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Dominion Visibility

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I had an idea poking in the red posts this weekend.

Morello and Runaan said (different topics and conversations) that Riot's balance and work queue basically revolves around what they want to do, because Riot employees are players too and therefore their experiences are indicative of what everyone else's is. I am no way agreeing with the logic of this statement, but that's apparently what they hold as true.

We don't have anyone in the company actually playing Dom as far as I'm aware, and if they are they're not sticking up for us. I think rectifying this situation might open some doors in Riot caring about the map if they have an idea of what's going on with our side of the game and actually realize that they're missing a huge opportunity by neglecting it. (Both because they've essentially wasted the effort of designing and [initially] balancing a totally new realm of the game and because there's opportunity to improve the game overall by making Dominion compete with SR)

That's not saying I've got any idea how to go about doing this. I don't bother being remotely social with this game because of how much the community on both ends has thoroughly turned me off, but surely there's someone who's been rubbing shoulders with red or could figure out a way to lure a few in here. (I mean, show them a good time. In a not-free-candy way. I am sounding so very altruistic right now.)