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rank dodging wait time and - 10 points

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I don't mind losing, no. It's a part of playing any game, and it's a part of life.

Will I force someone to play a role they aren't comfortable in or don't want to play? No.
If I want mid, and they want mid, what do I care if they take it from me? I can play any role, and I enjoy the game as a whole, not just 1 lane.

Better to have them take the lane they want and try to win, instead of going duo in a solo lane with you and feeding. Vote to kick is just an easy way out for those who can't figure out how to socialize and adapt.

If said vote ever fails, you still look like an idiot, and are still stuck with said troll/feeder. Maybe they'll vote kick you and win?

Fixed just for you.
This is what I do, this is what you should do, and it works.

You can downvote all you want, for stupid reasons, but I'm right.

Lol why would I downvote. You're right. That's what I do. That's what everyone should do. Sadly, that's exactly the opposite of what most people do. All I'm saying is that vote to kick won't fix the problem in any way, it'll probably just make it worse.

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Senior Member


Sometimes you can put yourself in any position... & i have done it myself... just for the sake to play.. But losing a ranked game hurts.... your score, & it takes time to regroup those points... thats why i suggested a 3x (3 strikes) implement
you can only kick 1 person each time, only twice... on the 3rd person that gets put in your team you have to just suck it up... & if you don't... sucks to be them.

y'all are saying how its a bad idea... your allllllllll senior members... you have forgotten how it is at the bottom of the brackets... where you are stuck with people that are horrible...

You can say oh its not a good idea.. ok break your ranks.. lose games till your thrown back down to the bottom and see how its hard dealing with people that have become incorrigible to play with...

I believe a Kick system will help, why because it lets us weed out people that are just in a group to mess around or destroy others "Fun" not to mention possibility of a fair game and win...

yall say winning and losing is part of a game... yes but in sports you don't put your worst player out there in games that count thats not how you make it to the Superbowl... you make them train till they are better, then they can get a try later...

Like i said i can understand filling in a position and players that do that hats off...
But forcing people to play with someone who is intentionally trying to ruin a game is not part of playing a team sport or keeping the interest of others at heart...

Now This Kick system will work

1 - kick
2 - kick
3 - your stuck with who ever

(3-4 vote to count on a kick)

Its fair you only get 2 tries then you have to make due... But its a chance