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Announcer audio

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Hey everyone,

There's something about doing dramatic things in league, like taking out a turret or getting a triple kill that makes my heart bubble. I realized that, besides actually accomplishing the daring feat, that the exhilaration comes from hearing that slightly English sounding woman tell me in the most violent and commanding tone she can muster what exactly I had just done.

Hell yeah it did gurl!

I know right!!?!

I have become rather attached to this lovely woman and wish to hear her more, not just when I'm concentrating on league, but when I'm relaxed, sitting in a chair, having a cold beer and YOUR INHIBITOR HAS BEEN DESTROYED!!! Dammit, I told it not to be out so late!

I have tried many different ways of getting my hands on the audio for the announcer. I've searched through endless folders in the Riot Games folder only to find I need to do some crazy stuff with a fsb executable file and some command prompts. I'm not a too terribly techy, but I still managed to get so far as to get ALL the files in one place. I got all the champion sound effects, all the announcer voices, everything. I saw them all, right there in my folder. The description said they were mp3s, they even had sizes (KB). And yet, when I go to play them, nothing. None of my audio players would work. I tried so many ways of adjusting the file type, redoing the entire process, nothing worked.

So please, if there's anyone out there reading this, can you please tell me a sure fire way of actually getting the mp3 of that beautiful voice telling me how god damned awesome I am?

TL;DR I want that goddess of an announcer's voice on my computer, and every way I've tried to get it has failed.

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I think announcer need's serious remake, voice is boring, repetitive, and not my taste.