High FPS Causes Lag

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So, i have an issue where i have high FPS and it causes lag. I can set the game to 60/ ect stable, all dont work, and all will have my FPS fluctuate from 80-120 FPS. I have tried every combination of FPS / vertical sync all with no avail.

in benchmark mode, i run 300+ FPS

all drivers up to date.

Motherboard: asrock z77
cpu: ivy bridge core i5 OC'd to 4.7 ghz
gfx: evga 680
memory: 16 gigs
HD: 2x raid 0 OCZ vertex 3 SSD's

I am also running a 2560 x 1440 @ 120hz monitor.

Here is a link to somone else apparently that has the same problem a few months back, video in link.


turning down FPS in game does not work, i was able to limit FPS with fraps, but i dont plan on recording 24/7 all the time while im playing.