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Windows 8 possible problems.

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So i recently got a brand new computer(Dell XPS 8500) and it has windows 8 on it. one of the first things i did was download league of legends, however there are a few problems.
i downloaded the game fine,
league of legends patched fine,
i entered matchmaking fine,
champ select, no problems,
in game seemed fine for a few minutes, but randomly during the game, everything would freeze
and task manager said that league of legends is not responding,
i ended the task, restarted the game
played for about 10 mins, then another freeze
same thing.
this has never happened before when i had my old computer with windows 7
so then i figured it was just the download,
i uninstalled everything that had to do with league of legends, then went back to the league of legends website and redownloaded everything, patched everything,
and got into a game
same thing happened, over and over again.
i am not sure if it is my new computer, windows 8 or the latest patch, but my computer just doesn't want to run league of legends anymore.
also i have had a flickering screen from my graphics card. a Radeon graphics card.

and i am sorry i couldn't find any locations of the in game logs, i kept clicking links to this and that and going in circles, i don't know where to go.