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The builds from WCG?

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Is there somewhere that lists the item/mastery builds used by the champions in the WCG events? I would like to know the builds used by the top players in the world, but I don't have the time to search through the videos of the matches.

A lot of those characters are ones I play, but I'm sure I don't build them nearly as well as the pros. Thanks for any help.

Also, I'm hoping this is the right place to post this, instead of the WCG forum.

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I don't know anywhere that the builds are listed.

In the North American finals CLG vs Epik games on youtube, the commentators would frequently hit tab and you can see everyone's items. On the world finals, I don't believe they had the ability to do this.

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all I did was skim WCG forum
I also skimmed through the videos to find endgame scoreboards
for game 1, it's at 57:25; can't find it for other 2

game 2
Euro in general seemed stuck in their base and thus underfarmed; I think CLG also got Baron and Dragon more
Every ranged carry went Infinity->Last Whisper, probably because by that point everyone was reaching level 18 and Last Whisper is a really big dps increase
Both main tanks got Aegis
Taric stacked health+resist since he probably never had to use Shatter, just played as stun/heal bot
both euro ranged carries got Merc Treads; they had pretty good defense in Janna+Shen but I think Ashe seemed like a very big threat to them
Janna warded and didn't farm so she basically had nothing
Kass went for the same build as game 1; I don't believe they gave him golem (Ashe in game 1, Janna in game 2?) so maybe that's why he has Archangels; Mejai's did very poorly but it didn't get sold in hopes of a turnaround I guess, TF really enabled a lot of kills for them in game 1

jiji's Anivia

They gave him golem in the end, so no CDR
Swiftness looks unusual but it probably helps for walls and Frostbite; also needed to get Rod of Ages so maybe he wanted to save some gold?
Looks like the usual AP stack plan with high mana in case Golem runs out
And he was probably going for Void Staff in the end

TF is probably just AP stack with Lich Bane
Item build is less important, team comp needs to be able to stall pushes at least and TF player needs a good sense of where the enemy is, even with their high mobility/global picks

Ranged carries went Infinity, Last Whisper, Banshee's, except for Kogmaw (he went Bloodrazor, Phage or something); for CLG, Banshee's hurts Kass/Shen a lot

Nothing unusual on Shen or Garen, just health+defense stack