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I want help with perfecting my Volibear build please!

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swedish fish FTW

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Earlier today I played a game (And won.) as Solo top Volibear, I was doing pretty well the whole game even soloing dragon for my team at one point and finishing about 12/9/8. My items were (in order from first whole item bought.)
1 Merc treads.
2. Warmog's.
3. Wit's end.
4. Frozen Mallet.
5. Atma's.
My team won before I could find a sixth item to try on him.
I think this Is my best build on him so far, but I want advice on what the final item should be and ways I could tweak the build to make it synergise with my kit more. So can you people please help me create create a build that the enemy team will find unBEARable? (Bad pun is bad.) So until I get a reply, goodbye for now!

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swedish fish FTW

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CDR+HP items like Locket of the Iron Solari and Shurelya's Reverie are good picks too. As is Sunfire Cape.

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I have been playing volibear for ages now and this is my build..

1.Mercury Threads (But finish this only after warmog unless you are fighting an AP top)

3.Frozen Mallet (If you are winning and your teammate is doing well)
3.Spirit Visage (If their AP carry is Fed)(it also increases your passive regeneration and chosen of the storm)
3.Randuin's Omen (If their AD carry and bruiser is quite painful)

For the above 3 items you can order it yourself 3-4-5 depending on the enemy

6.Guardian Angel (It pisses your enemy after killing you so hard and then you came back to life)

Regarding Runes
1. Atk speed Mark runes giving around 15% atk spd bonus
2. Flat armor Seal
3. Flat Magic Resist Glyph
4. Flat AD Quintensse (w/e the spelling is)

With this kind of build you pick of most of your kills with your W bite !Don't use your bite too early.. always make it the final blow since it gives more damage when enemy's HP is lower !

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Exar is real close to a perfect build... remember your bonus HP affects your total damage for your W, so I suggest a bit more health items up front.

Boots are situational to what you need, but merc treads or ninja tabi is the way to go pending on the other team.

Warmog's is almost always the first item to build, and I suggest then going to Wit's End, as the AS and the little bit of extra damage is a huge help as you have poor wave clear.

Randuin's is next up for its health and utility, and then build into the F. Mallet, as this is a costly item, and you will have a costly build with the Warmog going first. Your final item is situational, but I normally lean to either more health / utility like Shurelya or Zeke's, or if the enemy AP is hitting too hard, I go with a Hexdrinker to Malmortis, as you gain the shield, MR, and AD.

The big difference I see is in runes, where I do like reds to be AS, but I go +health/lvl for yellows and Quints, and then MR for blue.

Also, masteries are normally 9/21/0 for Voli, as I want all the little bonus health I can get. For summoner spells, I prefer exhaust and heal for Voli. You have the tankiness and health to survive deep into teamfights, and exhaust can help your team focus an enemy, keep and enemy from escaping, and in laning phase let you win the trade. Heal is due to his passive... basically, as soon as you see your passive trigger, if there is any doubt to you surviving the trades or dying before at least getting one kill, you pop your heal so that you can get the full effect of your passive.

On a side note, remember your damage and the multipliers on your W, as it is often effective to use an early W in a teamfight knowing you will get it back up again for an additional use or kill when in a 3+ champ fight.

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Kahl Drogo Kahl

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I focus on two things - attack speed and run speed. Those are my top two priorities. Here's my build, in order:

Boots + 3 health pots
Best item I can afford toward building Zephyr
Upgrade to Boots of swiftness
Armor (usually emblem, working toward Bulwark)
AD (usually a component to work towards Frozen Mallet)

I complete those four items (usually) before building anything else. I like to put a little at a time into each item, but I prioritize Zephyr first, then armor, then AD. If I can manage saving up for an early Zypher, I will. (please note: this is for a smart, agressive build. It's designed to not let enemies escape, and to greatly enhance Voli's ability to escape. You will be amazed how much difference this run speed will make. BTW, I also use all Quints of Run Speed as well)

After that I try to get a Hexdrinker/Maw (awesome synergy with the passive heal) and Phantom Dancer (for the extra speed and dmg output via crit chance).

I recently had a 9 game win streak with this build on Voli. He scales well so by end game, if you have most of these items you're unstoppable. He stays plenty tanky as well, easily able to solo top (gotta be careful and patient though).

Voli is by far my favorite champ at the moment. There is no escape!!