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[Champion Concept]Gershom: Hunter of the Sea

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Name: Gershom: Hunter of the Sea
Attack: High
Defense: Medium
Ability: Low
Difficulty: Medium
Attributes: Tank, Melee, Fighter, Jungler

Damage: 55 (3.5 per level)

Health: 450 (85 per level)

Mana: 300 (30 per level)

Move Speed: 340

Armor: 20 (3 per level)

Spell Block: 30 (1.5 per level)

Health Regen: 10 (0.6 per level)

Mana Regen: 10 (0.6 per level)


- Passive - Hunter's Foresight :
Gershom's killer instincts kick in revealing bleeding champions within range (2,000) and also provides 45 movement speed while chasing bleeding champions.

- Q - : Grievous Wound:
Gershom slams his gauntlets on the opponent with excessive force, causing internal bleeding and reduces their movement speed.

Q -40/75/120/180/270 (0.7 AD)
Slow: 20%/25%/30%/35%/50% Decays over 2 Seconds
Mana Cost: 30/45/60/80/100
Cool Down: 17/15/12/10/8
Range: 300

- W - Vicious Outburst:
Gershom charges at his target slashing them with his fins causing a severe bleeding.

W- 50/70/100/140/200 (1.0 AD)
Mana Cost: 90/90/90/90/90
Cool Down:25/23/20/17/14
Range: 650

- E - Scent of Blood:
(Active) Gershom shoots the target with a barbed bullet marking said target as well as causing bleeding.
(Passive) Gershom's lust for blood causes movement speed to increase whilst chasing bleeding enemies.

E- 20/40/60/90/120 (0.5 AD)
Passive: Bleed 15/30/50/80/120 (1.0 AP) Over 5 seconds
Cool Down: 10/9/7/5/4
Range: 700

-R -Blood in the Water:
Gershom becomes enraged with hunger extending his fins causing his auto attack to cause bleed as well as increasing his armor and magic defense. Also, his increased hunger causes the passive of "Scent of Blood" to be doubled.

R- 30/50/70 Armor & Magic Resist
Bleed 15/30/50/75/100 (1.0 AP) over 5 seconds
Duration:20 Seconds


Gershom born into a tribe of disciplined hunters in the seas around Ionia, he was taught at an early age to be ruthless and to do whatever it takes to achieve a goal. As he grew he also rose through the ranks of his tribe but soon found himself become bored of the daily hunts his tribe would do so he set out on his own. As Gershom traveled the waters of the world he found and hunted several new challenging prey.
During his travels, Gershom learned of the Legendary Dragon Shark. With the knowledge of a powerful beast roaming the sea, he quickly prepared himself to take on this beast with his own power. Gershom invested all his time into tracking The Dragon Shark to claim it's life. Alas, after finding it Gershom was defeated barely escaping with his life. Enraged, he devoted his life to defeating the beast. After many near death experiences battling the creature, he found himself crossing paths with Viktor. In exchange for his own flesh, Viktor promised to give Gershom the body and power he needed to claim the Dragon Shark's life and take his place as the King of the Ocean.
Once Gershom's "improvements" were made, he set out to finally defeat the mighty beast. Shortly after he heard word of the Dragon Shark, but not how he would have hoped for. He learned of the beast being bested by Fizz. Enraged, Gershom set out to join the league of legends to find worthy prey and reclaim his pride putting Fizz to shame.
General Notes:

Pro's and Cons:

1) Very strong at intiating team fights, his combo allows for him to mark out single targets for quick bursts of damage.
2) The burst of movement speed Gershom receives from Scent of Blood allow him to easily gain ground on fleeing enemy champions.
3) The extra armor and magic resist allows Gershom to stay in team fights longer and focus on spreading his bleeding effects.

1) High cool downs on his skills allow for easy harass if timed properly.
2) Gershom's strength primarily comes from his full combo, he is easy to beat in lane if pressured properly.
3) Weak against ranged opponents early on.

I'm currently going to school to be a character artist, and I was doing a daily speed sculpt with a friend and both of us play league, so we decided to make the topic of our speed sculpt a league champ idea. This was mine that I saw to fruition over the course of three days, I hope you like it!

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Saito XIII

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This would seem so badass. I like that he gets increased movement speed when chasing bleeding opponents. Makes the fear of trying to out swim a shark all the more real.