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New Updates to the Tribunal

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Please respond.

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The Elder Blood

Senior Member


Dear Lyte,
I love the tribunal it is amazing system! (even though i recently got banned for letting my friends influence me and i became a toxic player -_- but i accept responsibility for my actions) I had a few questions for you So as previously stated i was panned for Cussing, feeding, just being an overall toxic player but as i went over my case review in shame i noticed that one of the reports said i was reported for an inappropriate name ..... now i dont think my name is inappropriate (actually i think its clever) but if its going to contribute to me banned i would like to change it but in order to do that id have to pay for it is there any way i can change it without paying ? or is my name not that bad? (and im not saying it is the reason for my ban i just dont want to take my chances in the future) i have a few more Questions #1 Where idd you guys come up with this idea of the tribunal ? its an awesome system !!!!! #2 does the system (with the new updates) just take the players 2 "most toxic" games? i ask this because in my personal experience i will start a game and immediately i notice a troll or " this is my smurf so idc" player just overall very toxic and i in turn will retaliate, even though i know i should just mute them and move on, and after the game we will report everyone and so on and so forth, but the very next game i turn around my behavior and have a great game with nice people and we all have fun!. i was wondering if you showed the two games side by side how would it affect peoples votes in the tribunal would it have a negative or positive effect? #3 so after the most recent update with Quinn i had to go back and turn the chat filter back off and then a thought came to me " why do they allow summoners to turn off the chat filter? because seeing a bunch of **** is a lot less hostile then seeing an actual word " i feel that if you just left the chat filter on always there would be a lot less toxic players in the game. Sure there would be those that continue to do it just because they are Toxic players but maybe some people would think its not worth the effort to spell out something that will be changed. #4 im sure you get this question alot but,...............Can I come work for Riot Games?
Thank you for any feed back you give me i appreciate what you and everyone at riot does for us to make sure we get the best Game ever ( it is indeed the best game ever thank God its free or id be even more broke than i am) I freaking love this game i can not put it down haha hopefully i can go pro (its more like a dream but im trying work my way up the new ranking system which is also awesome)

also thank you for taking time to read not just my post but everyones post and replying shows how much you guys care about us and id like to apologize for all the negative comments people are posting and id also like to apologize for my actions and for being a toxic player (i cant wait for the ban to be over)