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Sticky; Turtorial For Lasthitting

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The Ultimator



Hello all,
This thread is about lasthitting.
What is lasthitting?
Simple you give the final hit on a minion so you get the gold and it dont gets wasted.

Why should you lasthit?
Simple lasthitting will make you farm more then the enemy getting a great advantage on items.
Another benefit on last hitting:
When you last hit and your enemy goes noob auto attacking he will probably push you.
That means he is closer to your tower and the minions also fighting closer to your tower.
This will make you ungankable. When your opponent keeps pushing you never have to worry about a gank,, they simply have to dive you and most likely you will win that.
Your enemy instead is queit vulnerable to gank, call your teammates so now and then to gank the enemy.
A Great oppertunity is when they recalled or respawn at base, so a load of times there is no miss call.
So now lets talk about how to lasthit.
There are sevral ways, you can keep moving in your lane preventing your champion from auto attacking and a good chance to dodge enemy spells: like The Ice Ball of Anivia, Dark Binding from Morgana and manny other spells.
Check it on yourself: Dont you hate it when the enemy keeps moving that much??

Another option:
is simply to press the S button.
This will prevent you from auto attacking.
Now press the A button and click the minion that is low enough to last hit, and press S again.
Now you are gaining some Gold!!
Now we are in an awkward situation,.
He/they keep pushing and you dont know how to get last hits.
The tower keeps robbing your money, lets fix this.
There are diffrence between minions you got the Melee minions and the Ranged minions
485 health.
4 armor.
1 magic resist.
310 Health.
1 armor.4 magic resist.
The Golden Rule
To last hit the ranged minions:
You give them 1 hit before the tower atacks them.
After the tower hit you can last hit, not that complicated right?
For the melee minions,
let the tower hit twice and then you can last hit this one is easyer.
Keep in mind you also got own minions who atack the enemy minions.
Calculate when to last hit to gain the gold.

So i hope to make clear last hitting gots more benefits then auto atacking,
It wil prevend you from being ganked, you earn more money, and you got better shots to gank your opponent.
Good Luck all,
And see you on the Fields of Justice.

Ps. Dont whine on the grammar plz english isnt my 1st language

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Senior Member


Lol just because you put stickied in the title and write a guide doesn't mean it is going to get stickied. And I know you said don't say it, but if Riot is going to sticky a guide and have it read by everyone, they do want good grammar in it. Sorry.

As for content. The tip about S and A is pretty good, though I don't ever use it personally. Doesn't hitting S just make your champ not auto target rather than not auto attack. So you would be able to last hit by clicking and then stop by moving? Again I have no idea.

Fine I will downvote you too.