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[Guide] Lux, the Little Lady of Light

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Fun fact: Lux is the first Champion in League of Legends to have a name beginning with the letter ‘L’.

-Initial Thoughts/General Opinion
-General Playstyle
-Summoner Spells
-Lux’s Stats*
-Lux’s Abilities*
-Skill Leveling Guide
-Item Build
-Item Build FAQ*
-Lux on the Fields of Justice
-Lux and the Neutral Buffs
-Lizard Buff
-Golem Buff
-The Dragon
-The Baron
-Changes/Version History

Note: An asterisk (*) indicates the section is still being completed.


So yes, I am aware that this is (to date) the game's newest champion and she was released within the last week or so, you are correct in reading that this is a guide to Lux. Basically, I have not been able to stop playing her since she came out and might just be her biggest fan. While this cannot be expected to be a definitive or comprehensive guide, I see it as a foundation from which a Lux guide can begin and grow and change as the community gets to know the champion better.

Make of it what you will.

I’ve clocked many games already with Lux and am planning on many more. Also, while this guide is much more extensive than I anticipated it will still be updated as much as I can afford to update it and there are still sections I need to add or complete, bear with me.

Initial Thoughts/General Opinion

Sadly, the Little Lady of Light seems to be getting bashed on quite a bit in initial discussion. The two major criticisms seem to be that: a) she doesn’t do enough damage and b) all her skills do things that other champions already do. While both of these things are somewhat true, these two major criticisms seem to miss the point of Lux’s general playstyle: she’s a support caster, not a caster dps and her CC is unique to her despite sharing traits with other abilities. With these two ideas in mind we can begin to explore Lux in a little more detail.

General Playstyle

While it is obviously too early to call any of this concrete, Lux has clearly been designed in a certain way and her general playstyle and feel seems to reflect this design.

Lux is very clearly a supporting caster. She’s not meant to contribute tons and tons of damage, but her CC ability, range and reasonably low cooldowns means she does three things very well: set up kills for teammates, consistently deal damge and mop-up after fights. While you can stack enough AP to do a respectable amount of damage, come late game you won’t scale well enough to really put out the hurt so save that for your buddies.

Lux is able to get kills on her own, but her damage output is somewhat lower than you might expect so only a good many games with her will attune to her damage dealing capabilities. It really does pay to come to terms with just what she can and can’t do (and you’d be surprised at what she CAN do) although that’s true of all champions, but especially so when it comes to Lux’s damage.

In terms of difficulty pretty much all of Lux’s abilities are skillshot based, so you will have to take the time to utilize the various ability targeting effectively as well as being confident in your aim and timing. Leading is an essential skill in playing Lux, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept, here’s a quick (albeit personal) definition.

Leading: The act of predicting a player’s movement in order to successfully hit your intended target with your spell or ability. Applies to all ‘skillshot’ spells or abilities and most spells or abilities that use aoe targeting.

e.g. You want to hit a retreating player with your Light Binding spell and are flanking them. If you target them exactly you will miss them as they continue to retreat but if you ‘lead’ the spell in front of them predicting where they will be when the spell reaches them you will hit and have successfully ‘led’ your spell.

I’m sure leading isn’t something that needs to be defined, but I thought I’d put that in there anyway. Leading will be discussed in more detail in a separate section.

Almost always Lux should be at the back of her team using her range to her advantage. You are unbelievably squishy (remember you are a little girl) and your range is your best friend. Even with a slow, a snare and a shield you will die if you’re not careful. That being said Lux’s cast speed and mobility are her greatest assets as Lux moves quickly after the initial casts of all her spells (save Finales Funkein I suppose).


Standard mastery build ahoy!

Go 9/0/21 and don’t even think about it.

Ok fine, here’s the real build.

OFFENSE (9pts)

1/3 Deadliness, 3/3 Archmage’s Savvy, 4/4 Sorcery, 1/1 Archaic Knowledge.

UTILITY (21pts)

3/3 Good Hands or 3/3 Perseverence (I really don’t care), 1/1 Haste, 4/4 Expanded Mind, 3/3 Meditation, 2/2 Utility Mastery and either 1/1 Greed or 1/1 Insight, 3/3 Quickness, 3/3 Intelligence, 1/1 Presence of the Master.


I’m going to have to agree with Phreak on this one, standard caster runes seem pretty good and standard.

Grab: Greater Marks of Insight, Greater Seals of Clarity, Greater Glyphs of Focus and Greater Quintessences of Fortitude.

Summoner Spells

Grab the following Summoner spells and make your way to the battlefield:


Honestly I think these two slots are basically unquestionable. Lux needs an escape mechanism and badly at that one. While Flash might be a great summoner spell and great for escapes sometimes it’s generally not going to save Lux, a Ghost however will easily allows you to get out of range and into safety, especially if any of your crowd control is involved. Lux also benefits from the boost in mobility, especially early on.

Clarity is the slightly more contentious of the spells, but I think it’s the only real other spell to consider. Lux’s main mana drains come in using her spells in succession as she often needs to combo them all together to be fully effective. Clarity essentially gives you a second mana pool for when you need to re-unleash all your burst again.

Additionally it also emphasizes Lux’s general support attributes and can be a godsend for your teammates at critical moments. Honestly even early game I would rather have clarity. You’re not looking to continually use my spells to harass my opponents and you shouldn’t need them to last hit minions as your basic attacks are fine for that. Any spells you do use will be sparing and if you need to set up a kill or a gank (or just burst an irritating champion out of your lane) you’ll use your mana pool.

In any of these situations (whether I’m bursting someone down or just using my spells every now and then to poke, harass of maybe farm) I would always rather an almost complete refill of my mana than high regeneration. Your natural regen and runes should be enough, honestly just try Clarity. I wasn’t true happy with Lux until I did and the spell gives you tremendous staying power in your lane. Even lategame the refill is most welcome.

Lux’s Stats

TBA – Basically Riot hasn’t posted them yet so I don’t want to put them here until they’re ‘officially’ released. I know they’re floating around somewhere but I’d rather get them from the source. The same goes for the technical details on her abilities, I know they’re about but I’d rather wait to get them (that and I can’t be stuffed at the moment getting them from the game and copying them down, so I’m a little lazy? Yeah what of it?).

Lux’s Abilities

Abilities are laid out in the following format:

-Technical Details
-In other words… (Layman’s Explanation)

Light Binding (Q)

Technical Details

TBC - See ‘Lux’s Stats section for details.

In other words…

Lux fires a ball of light that snares and damages the first two targets it travels through (reduced effect for 2nd target), although the snare is the important part. Procs Lux’s passive.


This skill (and Lux in general) seems to be commonly compared to Morgana and her diametrically named skill: Dark Binding. While the essence of the ability is certainly the same, Lux’s skill differentiates in a few ways that are important.

First of all the range and travel time on Light Binding seems longer and faster than its sister skill. The skill is also more spammable and of course is able to hit two targets. While most people seem to be imagining that the skill is only good if it hits two champions, it’s a perfectly acceptable single target snare too. In addition, the skill is able to travel through one target (say a minion) and still snare your intended target which gives Lux a positioning advantage over Morgana.

The snare is quite spammable and very useful. Not high damage, but that’s not what you’re paying for with Lux. Remember that like all of Lux’s spells (with the exception of Lucent Singularity) this will travel through terrain. Like most skillshots it is also able to be fired at targets in the fog of war or out of line of sight, making for some potentially creative kills.

Prismatic Barrier (W)

Technical Details

TBC - See ‘Lux’s Stats section for details.

In other words…

Spinny thing creates somewhat temporary damage shield on any target it travels through, travelling in a boomerang shape almost identical to Sivir’s. Refreshes on Lux when it comes back (and on anyone is travels through on it’s way there or back), essentially giving her two shields when she casts it (and two a teammate if you’re aim is good).


Most obviously comparable to Morgana’s Black Shield, Lux’s barrier is again, obviously different. The ability to shield multiple people allows you to save teammates that you would otherwise be unable too and the ‘double shield’ it gives Lux does extend her survivability somewhat. It won’t stop a missile anytime soon, but it’s a highly flexible shield that takes full advantage of Lux’s range and general mobility.

Interestingly enough this is arguably Lux’s bread and butter skill as its cost and cooldown allows you to continue to spam this throughout teamfights. You are capable of keeping this up almost indefinitely and while it won’t save anyone from certain death the skill is invaluable. Like all of Lux’s spells it also has a quick cast time and Lux is able to move shortly after it is cast. Lux’s general range and mobility make this a valuable addition to any supporting scenario as you can hit-and-run while shielding your teammates and slowing, snaring and damaging your enemies.

As always when trying to save yourself run towards Prismatic Barrier as you cast it and try to cast it early to prevent your enemies assaults on you (for example, this is commonplace when trying to save yourself from a tower diving Katrina so shielding early will actually allow you to survive). Always lead your teammates with the spell and try to shield as many people as possible, starting with the priority targets first. The spell is spammable (and also frail enough) that the better you are at pre-empting damage the more effective your use of the spell will be.

Lucent Singularity (E)

Technical Details

TBC - See ‘Lux’s Stats section for details.

In other words…

Lux throws a ball of light which can be detonated to deal damage. There’s also an aoe slow involved. The ball also reveals an area around it while active (will reveal brush but not invisible units). Procs Lux’s passive.


Apart from her laz0r this is Lux’s highest dps skill and the one you will find yourself using the most. It also has the longest cooldown (again apart from laz0r) of her skills making every use of it is slightly more important than her other spells.

This skill does quite a significant chunk of damage at higher levels and is a great tool for almost anything including: beginning your damage combo, chasing enemies (or allowing your teammates to catch them), slowing/damage dealing as you retreat (which also allows you to escape), scouting/revealing areas, harassing enemies and for dealing damage to multiple enemies.

Lux is often seen as a single target specialist but this deals the same amount of damage no matter how long it charges for in the area equal to the slowing zone. It’s not only a significant amount of Lux’s damage output, it can be a nuisance to your enemies if they’re grouped up and learning to hit multiple players (and/or minions) with this skill is key to mastering Lux.

It should be considered a lot like Ashe’s volley in the early game, meaning it’s wasted if you’re not both last hitting minions and harassing champions at the same time. The range of the spell is also quite impressive and Lux can move immediately after she’s thrown the ball, allowing her to chase (or run away) from slowed enemies while she continues moving (and of course detonating the ball before they have a chance to get out of its area).

Finales Funkeln (R) a.k.a. Laz0r!

Technical Details

TBC - See ‘Lux’s Stats section for details.

In other words…

Lux fires a thin red targeting beam and shortly after unleashes her super rainbow laz0r. The sparkly death ray does a hefty chunk of damage to all those in its way. Laz0r has an area of effect hitbox, although it is somewhat narrow so think of it as a long sparkly oblong of doom.

The range on Laz0r is intense (about a whole screen) and travels through all objects damaging everything within its area of effect (except turrets, your minions and your teammates of course). Its cooldown (like all of Lux’s abilities) is also quite low (especially at higher levels and/or with CDR). Also procs Lux’s passive.


Lux’s ultimate is probably the biggest point of discussion right now as it has sparked all sorts of conversation and debate. The pro-laz0r camp seems to think it’s just awesome and the anti-laz0r camp seems to feel it’s too easy of a juke. What Lux’s ultimate actually does is add yet another great utility spell to her arsenal, with a hefty bit of damage to boot. If you think about Finales Funkeln as a big dps boost, you’re thinking about it the wrong way. It’s not a nuke either as Lux isn’t built to be a nuker anyway. You should instead think of laz0r as yet another utility spell.

Laz0r actually excels at one of Lux’s earlier mentioned strengths: mopping up after fights. Assuming you’re a decent shot and you lead the spell correctly, laz0r basically guarantees that after a certain point in a fight, fight or flee, one of the other team’s champions is dead. Finales Funkein is the chase spell to end all chase spells. The thing freakin’ hurts and has a range that is just lethal. Add in the ability to fire through terrain and you can pick people off from the strangest of places.

Laz0r is a lot like Ashe’s Enchanted Crystal Arrow in the sense that the more you start using it, the more awesome things you realize you can do. The hitbox does seem to extend to just above the tip of the spell (meaning if your aim is spot on you can pick someone off with the very tip of the spell). It also ploughs through any minions/monsters that happen to be in the way of your sparkly doom wave.

Be warned, you can and will miss if you’re not careful and it’s worth taking a few seconds to correctly align the spell. Also the less angle you have to shoot across the better so try and be right behind the person in a straight line to ensure the shot hits. Laz0r has zero travel time so once you charge energy (which takes about a second) the spell will hit wherever you aimed it at. Also be careful when trying to quickly get a shot off with the spell, not only will you ruin the accuracy but if you’re not paying attention you might end up shooting the spell backwards as the shot starts from in front of Lux.

In addition to general accuracy warnings note that as you’re often picking off people in another screen while chasing them you generally aren’t paying attention to your character, so be careful not to scramble for a kill only to realize you’ve walked into the rest of there team and got yourself killed.

Finales Funkeln is a rewarding spell to use successfully but it will take some practice to get yourself use to using it optimally (like all of Lux’s spells really). Note that although the cooldown is low, you should generally only use the spell for getting kills but also make sure not to waste it if the person is already going to die (KS’ing never helps anyone).

The only potential exception to this is if its level is maxed and you’re at or above 30% CDR, the cooldown is then low enough that you can probably afford to open a fight with it and still have it for cleanup duty at the end.

Illumination (Passive)

Technical Details

TBC - See ‘Lux’s Stats section for details.

In other words…

Each time you hit an enemy minion or champion with a damage dealing spell (any of your Q, E or R abilities) that enemy will gain Illumination for 6 seconds. If you hit your enemy with a basic attack you’ll activate the charge of energy on them dealing damage, after which the charge is depleted. The damage is the same no matter how long the charge stays there and you can only activate one charge at a time (hitting them with two damaging spells in a row simply refreshes Illumination).


Extra damage, must be awesome right? Well, it’s ok. Illumination basically extends Lux’s damage output a little. If you’ve read the ability right you have correctly noticed that if you auto-attack between each damage dealing spell you will deal extra magic damage and increase Lux’s overall damage output, awesome!

The problem is that due to Lux’s tendency to stay as far away from pain as possible and that her spells outrange her basic attacks, going in to proc Illumination can often be life-threatening. It does however add quite a bit of damage especially in the early game.

Illumination is great for harassing in the laning phase and, if you can afford it, great for consistently continuing to deal damage to a target. Illumination is also fantastic at farming minion waves in the earlier stages of the game in conjunction with Lucent Singularity, especially if your opponents are pro-actively harassing you in your lane.

Skill Leveling Guide

-Learn Light Binding (Q) at level 1.
-Learn either Lucent Singularity (E) or Prismatic Barrier (W) at level 2. I generally prefer Lucent Singularity but there are times when you need barrier earlier.
-Max Lucent Singularity (E) first and then Prismatic Barrier (W) second waiting until both those are maxed before putting additional points into Light Binding (Q)
-Obviously learn Finales Funkein (R) at every level it is available (6, 11, 16).

Honestly you can learn the three skills in any order in the first three levels so long as you grab them all by level three, after that though you really should max them in the recommended order. Light Binding just happens to be the most useful skill at level one.

Item Build

Please note that the following proposed item build is only that, a proposal and is not a definitive or set in stone build. That being said I’ve had a lot of success with this particular build and would recommend it to anyone who picks up Lux.

The first build is my Standard Lux build and below it are some potential final item recommendations as well as the total cost of many of the different builds. The two main questions you need to ask yourself when building for Lux are: Do you want Mejai’s Soulstealer and do you want Sheen? I will address these questions in an FAQ following the builds as well as discussing their viability and the build's general economy. For quick reference the condensed standard build is:

Amplifying Tome + Health Potion (To start)
Mejai’s Soulstealer
Kage’s Lucky Pick
Boots of Speed
Deathfire Grasp
Sorcerer’s Shoes
Zhonya’s Ring

Total = 11,310g

You may then proceed to add other items (like Lich Bane or Void Staff) if the game continues past this point or you happen to have lots of spare money.

The core of these build is: Boots, Deathfire Grasp, Zhonya’s Ring and (in my opinion) Sheen.

Here’s the build fully written out including some additions and variations all with complete pricing (including factoring in consumables). Beware: what follows will be a lot of numbers.

Standard Build

Amplifying Tome 435g
Health Pot 35g
Mejai's Soulstealer 800g
Amplifying Tome 435g
Kage's Lucky Pick 330g
Boots of Speed 350g
Amplifying Tome 435g
Sapphire Crystal 400g
Sheen 425g
Amplifying Tome 435g
Meki Pendant 390g
Fiendish Codex 420g
Deathfire Grasp 600g
Sorcerer's Shoes 750g
Blasting Wand 860g
Needlessly Large Rod 1600g
Zhonya's Ring 1000g

Total = 11,310g (10,075g w/out Mejai's)

Then either

Blasting Wand 860g
Null-Magic Mantle 400g
Lich Bane 950g

Total = 13,520g (12,285g w/out Mejai's)


Amp Tome 435g
Blasting Wand 860g
Void Staff 1000g

Total = 13,605g (12,370g w/out Mejai's)
(11,110g w/out Mejai's or Sheen)

Consumables Cost (Assuming 5 Sight Wards, 2 Vision Wards and one Elixir of Brilliance) = 1,050g

If you prefer you can take out the 2 Vision Wards and a Sight Ward and get an Oracle's Elixir for pretty much the same price.

So total build costs for various builds:

Std. w/Mejai's + Consumables = 12,360g (11,100g w/ No Sheen)

Std. w/out Mejai's + Consumables = 11,125g (9,865g w/ No Sheen)

Std. w/Mejai's + Lich Bane + Consumables = 14,570g

Std. w/out Mejai's + Lich Bane + Consumables = 13,335g

Std. w/Mejai's + Void Staff + Consumables = 14,655g (13,395g w/out Sheen)

Std. w/out Mejai's + Void Staff + Consumables = 13,420g (12,160g w/out Sheen)

Dream Build (Std. w/Mejai's + Lich Bane + Void Staff + Consumables) = 16,865g!

Remember, this is not what I consider the only possible build but simply the optimal build at this time and the one I both prefer and have had the most success with. More builds/items can be added as necessary I just feel that Caster Support Lux (which is essentially the build described in this guide) is not only what I feel is the best way to play Lux but that the above build suits that style best.

Item Build FAQ

Do You Really Need Mejai's Soulstealer?

No not really, that's why the item build includes some pricing without it as you're welcome to swap it out or use the gold for something else. While Mejai's seems good in theory (good AP, you generally don't die too much, eventual CDR) the item makes you too much of a target and is honestly a little underwhelming. Mejai's is what I now believe to be an unnecessary investement but the build can support it if you'd like to get it.

Do You Really Need Sheen?

No you don't need this either but I'd personally be hard pressed to take it out. Sheen makes your early/mid game damage SO much better and if you can ever afford your Lich Bane your basic attacks can start to deal quite significant damage. Also, the AP boost and in particular the movespeed bonus are both fantastic. Sheen itself gives you some AP and the mana both tie in nicely with it's passive. I know it's a little expensive (again costs for builds without it are included) but I couldn't imagine taking it out of my build at this point. Although proc'ing Sheen is highly dependent on how safely you can afford to auto-attack your enemies.

What's Up With Deathfire Grasp, That's A Nuking Item!?

Yes it is, but Lux is not a nuker. Wait why is this item good on her again?

Try and find any other item that gives you it's benefits for the cost. The AP, CDR and regen are all a godsend and the active is treated more like an extra that something you have to use at all times. Plus it is possible to nuke someone down, although by late game you're probably past that point, remember you're not much of a ganker either.

Lux on the Fields of Justice

This section will cover how to play Lux during the different stages of the game as well as covering other general things to do while on the battlefield.

Lux and the Neutral Buffs

Lizard Buff

There is never any real reason you should have the Lizard buff as there is almost always a teammate that will benefit more than you. The damage increase doesn’t really do enough/affect you and you don’t need the slow. You’re a factory of CC, you shouldn’t need anymore. I don’t like Lizard buff on Lux for the same reason I don’t like Rylai’s Crystal Scepter on her: it’s too little a damage increase and you don’t need the slow.

Golem Buff

Now this is a buff Lux can get behind, although you should only have the buff if again no one else on your team needs it more. Lux certainly likes the regen and loves the CDR but neither are really necessary. If you can get it, great, otherwise give it to your teammates. Note that around level 8 you can solo either the Lizard or the Golem although it will take some time and drain your mana (and a bit of your health). I wouldn’t attempt it alone without Kage’s Lucky Pick and Sheen) and make sure to keep Prismatic Barrier refreshed on yourself as well as watching for enemy ganks.

The Dragon

I don’t really recommend soloing this one, although I suppose it is possible at a very high level. Just use your teammates like a good girl.

The Baron

Wait what? Oh yeah he’s awesome, definitely don’t solo him though.



Well that’s it for now, thanks for reading all this way! I hope you’ve benefitted from this guide in some way and I hope it continues to change and be refined as Lux and her potential is reached more and more.



Changes/Version History

26/10/10 – Guide first posted.
27/10/10 - Item FAQ started

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Same build I use. How can you say her damage is bad though, compared to who? Q can hit 400 damage on the build you mention, E around the same, and laz0r does 700 + . Sheen makes her hit for 200, and passive just adds on that.

Some combo's

Q, attack , e , ult, attack, explode e, attack you can do a lot of damage, after this your root is almost up again as well. If you have sheen, most hero's will not survive this, as long as you are not behind in levels/items. If you have the full build mentioned above this does over 2k damage. 3 spells used.

Another combo is, Q , deathfire, attack, E, Ult, attack ,explode E attack. = dead hero.

Both these combo;s are pretty simple to pull off, as when you have them in E it lets you land the ULt easier. usually i'll initiate this when some one tries to gank me, so they are relatively close to me, and totally turn it around in their face.

Nice thing is, when you root someone and start attacking them, most people instinctively panic and try to run. If they don't, toss your W after your Q, auto attack, and before you E, Ult, attack explode E.

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Senior Member


Hmm I should probably explain a little more ey?

I agree with you, her damage output is quite good I just don't think it's up to super mc nukey AP standards, still great though no questions. I think initially I meant to say that the perception seems to be that her damage is not great and then sort of dug myself a hole shortly after =S

It's good, but I don't think it's super fantastic. You are not for example Ryze or Veigar but you are able to do a crapton of damage if required.

Also I'm aware of both the combos you mentioned, they're going in a later part of the guide but thank you for mentioning them anyway =]

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Senior Member


Same build I use. How can you say her damage is bad though, compared to who? Q can hit 400 damage on the build you mention, E around the same, and laz0r does 700 + . Sheen makes her hit for 200, and passive just adds on that.

Some combo's

Q, attack , e , ult, attack, explode e, attack you can do a lot of damage, after this your root is almost up again as well. If you have sheen, most hero's will not survive this, as long as you are not behind in levels/items. If you have the full build mentioned above this does over 2k damage. 3 spells used.

Another combo is, Q , deathfire, attack, E, Ult, attack ,explode E attack. = dead hero.

Both these combo;s are pretty simple to pull off, as when you have them in E it lets you land the ULt easier. usually i'll initiate this when some one tries to gank me, so they are relatively close to me, and totally turn it around in their face.

Nice thing is, when you root someone and start attacking them, most people instinctively panic and try to run. If they don't, toss your W after your Q, auto attack, and before you E, Ult, attack explode E.

She doesn't do "alot" of damage.
For several reasons. first, forget using unrealistic snowballed figures for AP values.
Assume 50-200. Is more possible? yes. But if you have over 200 ap the game really should have been over long ago, or you are fed, and just farming kills instead of ending the game.
What matters is your damage at levels 6-15. Not what your damage is at 18 with 10k gold.
Her low base stats generally mean you either need a team with alot of CC, or you need to get some survival items. Further delaying your ap building.
And all her skills are skillshots. Q requiring line of sight.
And there is the problem, much of her damage is avoidable. In a void, playing vs a bot sure.
level 12 with 100 ap. 475 lazer+130 illumniation. 165 singularity+130 illum
330 binding+130 illum. Wow thats alot of damage. Assuming someone was dumb enough to stand there and take all 3 hits, and all 3 AA attacks between each hit.
What actually happens is, you fire lazer. hit maybe two people. these people now dodge, and are out of AA range, so that illum is wasted. 475 to 2 targets.
You fire singularity, and probably hit a good 3 people with that 165. Again, you can't aa more then 1. So 165 to 3 differant targets. only 1 of which was hit by the laser too. The one that is still in aa range, was the tank, and also the one that got hit by lazer and singularity. As no carry or support in their right mind would be close enough to get hit by both, or your AA.
Now you fire off your binding. and yet again, assuming you dont hit a minion, guess who the only one who will be in line of sight of you will be? The tank or off tank.
Great, you rooted that garen charging at you. And did 150 damage to his 2k life pool. not even a dent. And he is also the only one you can even think of landing an AA on as you try to kite him. which would also probably just slow you down, and let him catch you, and kill you.

The point here is, on paper and in a void, sure she can do damage. But in a game, that damage gets spread out so bad, and much of it completely avoided, that its as good as not having it at all.

Lux is currently lack luster.
Pun totally intended.

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Senior Member


thx it helped alot

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Senior Member


I personally build her for max CDR for the same reason. Her utility in team fights is absolutely fantastic, while still dealing good (to very good depending on items) damage.

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Senior Member


@MBirk, first of all I'm on your side, I'm not saying she's some super damage nuke champion like some other builds/guide, in fact that's the opposite of what I'm saying. I know you quoted someone else's post, but I would like this thread to know that I don't see Lux as a nuker at all really, unless you're winning so hard that it wouldn't matter items you had.

Also this will become clearer as the guide expands but I have listed that Lux's strengths are helping your teammates. Any Lux player that tries to play pure DPS in teamfights is not doing justice to their team. You tend to add CC and reasonably consistent damage output but you aren't going to maul people anytime soon.

Also Q does NOT require line of sight to use.

@Obit, I think max CDR is overkill, the ~25% you get from Deathfire Grasp + Runes and Masteries is more than enough IMO.

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First I want to thank you for being the first in taking the time to put up a guide for discussion for this character. You provided some great insight and tips on how to play Lux. However I have some questions about your item build.
Why the two boots? I have played with both boots and found that while boots of speed allow for better get aways and quicker positioning if played right Lux does not need this and can benefit greatly from the sorcerer's boots instead. The extra magic pen goes a long way. Cant tell you how many times ive fired mah lazor and they escaped with a sliver of health that would have been gone if i had the sorcerers instead.
Secondly. I believe that you shouldn't invest in a meja's from the get go. Start with Doran's the mana regen from it along with any mana regen runes and clarity will give's Lux an almost endless supply of mana in the beginning allowing great early game harassment. Then if things are going well invest in a mejai's
Also why do you not include Rod of Ages? It is a great first big ticket item the health and mana provided are invaluable and can factor in well with your buying kages early on.
Finally in do not believe sheen should be a staple item but rather be put off as an optional instead and replaced with void staff as a staple imo. While it has great synergy with her passive it requires a very aggressive playstyle of Lux to be used efficiently.
However, I do strongly agree on the deathfire grasp and it is the perfect amount of cd reduction needed for Lux.

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Why the two boots? I have played with both boots and found that while boots of speed allow for better get aways and quicker positioning if played right Lux does not need this and can benefit greatly from the sorcerer's boots instead. The extra magic pen goes a long way.

I don't think you followed, exactly. The first boots listed in his item build are the boots of speed, which build into the sorcerer boots; they're not two separate boots. Although other guides have recommended swiftness instead, which is what I think you're confusing here. From my small experience I'd agree the magic pen is more useful, but man, that positioning with Lux can be a real killer if you can't get around a minion wall to set the shot up in time.

Also, thanks Pastry. Good guides seem hard to find in LoL in general, and though Lux is still new, this is definitely one of the better looking ones I've seen so far with her, and following this or something similar has been serving me pretty well lately. The only thing I constantly wish I could tweak is earlier CDR, but there's not really anything I'd want to give up easily for it, so it seems pretty tight :P

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There have been several attempts at Lux guides in the past weeks. Most of them get thumbed down for making her too glassy. This guide also includes bare minimum hitpoints. It's tough to stay alive when you are expected to run up and auto attack between your spells. The range on DFG is also not particularly long. I would consider a hitpoint item or two: haunting guise, multiple dorans, or if you want to go big then rylais or rod of ages. If the enemy team if mostly physical, then Glacial Shroud gives great CDR (20%) for a cheap price with some solid armor. Everyone agrees: despite what the devs said she is not exactly like Morgana who builds lots of tanky stuff like Banshees. But that doesn't mean we need to build her like Karthus either. She is in between - more like Annie who needs tanky-nuker items.