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Favorite Caitlyn Build? (Items/Runes/Masteries)

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Hey everyone!

I've been playing ADC in normals quite a bit with Miss Fortune, but I wanted a change of pace so I picked up Caitlyn. I really like her play style but was wondering what the communities opinions were as far as item build order, runes, and masteries.

I don't need a crazy long guide and if you only want to comment on one part, anything would be helpful! Thanks!

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I start Dorans, stay farming till ~$1700 then Boots2 (900) & Vamp scepter (800). From there it's a matter of who I'm against. Par for the course is building IE and PD simultaneously - with priority on the IE. Getting that DMG out early often pays good dividends. Once both those are completed, then I usually start working on either the BT or the Zephyr (I think that's what it's called) or the Static Shyv. Both give decent AS increases, but the Z gives high MS and Tenacity. Often I need the tenacity by this point in the game because I'm getting the lion's share of enemy CC on me during TFs. Gotta kite with that distance and stay out of the fray. Just take out some bad guys and go home. Finally, if I havent done so already, finish the BT and the other of the 2 (Zeph or StaSh). The thing about the Zeph, that I've been trolling around with, is getting another Zephyr instead of boots and sometimes instead of the StaSh (totaling 3 zephs). The MS on zephy is 10% so with 2-3 you're almost as fast as with boots. And your Attack Speed is up to about 2.0. You also get the 20AD per so about 40-60, which is nice. You're wasting some $ on tenacity which isn't stacking - and you're not getting the crit chance from the StaSh, but it was only 20% - and on Caitlyn, you're getting a half-crit every 4-8 shots with her passive anyways plus the crit chance you have on your PD and IE.

Edit: If you're gonna focus on playing Caitlyn, I STRONGLY suggest learning Sivir simultaneously. Sivir HARD counters every ability Cait has. Cait outranges pretty handily, but not being able to use most of your poke kinda sucks. Knowing Sivir well will help you understand Cait's limitations and strengths (and knowing another ADC wont hurt) and if someone ever picks Cait out from under you, you'll be extremely well prepared.
There's some other things I build depending on the situation and I'm still adjusting for certain support combos, but what I wrote is my semi-ideal build. As long as my team knows how to peel, Cait's range can keep me out of harms way; the lifesteal from a BT is about all I need for defensive items.