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rune questions

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eric the blue

Senior Member


i just don't understand how rune pages work...i somehow thought that runes were cumulative across several pages, but i just thought to look at the help and it says you have to choose which page to use...so what's the point of having extra pages besides a bit of convenience in switching?
i don't remember ever actually choosing before: does that mean i've been using page 1 every time-or none at all?!
edit: now i seee that page 1 IS the default...

also, my most recent rune purhase was a +4.95 ability quintessence rune "greater quintessence of potencey", which didn't seem to work...is it because i didn't choose a page, so i'm still using an old setup, or is it just plain defective?
(and yes, i did save the changes this time-i did make that mistake once)