or protect their existing HP with spells