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ARAM tips

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I've played hundreds of ARAM games, and something i see a lot is that people still play the mode wrong, with bad items, bad runes, bad tactics, etc. I thought i would post some helpful tips i have learned from all my games.

1) heal, clarity, flash, and ignite should be the only summoner spells a player chooses, with cleanse and fort an exception if they have a cc heavy team and fort is allowed (which in ARAM is 1/100 games) Anyone with mana should take clarity unless they dont use their spells that much (warwick and singed). Take heal if your champ does not have a built in heal. flash should be taken if they have champions that can put you into a bad position (blitz and rammus). ignite is for champions that do not need flash or clarity, meaning they probably do not have mana and are a little tanky.

2) Runes should be magic pen and mana regen if you have mana, or magic pen and health regen if you do not have mana or you do not spam spells. This covers about 45-50 champs needs in ARAM, and covers at least half of the needs of the other champs.

3) AP, tank, and aura items are the way to go on most champs, with dps workable on about 10. ARAM focuses on a champions abilities, so AP is usually more crucial. If you can not do anything (trynd), build tank, allows you to stay mid longer, allowing you to get all the lvls you need. Aura items can determine if one team wins or not, since the items can give your entire team what they need.

4) Play aggressive when you can, and play defensive when you have to. The only way you will win is if your team controls the very center of mid, so hugging tower the whole time will not help you. If a team plays too aggressively, use your teams cc to make them pay (alistair and shen are amazing examples)

5) If it is your first time with a champ, ask your teammates for help. To many players do their own random thing with champs, and in the end it makes them lose.

6) LEARN TO LAST HIT!!!! This is feel is really underrated in ARAM, since most champions kills after the first death is worth 90 gold, while a minion is worth 20. killing 5 minions gets you more gold than killing champions. Last hitting can turn any champ into an amazing killer (akali and twitch).

7) Die when you have to, meaning when you ace their team and you have gold for the items you need. To many people suicide when their team is pushing when they only have half the gold they need. I have gone through many games where i don't even die, mainly because i have a job i need to carry out. If you are support, never die, you are needed to heal your entire team. If you are your teams main pusher, dont die, have your team die instead of you, you become the main target for the enemy team, while your teammates feed of them.

Those are the main tips i can think of for ARAM. If you have any other tips, leave a comment

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Here's more of an advanced tip: try not to get semi aced. What I mean by that is if u just lost a team fight and 2-3 of ur teammates are left with minimal hp, they should stck around defneding the tower until the others get back with full hp. Too many times I've seen ppl with low hp rush in and get aced early and we lose the first mid tower. Hope u get wat I mean

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I'm trying to get All Mid, All DRAFT mode popular. No more getting stuck with Jax while they have the perfect roster.


The biggest problem I see is summoner spells. Even if your champ is fairly tanky, you have FOUR allies that benefit from you taking heal. The only time I can see flash being good is if your champ has an ability that's extremely dependent on positioning (Galio, Alistar, not many others...) other than that, taking flash/ghost is very selfish. If you're not sure what to do, take HEAL/CLARITY. Seriously. Let that TF spam his cards more, that Sivir toss her BB more, that Ashe volley more, Zil bomb more. The only champs that I'd forgive for not taking clarity are the non-mana users, and even then, only a handful are viable in all mid (Kennen, Vlad).

This mode tends to let you face against somewhat less-played champions. That said, you should learn about Nidalee's spear, the sound it makes when she throws it, the range (longer than the fog of war!), and to run into it causes less damage than running away from it but still getting hit. You should learn that Zilean's bomb is an AREA OF EFFECT spell, and that it will damage your teammates if you run back to them. They should all move to one side of the lane, and let you move to the other so you can retreat to safety without harming anyone else.

While it's bad to be bunched up together too much (TF and Sivir are waiting for it!), let your teammates know when Heal or Clarity are up so everyone can gather together to get the effect. I hate trying to get everyone in a heal, only for 1 person to run out of range.

Speaking of Heal/Clarity, GET THE MASTERIES FOR THE IMPROVED VERSIONS. Super huge mana to EVERYONE? Yes please.

Your normal item builds do not work here! Designate early who is building what aura item. Aegis is a must, always. Starks is GREAT early on, but your team may not need it much if you have a lot of mages (typical in draft mode). Innervating locket is also great early on, and works on a different set of non-starks appropriate characters. Soul Shroud is also good, as it builds from Mana manipulator (which SOMEONE needs to get as a starting item). Even Will of the Ancients is worth getting since ALL of you will be using that aura 100% of the time.

Other than auras, consider gold/10 items. Kages pick's are totally viable, they don't give a single wasted stat. Avarice blade may not be great, as you shouldn't be playing a crit char. Heart of gold probably isn't the greatest, as most damage is magic from pokes. Philosopher's stone... I haven't used much, I'm not sure about it. Maybe ONE of them early on would be okay, but HP/5 is wasted stat late game on only 1 champ.

Teamwork! Janna and Morgana's shields are great to put on YOUR ALLIES. Have Morg shield Zilean while he runs in to double domb = your enemies just wasted some of their CC, and definitely mana. This can be repeated very quickly! Sivir's SS is great at blocking a ton of pokes (does it stop Blitzcrank's grab?), activate it and stand in front of a teammate who was about to eat one of Nidalee's spears. Kayle's ult has become significantly more useful, as enemies have nowhere to run, other than surrendering your main objective to you.