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Reign of Chaos-Rising Tides

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Moby the White

Senior Member


This is an account of the events that take place after Reign of Chaos-Darkness Descends. A huge shout out goes to Bergmeister for his help with a lot of the research and brainstorming and for the use of his champion Achion, Cryoshell17 and Darkzero1 for the use of their champions Domovoi and Vash, also thanks to LordAustin24 for the use of Safred. Thanks to GenMadHatter for her use of Kiara. And finally a shout-out to Wulffe and Berg for the inspiratation to create this arc and for all of the background info you both provided with your arcs.

Part one.

As the heart stones settled and returned to their original positions; Vudu, Bianca, Vash, and Domovoi looked on at the pit in wonder. Miles away in the barren wastelands of Shurima Desert; Dante, Achion, Zilean, Safred, and others had fought against Helba’s forces and claimed victory. Meanwhile, in our cell of isolation we watched the heroes as they battled. It would be several years before their group met us, and even then they would not know us for what we truly are. We have told you the beginning of how darkness descended now we shall tell you how the storm waters began - with rising tides.

As we observed the events that were and the events that were to come the, the rising tides of the storm were beginning their deadly ebb and flow. It was not long ago that Tempest had come to our prison, abandoned by her father she has been left here to rot like us. Soon, however, she will gain her freedom as will we.

The bleak and barren sands whipped fiercely at Achion, the final fight between his forces and Helba’s had just ended and now he was attempting to heal the dimensional rift. A precarious task for any man, the rift is like a cobweb of wires each brittle and frail barely holding together the dimensions they support. We watched in silence as Achion attempted this most delicate work, but we did not realize until it was too late what would become of the rift.

Achion gazed into the heart of the rift knowing his work was extremely risky - any wrong move and he was bound to cause a dimensional collapse. Sparks erupted as the voidal disruptions slowly mended under Achion’s careful guidance. Staring deep into the heart of the void is enough to cause blindness among the meek. For Achion, it was not the void alone that he saw, but rather the whole of creation hanging onto the thin strands of fiber that pieced it all together. Interwoven dimensions slowly untangled as his fingertips, but Achion knew that his work would not be completed any time soon. Soft voices began to echo from within the rift, the remnant reapers known to him as family now known as the Will. Transcendent above form they are now purely consciousness, a mere ethereal form of existence held together by one thought and one desire – to consume. His face grew pale and white as he realized that the void was unstable, his once home temporarily was releasing its inhabitants, and they were coming to Valoran.

Achion knew he could not abandon the rift in its current state, doing so would cause the whole of reality to collapse in on its’ self, and with Zilean currently out of commission there would be no re-dos. Despite knowing this horrid plague was arriving, Achion could not inform a single soul. Dante and the rest of the group had left with the captives in order to take them to the warden’s prison. The only remaining souls in this desert were he, himself, and a time locked Chronowizard. As Achion debated his options further he did the one thing he could do, with all of his power he sent a message through a tiny rift in space to the one person he knew would believe him – Kassadin. It did not take long for the doomsayer to receive the message and come running through the rift – or in case of name sake ‘walking’. Kassadin’s arrival sparked new hope in Achion, and when the doomsayer finally realized why he was summoned it was only moments before he wished that he hadn’t.

“Kassadin…you came.” The words were barely out of Achion’s mouth when a loud crackling hiss emanated from within the dimension of the void. It was at this moment that Achion realized he was being used as a tool, a bridge to connect Valoran to the Void. He knew at that moment the entire ordeal had been setup in order to summon him from the dimensions. Without Helba’s actions, he would not have appeared for another few years. But now as a dark figure formed at the center of the void Achion felt weak and inept, his body grew slack as the forces of the void pummeled him to the ground. Achion now knelt before his greatest enemy, the essence of the Will.

Kassadin saw the figure as well, despite knowing the figure was the embodiment of the Will of the Void, Kassadin could not help but fall to the ground in tears. Tears not caused by anguish, dread, or terror – rather tears caused by desolation and sadness. For as Kassadin looked into those crystal blue eyes he saw but the very daughter he had lost years ago – her form preserved at the very point where she was lost. Although covered in corruption, his daughter was still just a little girl.

“So it is you again, Achion!” its voice like a thousand whispers hissing. If the will could scream it would do so endlessly, but its hive mind has never registered true pain since the day it became a single consciousness.

“You will not succeed…I will stop you…” his voice shaking as he struggled to fight the voids’ mental force.

”Oh? I highly doubt that you will do anything of the sort Achion…” slowly the form’s voice became more and more similar to that of a child. However, something still was not quite right as it spoke, it was almost as if a dark terror was speaking with the child.

Achion struggled to stay even on his knees, while Kassadin seemed immobilized by the sight of this creature. “Kassadin, why is it that you are incapable of moving?!”

“I…can’t…” his voice wavering and full of tears.

”I’ve grown tired of these games Achion! Enough talk, now you die for good! her hand shot forth and a dark energy surrounded Achion binding him against his will. She lifted Achion off of the ground and flung him behind her into the very heart of the void.

”You won’t be escaping from there so easily this time, I’ve made sure of it.
Achion was sprawled across the corrupted ground that is the void, he lifted his head to see the will closing the rift that linked the two worlds. Achion the bender of dimensions was trapped in the one dimension he was powerless to escape.

On the other side of the void the little girl skipped over to Kassadin, and sat in front of him, “What’s the matter father? Don’t you want to give your little girl a hug?”

“You…are not my daughter…you may look like her…but you will never be her.”

”Oh far from the truth daddy, you see when little miss sunshine here fell into the void…I took her and corrupted her for years on end. Now she has become the embodiment of my will.”

“So my daughter is still in there!?”

”Maybe I don’t know, but I doubt she will be coming home anytime soon for dinner.”

“You ugly son of a…” Kassadin shouted as he tried to cast his Null Sphere on the will.

"Now, now, now…not very nice daddy! You’ve been a bad boy! It is time you had a TIME-OUT!” with a snap of her fingers Kassadin was sent into another rift-walk returning him to where he originally came from. Kassadin exclaimed to those around him, he yelled to the streets, but those that heard his cries for help would not heed his warning – his warning that the void was here. With the void distortion corrupting his mind he had but moments to spare. He had to make sure he did not forget.

”Now it’s time to have some fun…teehee!”

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Moby the White

Senior Member


Part Two

Several years later and the prison cell had become full to the brink; its only visitor was one man searching for answers and the doctor who cared for its tenants. Soon I saw a day when a certain group would rescue Tempest from her prison. I would make certain I was among those who escaped. Until then I would bide my time as always and watch as the outside world fell into turmoil. It seemed that the Black Rose had risen up and forced Demacia and Noxus to unite in conflict. The tides of war were confused and misconstrued – the common question during this time was who was fighting who.

“How is she today Doctor?”

“Same as she was yesterday Dante. Each day the corruption takes its toll on her body and I do what I can to heal the corruption.”

“Can you not heal her corruption?”

“Dante, I’m a Witch Doctor who deals in curses, corruptions are a little out of my field of study.”

“Are you making any progress?”

“As much progress as I can make, I need to take an extract of void corruption at its source of existence in order to create a better ointment. With this I may be able to cure Helba, but for now progress is slow and her recovery is daunted by the corruption. I’ve made strides to remove most of the external physical effects of the corruption; however, I will not be able to cure the internal and mental damage that the void has caused.”

“I guess that is better than nothing. May I see her today, Doctor?”

“Yes, but Dante be warned, you may not like what is behind that door.”

“I am aware Doctor. But it is what’s beneath the mask that concerns me.”

Helba sat in the corner of her room rocking slowly back and forth, whispers could be heard coming from her mouth more than likely curses directed at Dante. The lock of the door slid open, a large deadbolt which held the iron frame in place preventing Helba’s escape. As Dante entered the room Helba looked up and saw the very man who was responsible for her imprisonment yet again.

“What do you want Dante!” Helba snarled, a single tear formed from under her mask as she cried out, “Isn’t enough that you have me trapped yet again? No, I guess it isn’t because you are here to gloat!”

“Helba I’m not here to rub in my so-called victory. I just want to ask you a question.”

“Ask what you will, but I don’t know much.”

“Fine what is the Heart of Darkness?”

“You and I both know what that is, something is coming, and Dante it sure isn’t just Kog’maw’s Daddy.”

“You mean the void? The void is coming?”

“You would know better than me…”

“Don’t play with me Helba!”

“Dante, Dante, Dante… I have only just begun to play with you!” Helba reached out lashing towards Dante with a man-made shiv. Her arm swinging wildly as she tried to assault him. The sharpened edge coming dangerously close to Dante’s chest as he hopped backwards, every step putting him closer to the wall behind him.

Helba stepped closer and closer with each strike forcing Dante up against the wall. With her arm raised she brought down another strike aimed for Dante’s heart. Dante quickly reacted grabbing her by the wrist and wrestled the shiv from her grasp. As he yanked the bladed object from her hands he sent her sprawling across the ground, while her mask was sent flying off of her face crashing to the floor where it shattered into two pieces. She sat on the ground, her hands at her sides, and her hair in her face. The dark locks covered the scars given to her by Dante during their first battle.

“You can’t even die right Dante.”

“Helba, why is it that you want to kill me?”

“Dante, I don’t want to kill you, I have to kill you.”


“Dante, the Will of the Void corrupted me; I am under its control. And my hatred for you had nothing but time to fester. Because of you I am this way Dante, because of you.”

“Helba, what you are saying doesn’t make any sense. Why would you try and release the void in the first place?”

“I wanted to take in its power; I wanted to be more than just a summoner.”

“But now because of you we both are banned from summoning, and you are corrupted by the void’s will. So explain to me exactly how you thought this would work out for you.”

“I knew they’d send you to stop me, I never thought the summoners would betray you and exile you into championship. But you know as well as I do, those hypocrites are just as bad as I am. They summon creatures from that darkness without a single worry. But when I want to take that void and use it, they become suddenly concerned by the side effects of my actions.”

“Because it would have released the void Helba!”

“Dante, the void was coming no matter what! There was nothing you or I could do to stop it. It happens no matter what we do, and it
will happen again.”


“If time continues to collapse on itself then yes…again. Just as it will happen in the past.”

“You mean history is being written because of what is happening to Zilean?”

“Yes Dante! Now you are getting it! Now why don’t you go and leave me to rot!”
Dante walked over to the shiv on the ground and picked it up, it was better to not leave any temptations lying around. In the future however, Dante would have to remember to make sure Helba was searched prior to any interrogations.

“Helba, I am sorry. I never meant it to end like this.”

“It is far from over Dante. My hatred burns so deep” As silent tears rolled down her face, her hair slid back to reveal a face no longer plagued with the corruption Dante had known, it was the face of someone he knew long ago, someone he thought died.

“Doctor, I want you to make sure no one sees her except you and I. I suspect someone has been contacting her somehow. She claims to be under the control of the will, and I intend to break that hold.”

“Of course Dante.”

Over the course of the next few days Dante would visit Helba each day, he would then question her for hours about the will of the void, the shadow lord, and everything that had happened. Surprisingly at times Helba seemed eager to talk, and other times she seemed afraid. Some days she would be toxic and hazardous to be around, and other days she would be pleasant. Whatever the void had done to her, mentally she was far from finding peace.

It had now been two weeks since Dante first questioned Helba. Today Dante was determined to break the hold the will had over Helba. As he walked into her room he had the guards carry in a table and place it directly between them along with two chairs. The guards then returned to their posts down the hall.

“Please, why don’t you take a seat Helba.”

“I’ve been in this cell for over two and a half years now Dante. You have questioned me for two weeks non-stop. What more could you possibly want to know?”

Dante placed a knife down on the table inches from Helba’s fingertips and looked deep into her eyes. Her face shielded by her mask, which she repaired from the damage done during their first visit. Dante knew he was risking a lot with this next move, but he had to try and get Helba back. “I want you to tell me everything you know about the control the will of the void has over you. I want you to take this knife, and I want you to decide now whether or not you are strong enough to fight it.”

Helba looked down at the knife, and back to Dante – his eyes full of trust and sincerity. The man she has hated for all of this time put his life within inches of her fingertips. And now the will of the void was going to make him regret it by using her as a tool to finally rid themselves of yet another adversary.

She flipped the table into the air sending Dante sprawling backwards. The knife firmly in her grasp as she leaped the overturned table, her chair sent skidding across the cell floor with the momentum of her attack.

Dante was quick to his feet, standing up with his back to the wall. He braced himself as Helba rushed towards him lunging with a powerful thrust meant to kill. As their bodies collided Dante found himself facing the edge of a blade within inches of his throat.
“No. **** you. I’m not going to kill him.”

”You will regret this Helba.”

“Then so be it.” Helba took her mask off of her face and hurled it against the cell wall, the mask seemed to explode on impact, shattering yet again –this time into hundreds of tiny pieces.

Helba looked Dante in the eyes for the first time, her face no longer shielded by a mask physical or mental. The will’s hold over her had faded, and for the first time she finally felt free. She grabbed Dante by the waist and pulled him close to her. Reaching up she placed her lips on his, their time had finally begun again.

As they parted Dante looked into those crystalline eyes and whispered to her, “I never thought I would see this Helba again.”

“Neither did I, but don’t think this means I hate you any less Dante. You still imprisoned me inside the void for countless years.”

“It seems we have both been puppets of the hierarchy at some point Helba. Can you forgive me for that?”

“If you can forgive me for trying to kill you.”

“Done…” he said placing his lips on hers once more.

“So what happens now, do I have to stay in this hell hole?”

“No, you can leave now with me. I will get the warden to sign your release papers.” With that Dante went to the Warden’s office with Helba.

On the warden’s door a golden plaque engraved with the warden’s name read: Valoran Rune Prison: Warden: Thresh.
As they entered his office a loud explosion erupted down the hall. Thresh immediately stood up glanced at Dante and Helba and with a face wide with shock and terror he immediately ran out of the office nearly knocking the couple over.

“What the hell was that!”

“Well whatever it was Dante, it is not likely I’m getting my papers signed.”

The sound of inmates shouting and yelling echoed throughout the prison. Then a noise that Dante had never thought possible ricocheted down the corridors sending shivers down his spine. A guttural growl followed by a high pitched wailing scream caused Dante and Helba to immediately run in the direction of the sound.

“I think a better question is what was that.”

“If I am right Helba, it’s the sound of your papers never getting signed.”

As they ran down the halls filled with smoke, inmates seemed to be running free and the origin of the riot seemed to stem from one cell specifically. According to plaque, the cell belonged to Tempest Swain. The riot had then become a massive onslaught of prisoners attacking guards which had then led to the capture of the warden as he ran to inspect the noise. As the prisoners got a hold of the warden Thresh they killed him by chaining him to the walls of the prison. When Dante and Helba stumbled across this scene, the taste of bile nearly rose to Dante’s lips as he witnessed inmates mutilating the dead body stringing the warden up with his very own chains.

“There is nothing we can do for him Dante, he is already dead. We need to get out of here before the fire gets worse.”

“Okay. I just wish we could’ve saved him. He deserved better than this”

"Dante this is a funeral better than what he deserves. He was a cruel warden, and the fire is a funeral fit for kings, it will eventually drive away the inmates too, but trust me on this he deserves everything he gets, he deserves to die. But if we do not leave soon Dante, the fire will give us an unwanted funeral too."

"Alright let's move..."

The couple did not see us as they exited the prison, they were in far too great of a hurry to escape the deadly flames. For now we let them live, but soon, very soon we would bring the void and they would die. –Qualm.

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Moby the White

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Part Three

For nearly two years I have wondered these streets, all in hopes of finding someone to believe my claims. Increasingly I grow weary and mad with insanity - each day passes and I ask myself how long has it been. She has corrupted my mind, I cannot make sense of it but somehow she has. The ache is painstaking, and the beating in my mind becomes overwhelming. I am unable to continue in this state for long. As I lie awake at night I dare not dream, for if I dream I know I would be drawn to visions of her, visions of my darling little girl entrapped by that vile entity.

My sweet little Kiara, why did it come to this? Why is it that on that night I arrived to late to save you? Why is it that I only fueled the fire, that I caused the catalyst to ignite? Why Kiara! WHY?! I can't go on like this, every waking moment is another hour spent is desolate devastation, yet I must find the so-called defenders and warn them. -Kassadin's Journal Page 378


Day 757 now, or at least I think it is. I don't even know any more, I've lost all track of time. Sometimes I think even time has lost track of itself. Regardless of my psyche, I overheard a gentleman talking about a man called the Witch Doctor, I've heard this name once before, but honestly I can't remember where. -Kassadin's Journal Page 379


I'm out of pages in this journal, so I decided to read it to see if I could remember anything. Each one of them seems to be filled with names of people I knew. On one of the earlier pages there is a list of over 100 names - one of which is Vudu subtitle: Witch Doctor. It seems I may have found a clue to my memories. I don't remember writing this, but it appears to be in my handwriting. I will investigate these names. -Kassadin's Journal Page 380


I found another instance of that name in my journal on page 121, listed beneath it are the words: "Known Associates: Bianca, Domovoi, Vash, Safred, and Achion. Other possible associates more information required." After this entry the pages become blank, it continues like this until page 378 where I just picked up a few days ago. Can it be that I really lost nearly 500 days!? My void, what has happened to me!? -Kassadin's Journal Page 380


I decided to get some fresh air and clear my head after my discovery, I headed down to a local bar where a heavyset man greated me like a good friend. I asked him his name to which he replied, "Kassadin, you funny! Have a drink on me, I'm buying!"

Later I discovered his name was Gragas, the name instantly rang a bell as one of the listed names in the Journal. As I looked over the list once more at the bar, I found that my instinct was right- Gragas was one of the names. I assumed since he knew me that the two must be one and the same. I was just about to close the journal when I saw a name that sparked fury in my mind - Malzahar. It was like a sudden bursting flash of light sprung forth in my mind reminding me of all I had forgotten. Malzahar was the figure I saw over Kiara performing a dark ritual, and it was Malzahar that my passion of vengeful lust burned for. Malzahar. -Kassadin's Journal page 380

"Gragas!" Kassadin called from across the bar, he ripped page 121 out of his journal and then slammed the cover closed.

"Friend!? What can I do ya for?!"

"Tell me everything you know about these names!" he said handing him the slip of paper.

"I've only heard of one of these men, Vash, he comes here often. He is big lightweight, I give him easy stuff."

Kassadin stood up his fists clenched around the table, "I don't care about his drinking habits Gragas! Where is he!?"

"Friend no need to get hasty, he comes every day at sundown. You see him in few hours."

"One last question, what do you know of Malzahar."

"Oh no friend, I no help you there. I want no part of your feud with Malzahar."

Several hours later, Gragas was proven to be truthful when a dark figure walked through the bar doors. His boots scuffed and his jacket tanned. Behind him a being that appeared spectral also entered the bar. They seemed to be in the midst of a conversation as they approached the bar counter.

"Vash I'm telling you, yordles shouldn't drive robots its just not fair..."

"Dom, you just have to dodge his rockets and you are fine, its not hard. Plus that scrap heap always malfunctions."

"One day Vash I swear that yordle will fall on the fields of justice."

"Ugh seriously what do you have against Rumble anyway?"

"He...has an annoying voice..."

"Really? I pray you never meet Veigar then."

"Is he another yordle?"

"Yeah, he is that one with the blue hat and always talks about short jokes."

"Oh, that..."

As they sat down Kassadin walked over to them, and sat next to them, "Excuse me, I couldn't happen to notice that you called yourselves Vash and Domovoi."

"Yeah Kass. We met before remember?" Vash looked at him curiously.

"Actually no, recently I haven't been able to remember much at all. But what I do remember is this..." Kassadin then began to recount all of the events that took place at the dimensional rift Achion was healing up to where he was sent back through the rift Achion summoned him from.

"Wait, so Achion is trapped in the void?!" this fact shocked Domovoi, he should have noticed the dimensional rift had not been closed, but something must have blocked his abilities.

"Yes and he has been trapped for the last two years."

"How could we not notice this Domovoi?!"

"Because time is collapsing, Vash. As we speak the embodiement of the will is attempting to undo everything Zilean and Achion did that day in the desert. But so far as I know nothing has been able to break the time lapse that is holding Zilean."

"But Kassadin, this makes no sense, are you trying to say that time itself has become out of sync?"

"That is exactly what I am saying, and I think I even have small proof that I am right. For the last two years I've kept a journal documenting everything in case my memory loss got worse. But after page 121 in my journal there is over 500 days worth of missing entries."

"So you are saying that the whole of Valoran has lost an entire year and hasn't even noticed?"

"I'm saying that for the last 500 some days, all of Runeterra has fallen into a time lapse. Time itself has become irrelevant, years could pass by and we would not even notice, it would seem as if another day had gone by."

"But that doesn't explain the missing entries. How could you have known to turn the page if time is registering like normal for us."

"I...I don't know...but this has to be right...I just know it. I think Achion wanted me there, he wanted me to see the void was coming so that I could warn people. But he must not have realized, that all of Valoran thinks I am some doomsayer."

"Kassadin, you may be crazy, but I doubt you are wrong. Achion hasn't been heard from since the battle at Shurima, but most of us had assumed that Achion was still attempting to fix the rift or help Zilean in some way."

"What Vash is saying is true, there was no way we could have known he was gone. Even I didn't realize it and I am generally in touch with spacial distortions such as that. But something or someone doesn't want us to realize what is happening."

"I feel like you are going to say that we need to get a hold of Dante and the others."

"You are correct Vash."

"What about doomboy over here?"


"No offence Kass..."

"Offence taken!"

"Enough, we should take him with us. He could help us defend against the oncoming void if he is right."

"You think they are really coming Dom?"

"I don't know Vash, but I'm sure Dante will have something to say about this new info."


As they walked out of the bar the sky grew darker with each step that they took, they were making their way to the prison, the current home of Helba. Since Dante had been questioning her for the last few weeks they figured the best place to look would likely be there.

As they walked around the street corner the prison finally came into view, it silently sat resting on top of the hill on the outskirts of town. The air grew cold and thick, a whisper of wind crawled across their skin creating goosebumps in its' wake. A monumental explosion erupted from inside the prison compound as they scaled towards the cell. Smoke rose quickly sending black haze into a purple moonlit sky.

The trio immediately began to run up the hill towards the burning complex. As they approached they facility Kassadin saw two people running out of the entryway, in front was a woman he didn't recognize, but behind her was someone he would never forget again - Malzahar.

Kassadin dashed forward, disappearing through a minor rift, only to reappear next to Malzahar. His manablade coming down swift and fierce aimed at Malzahar's throat. The woman intercepted his attack and sent Kassadin backwards with a swift attack. As Kassadin charged in again Vash rushed to his aid firing shots aimed at the mystery woman in an attempt to drive her back. Vash struck the women in the torso which seemed to wound her severely and cause her to fall to the ground. Malzahar now elevated in the air summoned a dark void energy that surrounded Vash causing him to see malific visions. The burning pain kindled by dread and terror swarmed inside Vash causing him to drop his weapon in agony. Domovoi rushed to Vash's aid but the mercenary yelled for him to attack Malzahar instead. Meanwhile, Kassadin continued his onslaught against Malzahar until finally the void mage stopped evading Kassadin's attacks.

Dark energy swirled around Malzahar as he shouted, "Enough!" Suddenly from deep within him Malzahar summoned powers far beyond that which Kassadin had faced before. It was quick, Kassadin barely even realized what was happening as he became suddenly ensnared by a force of suppression energy, and by the time he realized it he knew it was too late, Malzahar had won. As Kassadin's last bit of energy slowly drained out of him, Domovoi appeared in front of Malzahar and interupted his casting it seemed just in time to save Kassadin with only seconds to spare.

"I will not be denied!" Malzahar shouted in fury, he summoned forth another burst of energy and was about to channel another suppression spell onto Kassadin. But as Malzahar cast the spell Domovoi selflessly jumped in front of the beam, seemingly fading within moments to the corruption that stole his life energy.

Malzahar grinned with a sneer of delight as he drained this foolish specter from existence. His laughter seemed to echo across the hilltop. But then the sound of laughter became brittle and harsh, and it no longer seemed to come from Malzahar. He quickly looked around in a desperate attempt to find the source.

"Over here." The voice growled.

Malzahar turned to look behind him, seeing the spectral creature standing directly behind him summoning spacial energy. Domovoi hurled the orb of energy at Malzahar knocking him out of the air. Domovoi rushed forward to attack yet again, but Malzahar was quick to cast a spell that silenced Domovoi preventing him from casting. Malzahar then summoned a voidling and sent it to attack Domovoi. The creature flung itself onto Domovoi's face clawing at him tearing with tiny little pincers. Domovoi grabbed the creature and flung it to the ground, with a small burst of spatial distortion he was able to decimate the creature. But when Domovoi looked up, Malzahar and the woman were gone. It seemed Malzahar had escaped Kassadin's attempts once more, but this time Kassadin was fortunate to come out of this alive.


Dante and Helba were rushing out of the prison with Vudu in front of them, as they came across the scene on the hill Vudu immediately rushed to aid Kassadin and Vash.

Dante looked around and smiled, "So which group wants to explain what the hell just happened first?"

Before they could tell each other the fine details a loud howl echoed from with the jail. Fiery embers still slowly tore the building to its foundation in its brutal heat. While it burned the last remaining inmates finally ran out of the building; however, whatever made that excruciation noise did not seem to show its face.


They did not see us...but we saw them...soon we will bring about the void...soon Daddy will come....


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Moby the White

Senior Member


Part Four

Bianca watched as the poor frail body of Safred struggled against corruption, the battle scars buried deep into her body, but the true devastation of Safred's fight with Helba was the mental barrage that she took trying to fend Helba off long enough for Dante to arrive. Safred had immediately collapsed after their fight and was sent into a comatose state, Dante brought her to the prison with Helba, and from there Vudu took her into his personal care at a ward near the prison. Between caring for Helba and Safred, Vudu had become hard pressed to find a cure for void corruption, causing him to spend countless nights awake searching and researching every aspect of the void. Each day seemed to bring him further from a cure, but Bianca was hopeful that her witch doctor could find it. She knew if anyone could discover a cure or vaccine to prevent the effects of the corruption caused by the void it would most certainly be Vudu.

At times Bianca was forced to restrain Safred due to severe uncontrollable spasms. When asked what caused this, Vudu looked down at Safred and simply said, "The void."

And although she had known terrors far worse than most could even dream, Bianca assumed that despite her own experiences, that what Safred was going through now surely was far worse. Stalwart and strong Bianca had never truly shown fear of anything, and rightfully so since she had defied death nearly half a dozen times thanks to the doctor's magic. But on the day when Safred began screaming in agony shouting out words of a decaying language, Bianca felt dread fill her soul since the very first time she died.

For weeks Safred went on like this unable to arouse from her vegatative state, each night crying out in pain as she violently convulsed. At first Bianca didn't notice the subtle shift, but then one day she became all too aware that something had happened to time, it was nearly 5 turns before sunrise when she finally realized what happened.

With a death defying howl, Safred summoned Bianca from the deepest sleep she had in years - death excluded. Bianca snapped out of her chair by Safred's bedside readying herself for the next tremor to course through Safred's form. But instead Bianca only heard Safred speaking in some unknown language, a language which seemed archaic in origin far exceding anything documented by those of Valoran. Bianca was frozen, her body rigid and tense unable to move as the feeling of calamity swallowed her whole. Something was speaking through Safred, and Bianca had to get ahold of Vudu right away.

Bianca was about to head out the door, ready to rush to the prison where Vudu had gone the night before, but instead was interrupted by the Doctor himself running into the room. Behind him Dante and Domovoi helped Vash and the mage Kassadin into the room, where they abruptly placed the two injured men onto nearby beds.

As Safred continued to shout in this wretched language Vudu turned and looked at Bianca, raising his voice above the commotion he shouted, "What is she saying?!"

"I was hoping you could tell me!" she hollered back.

Safred abruptly halted her skullcrushing screams and began speaking in a normal volume, but her voice sounded as if Kiara was talking. "Creterm fen segu ter ne nay! Fet ter nee Qualm, set un fa Gavaar, bal or fee ra Omen! Dise ert fee cree tey no Achion is Zilean!"

"What the hell was that..." Dante said, his voice hoarse from the smoke of the prison fire.

"Void...Void..." Kassadin struggled to sit up, his voice wavering as he did.

"Kassadin relax, you need your rest." Helba said placing her hand on his shoulder putting him back into bed.

Bianca realizing Helba was here, drew her sword immediately and pointed it at Helba, "Mind explaining to me what she is doing here?"

"Bianca relax!" Dante yelled, "Helba was under the will's control, she has broken its control and she is helping us now."

"So she has become one of the group then?"


"Well then...my bad..." with this Bianca returned her sword to her sheath.

With Helba's hand no longer holding Kassadin down the mage sat back up and began coughing again, choking out the words, "Void...speak...Voidspeak!"

"He must be trying to tell us what she is speaking, is there anything you can do for him doctor so he can talk?"

"Of course there is I'll just whip up some mumbo jumbo and bam wombo combo healed!" At this Bianca laughed, but to Vudu he was being completely serious.

Vudu knelt over Kassadin conjuring a powerful magic spell healing him slowly over time removing the scars of battle as he did. (For now Vash would just have to wait, after all this was a single target spell.) It took only a few seconds for the spell to do its work, within moments Kassadin was upright and Vudu was now over near Vash healing him.

Kassadin stood up and walked over to Safred's bedside, his face seemingly solemn and fatigued. "I haven't heard that language in many years, but I would recognize it in a heartbeat. That is voidspeak, the very language of the void in its most primal state, generally it is communicated telepathically. I assume since Safred has been corrupted by the void and with her extremely powerful psychic connections she is able to pick up on their communications."

"Can you translate what she is saying Kassadin?"

"It's been a while but I think I can Helba." He knelt closer to Safred and listened very intently to every word that came out of her lips. "Essentially, she is obviously saying something about Achion and Zilean, but I'm just struggling to remember the language. My memory suffered after my ordeal with that thing that looks like my Kiara."

With a gasping breath Safred sat up and looked into Kassadin's eyes, she grabbed his head with her hands placed firmly at his temples, while sparks of energy flickered in her now glowing white eyes. Kassadin immediately became overwhelmed by visions so powerful he was brought to his knees, all sound arround him seemed to suddenly dissappear. As the visions solidified and finally took form, Kassadin suddenly realized what it was that he saw. Safred had peered deep into his conciousness and summoned every memory Kassadin had ever known, causing him to relive his entire life in the span of minutes. The burning agony of despair shot through Kassadin as he witnessed yet again Malzahar performing the ritual that would take his daughter from him for good. Each memory singed itself deep into his cerebal cortex imprinting itself for eternity, from now on Kassadin would never forget anything that happened to him in his entire life. As Safred released Kassadin she fell back down returning once more to her sleeplike state.

Kassadin looked around at these newfound allies, and told them everything, followed by what Safred was saying. "Create the portal now! From the mouth of Qualm, the power of Gavaar, and the protection of Omen! Death will come to all who follow Achion and Zilean!"

"Oh, and here I thought it was going to be something unpleasant!" Vash said laughing out loud.

Dante slapped Vash so hard he flew back into his bed. "No. Vash. Just no."

Vash massaged his jaw sourly, as Domovoi stood and asked the obvious, "So how are we going to get Zilean and Achion back?"

"We aren't, the rifts that separate us from them are so convuluted that attempting to breach them would result in the collapse of time and space respectively. For now, Zilean needs to remain in his stasis. He is the sole remaining piece that is holding time in place."

"But Dante who are these people, Qualm, Gavaar, and Omen?"

"I don't know, Kassadin do you?"

"Those are the names of the Swarm. If they are released on Valoran then soon enough they will try to bring about the void through the portal Safred talks about. Probably similar ritual to what Malzahar did."

"Do you think they are here now?"

"Clair alone is proof that they must be, for I believe she has become the embodiment of the will Dante."

"So what do we do Dante?" Helba looked at him her face full of fear, "The void will never stop if they reach Valoran, they will destroy everything!"

"We stop them, every one of us that we can find to fight the void will, we will stop them!"

"So are we like the Defenders of Valoran or something?" Vash laughed.

"Actually Vash, that isn't bad, I like it."

"Dante, I was joking we can't call ourselves that, geeze we will sound like a bunch of kids trying to be superheros."

"What should we call ourselves then Vash?"

"Hmm...I'll think on it..."

Meanwhile what appeared to be a pack of three vicious looking dogs continued running towards the remaining ruins of Icathia. The final moments of preperation would soon commence.


Achion looked around at the eternal infinite darkness that surrounded him. Slowly the corruption seemed to seap closer and closer, forming an ambiquitous amorphic puddle of festering goop. Achion turned and faced the corruption, and it dissipated immediately, Achion knew of terrors among the void, but he had never been at its very heart. Each time he turned away and faced the region where the gap had disappeared the blobs behind him would slowly reappear. It was a guerrilla tactic, used by clever creatures of primal instinct. The concept was simple, wear the target down by short burst attacks, and then retreat back to safety. And for Achion he knew it was only time before the vile abomination decided it wanted to feast, and in his current state there was nothing Achion could do about it. So Achion did the only intelligent thing that seemed dumb enough to actually work. He sat and waited.

The creature no longer in fear as Achion remained facing the void wall, slowly formed a large oozelike form that encompassed a vast region behind Achion. With lightning speed the creature struck out at Achion slamming him into the wall, it grabbed a hold of him and slowly enveloped him completely. Soon the creature would absorb Achion. As it did the creature spoke a single phrase to Achion, "I, Kil'gore will consume your world"

As darkness enveloped Achion, the kretion's disgusting toxic wastelike carcass swallowing him whole, Achion felt an enormous drain of power leaving his body. For a moment Achion accidently was forced to shift dimensionally, his body in full panic, caused him to jump to the nearest realm of existence. As he looked around at his new found realm he saw a man carrying a chain and a lantern.

"Hello? Who goes there?!"

"The name, is Thresh...I've been stuck here for a while now. According to the locals this used to be the Shadow Realm. But it seems the warden here died just like me, meaning his inmates can escape too. Take my advice bud, get the hell out of here while you can, I sure as damn ain't waiting around for you, my chains and I are ready for some vengeance." His body glowing green with a fiery glow, a face that seemed non-existant. He suddenly began fading in a bright light disappearing from view. Whoever this Thresh was couldn't help him now.

Achion felt his own body still struggling to maintain its emergency shift, and so he returned to his original position in the void. The creature still consuming him. Achion fought the creature as long as he could, but he did not know how long he would be able to sustain his powers after the enormous drain of energy the creature stole from him. Achion would just have to fight it out and hope for the best.


"Terror is coming! Daddy is coming!" the little creature excited and dancing around growled his delight over and over.

"Yes Kog'maw we know! Can you give it a rest?"

"Malzahar let him be, he hasn't seen his father in ages, and soon he will."

"Fine Tempest. But if he says it one more time I might just throw up."

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Part 5 The Eternal Darkness
Featuring Tyzone the Scholar of the Void by BSMaster

"The reign of chaos has begun, the followers of the shadow council have released Tempest from her prison. We will bring fires down upon Valoran crippling both Demacia and Noxus. All of Valoran will be ours." Zed exclaimed to the circle of champions that surrounded him. His greed blinding him, his ego making him careless, he did not realize what hells he had released.


As those valiant warriors who called themselves the Defenders of Valoran (for now) stood around the comatose body of Safred, they quarrelled and debated over what their next action was to be. After several hours of heated discussion, Kassadin had finally had enough.

"SILENCE!" He shouted loudly across the room, and to everyone's surprise they were unable to utter a single word. "This bickering BULL**** is not getting us anywhere! Enough is enough, there is but one option for us to take, and that is figure out how we are going to stop the void from coming."

Vash raised his hand still frozen in shock unable to speak. Kassadin looked over at him and waved his hand releasing the silence from Vash. "How...exactly...do you plan on figuring this out? No one knows anything about the void, and those that do are mad like Malzahar for example or they are you! So please enlighten me who knows more about the void than you?"

"A man who has studied all of its secrets, a man who I've known as the scholar of the void. The only problem is finding him Vash."

"You leave that to me, if there is anything I am good at it is tracking down a target and locating their whereabouts. But I'll need a couple days before I turn up a lead."

"Go, get started and report back what you find. In the meantime, I am going to try and find Malzahar!"

Dante looked at Kassadin his face flushed and red, the darkslayer overcame the bind on him and became silenced no longer, "You will do no such thing Kassadin, you are in no condition to be going after Malzahar alone, especially after your last fight with him! What are you going to do if you find him? Pray you get lucky again and that you get the upper hand? No! Not going to happen. You need to stick with us until you are fully rested, we will need you in case we find this scholar or if Safred starts speaking again."

"Fine but after we find the scholar, we find the prophet, and the prophet will die!"


Vash left the hospital soon after, anxious and excited to escape the onslaught of arguing. With a deep breath he calmed himself and became attuned to his surroundings, it had been a few years since he had to use his old trade, his blood was boiling with excitement and he was forced to take another deep breath to relax.

Vash did not wish to waste time, so he decided to head to the one place where he figured a scholar would be: The Archives. The Archives is what it means, an archive of intellectual data collected over centuries of historians documenting events.

The marble stairs that led to the "stacks", as locals called it, were steep and numerous. Vash looked up these steps and thought to himself a very specifically chosen self inflammatory, "F M L !"

One turn of the clock later Vash had finally ascended the stairs, and now ahead of him saw a monumental sized door constructed of oak adourned with brass knocking rings. Vash, although out of breath, quickly approached the door and heaved the giant sized ring into the air slamming it against the door. The echoing thud reverberated across the empty entry way emitting a deafening bellow that caused Vash to cover his ears.

The doors remained motionless for but a moment before swinging open in a spout of life, hoisted by large iron chains with links as large as Vash. As Vash entered a booming voice echoed down the open entryway greating him, "Welcome to the Archives, the former hall of the Giants! How can I help you?"

"I'm looking for a scholar, someone who knows a little something about the void."

"Who sent you!" the voice seemed outraged at the preposterous proposistion of a voidal scholar.

"Kassadin. He sent me to find the scholar, the one who studies the void."

"You speak of that scholar then, follow me I will take you to him."

"He is here then?"

"Ah yes he is here, but the question is, is he all here?"

"Are you suggesting he is mad?"

"I'm suggesting you may find more than what you were looking for."

This caused Vash to be anxious and wary, he had found the alleged scholar, but now was hesitant to see him, "Do you mind if I summon the rest of my party? Perhaps with a courier pigeon if you have one available?"

"Of course not, be my guest." the hooded figure guided him into a parlor where a coop was located.

With that Vash sent a quick message to Dante and the others informing them he had found the Scholar already. within an hour they would arrive, and together they would question this scholar.
"Light fading...energy fading...I can't last much longer..." spots of color formed in his vision as his synapses fired pulses madly across axions sending neurons of flaring messages signaling the death of each brain cell. Achion was dying slowy, as the corruption swallowed them whole.


It was actually three quarter turns before Dante and the others arrived, except Bianca and Vudu who decided to remain with Safred in case she had another fit. As the party walked forward following the hooded figure, the tension slowly built up and anxiety formed in the pits of their stomachs. Dante, Vash, Domovoi, Helba, and Kassadin five of our defenders walked down the halls of the stacks wondering what fate awaited them as the traveled to this seemingly destined meeting with the "Scholar". Now at the crossroads of reckoning our heroes have entered the point of no return. They turned and faced each other one last time before they entered the room designated to them by their host. With this they would hopefully learn all they needed to know about the oncoming storm that is the void.

As they entered the room they noticed it was circulur in dimension, and around the room there were six chairs. It seemed that our scholar had been anticipaiting their arrival.

"Sit. Please. Sit." a voice hissed from the chair on the far left side of the door.

Each member took a seat, their backs to the wall, as the door slowly closed on its own with a gentle click.

A hooded figure bent forward from the shadows and spoke to his visitors, his decaying form barely seen beneath his cloak, "You have come to me in search of answers, you want to know what I know, you seek what you cannot find..."

Dante was the first member to speak, "How do you know this?!"

"It is obvious is it not, Dante? Why else would you have come to the 'stacks'?"

"Fair enough..."

"Ask me your questions and be on your way, I have research to do."

"Tell us your name Scholar...so that we may know what to call you..." Kassadin spoke up at once.

"Dear Kassadin, do you not recognize me? How is it that you forget the Scholar known as Tyzone?"

"My memory has only but recently been returned to me by Safred, but for some reason your name eluded me during the process. It is as if someone is trying to stop us at any cost."

"That would be the Heart of Darkness and its' children. They are bound to be working against you."

"And my daughter Kiara! She is part of them too!?"

"Ah Kiara, precious little thing, no I don't believe she would be a part of this Kassadin, she fell into the void years ago, we both know that."

"Yes, but I saw her walk out of the void, she spoke to me with a voice so ancient and archaic it caused me to freeze in place."

"Ahh...if my research has shown me anything, that would likely be the will itself embodied into human form. It is likely the will chose the first form it ever came in contact with and corrupted it into its puppet."

"So that thing might be my daughter?"

"No, I am afraid your daughter is far gone Kassadin."

"Damn it..."

"Yes, despite what you may believe Kassadin, I am sorry."

"What do you know of this phrase," Dante spoke again repeating the very phrase Safred had shouted in her sleep.

"Well, that phrase refers to the void being released, but that requires the Swarm of the Void to be in Valoran...oh god...wait...how foolish of me I should of seen it!!!"

"Seen what!?"

"Don't you get it? No...not likely...", the scholar leaned in his seat, his elbow on the arm of the chair and his hand on his chin, "Look! If the will is here that means the swarm is already here!"

"How do you know that!" Kass shouted dread filling his voice.

"Because if the embodiement of the will can be seen in Valoran, that means that the swarm has already escaped! The will can only create a physical embodiement on this plane with the help of the swarms power, otherwise it would tear a whole through reality. This means that soon the ritual will unfold..."

"What ritual!?"

"The very same ritual that took your daughter in the first place Kass, the ritual to release the void!"

"Then tell me, how do we stop it?! Because last time I was told by a certain scholar that if I silenced Malzahar during the casting I could stop it, but I failed, so tell me Tyzone how do I stop it!"

"You...can't...there is no way to stop the ritual once it is started. Unless...no impossible...that would require an insurpassable force."

"What is it!?"

"Kass, in order to stop the ritual, or even slow its progress, you would need to create a time lapse...one of a tremendous scale which held all of time in place..."

"Wait a minute! That's what Zilean did with Achion!"

"Then you may have a chance. For as long as Zilean maintains that time lapse time will cease to have occured, meaning history will innertwine."

Helba looked around at the others and spoke up finally, her voice full of confusion, "Wait...is anyone else getting what he just said? Because I'm lost."

"What he means Helba is that the ritual can't happen yet because all of history is happening at once. So events that happened in the past are really going to happen in the future. So until the timelapse ends future events cannot occur."

"So everything we are doing has happened before?"

"Exactly!" the scholar shouted in excitement, "If you look back into the records of history, you will find that there is a record of the void invading our land and being defeated by unknown old magic. This could be the very account of a future battle involving your party and the void."

"But what is this ancient magic?"

"No one knows not even me, but if you can get to the ritual in time and interupt the swarm's channeling by distracting them somehow, you may be able to cause the ritual to fail. But you must hurry, for the ritual can only take place in one place - Icathia."

With this new found information regarding the void, the newly acclaimed defenders of Valoran rushed to make their journey to Icathia. If they failed the void would be able to come through any rift they wanted across Runeterra.


"Tick tock...goes the clock...soon the council will fall...tick tock the clock has stopped...the shadow council and all...time is lost, time is dead...the dying rose will soon bleed red..."

"Who is that?! Who is there?!" Zed demanded, his voice full of authority at all times was now full of terror."

"I am the will of the void, and I've come to play with you. Don't you want to play with me?"

"But how!? You can't possibly be here!"

"Oh but I can, you see, the shadow lord was the last lord that held me bound in place. Now that he has died, I am free to do as I please..."

"What do you want from us?"

"I want you to fight for me, and if you and the rest of the Shadow Council or the Black Rose decides not to...I'll kill you..."

"You wouldn't dare kill the Shadow Council, we are far too powerful, we hold ties to all of the city-states, we could unite all of Valoran against you and the void. Is that a fight you are willing to risk?"

'It is a fight I'm dying to have...Valoran will be consumed by the Void, and you along with it!"

"Then it is a fight you will have!"

Zed spun in a puff of shadow and tossed his shuriken at the wall. The little figure of the girl seemed to melt away like a mirage in a desert.

"Contact Leblanc, tell her the Shadow Council will fight along side the Black Rose once again."


Meanwhile in Icathia Qualm, Gevaar, and Omen slowly made preperations for the summoning ritual. Soon they would begin the ritual, soon Valoran would fall.


The defenders stood outside of the hospital ready to leave, but the scholar's message didn't sit well with Vash.

"There is something that bothers me..."

"What is that Vash?" Dom looked at him intrigued, the assassin was street smart but not book smart, so generally he was confused by concepts such as these.

"Well, if the Void came before, then obviously the time-lapse didn't work, obviously they were still able to get through somehow."

"Hmm, that is actually a good point. Well...I don't know...but whatever happens, this can't be good."

"What will we do about Safred?"

"I'll stay with her, I can be in two places at once without too much trouble."

"You can do that and take us to Icathia?"

"That is what I am hoping...of course I am not as proficient at transporting people as I am myself, that is more of Achion's field."

"Just do your best and make sure we don't get ripped apart Dom."

"Nice...way to encourage him Vash."

"I'm sorry Dante, but its true."

"Dom, just do your best, and we will be fine...whatever happens now happens."

"Thanks Helba...means a lot."

"No problem now spawn that portal!" she grinned.

Domovoi dug deep into his spacial powers summoning the energy as Achion had shown him once before to tear a rift through space and create a portal to anywhere in Runeterra, so long as the caster had seen the land before. He was finally able to manage a ring that the party members could fit through, and as each dived through the gap in space, the strain on his powers taxed him even more. It was now down to him, he held the gap for but just another second as he dashed through the whole letting it close around him behind him. For Domovoi, being in two places at once always made him queasy at first, seeing from two different perspectives was like having eyes in the back of your head.

Domovoi closed his eyes back at the hospital, allowing himself to register his surroundings at Icathia. As his queasiness subsided he was able to finally understand his perceptions. And what he saw did not help his already sick stomach.


Three dog- like creatures gathered around the ruins of Icathia channeling a ritual that would cause all of hell to break loose. Our defenders stared in terror as the swarm began their chanting. It appeared they were too late.

Dante crumpled to his knees, he did not know what else to do, they had lost, there was no way of stopping the void now. Helba crouched down next to him putting her arm around his shoulders and began weeping silently. Next to them Vudu and Bianca held hands, gazing solemnly at each other recognizing inevitable death. Domovoi looked to Vash, the young assassin seemed mesmerized by the channeling. Domovoi walked over and placed his hand on Vash's shoulder.

"If you think I'm holding your hand Dom, your crazier than I thought."

"No...I'm just making sure your okay friend."

"I'm fine, in fact, I'm excellent." He looked back and gave Domovoi a sly grin, that captured the fire in his eyes.

"Vash! No!"

Before Domovoi could stop him, Vash was out of his grasp and running down hill towards the three beasts who were channelling the summoning ritual. With a blinding speed Vash pulled out his pistols and began firing shot after shot directly at the beasts hitting them with every fired round. He did not hesitate for one moment, even as his pistols emptied their magazines Vash would reload them in the blink of an eye while running. Approaching the circle, Vash slowed his stride and began walking as he fired, now aiming for the whites of their eyes. Shells seemed to riccochet off of the creatures as if they were being deflected, a feat Vash had not thought possible. He quickly approached the very last bullet, and as he loaded it into the chamber he whispered a silent prayer to whatever Gods were left in this world that was about to descend into eternal darkness. He brought the pistol up and aimed it directly at the creature in the center, now Vash was within point-blank range. He slowly squeezed the trigger, and the hammer fell onto the pin. The gun ignited sending its final round directly at the creature. The bullet spinned whirling in place a hair length away from the creatures skull. A loud crack echoed across the gulley as the bullet finally pierced through the mental shield that protected the creature. Vash had succeeded in wounding the creature, he had stopped the ritual.

Vash looked back at the others, his jaw dropped, leaving his mouth hung open. They stood up looking down at him, their mouths seemingly mirroring his. The creatures stood behind him and let loose a howl that caused the entire party to shake in fear, a howl that they would remember from the jail break. And for Dante and Helba, they would remember this howl as the the sound made by the creature that killed Thresh.

In the center of the summoning portal a figure slowly appeared, at which point Kassadin immediately recognized it as the figure of Kiara.

"GET OUT OF THERE VASH!" He yelled the blood pouring from his face, leaving him white and pale.

Vash turned to look and saw a little girl tilt her head at him and grin. The next thing Vash knew he was being thrown through the air, only to land several yards away. Lights dimmed as he faded into unconciousness.

Kiara looked up to Kassadin and laughed, "Do you know what your daughter did?"

"That is not my daughter anymore! You have defiled her!" Kassadin shouted as he hopped through rift after rift charging down the hillside, dodging Kiara's attacks. Kassadin appeared in front of her suddenly and was about to cast his Null Sphere, when he saw something lying beside her that caused him to fall to his knees - the body of Zilean.

Kiara grabbed Kassadin and quickly disposed of him tossing him to the side. Instantly Dante, Helba, Domovoi, Vudu, and Bianca charged in after Kiara. But her power was far too great, each blade and each spell fell useless to her mental shield. Thus the defenders of Valoran fell helpless before her power.

"Now you will all die like the vermin that you are..."


As the darkness consumes, and light drew its last breath, Achion felt his final moment come to pass.


With a surge of energy Achion began clawing his way through the very fabric of reality, tearing and ripping the Void apart as his power finally reached its maximum breaking point. The creature was not pleased with this and fought ever harder against Achion.

"ENOUGH! I will not become consumed!" with a flash Achion burst through the creature causing it to be torn into a thousand parts. The realm of existence around him faded slowly as he teleported to the nearest gateway to the void that appeared to be opening - Icathia's.


A large bang erupted from the center of the summoning portal. Kiara looked down at the defenders and cackled, "You see, the void cannot be stopped, your destruction has arrived..."

"Think again..."

"You! I thought I got rid of you already! No? Very well then I shall have to kill you myself!"

"The swarm doesn't have that kind of power, and the will knows it..."

"We shall see...we shall see...

Achion rushed forth summoning energy of vast light, and Kiara charged forth with a vile pit of eternal darkness in her hand. The two collided and sparks were released all around them. The battle for Runeterra had begun.

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With a gasping breath Safred shot upright in bed. She looked around and saw the replica of Domovoi, but she could not talk or question where she was, for something greater was about to be said. And she was the one who was to say it...

"Stare into the Heart of Darkness - the center of the void, Its corruption envelopes all and soon Valoran will be destroyed, Darkness Descends with the Rising Tides of Eternal Night, Rise up ye Defenders of Valoran it is now time to fight!"

Coming soon: Heart of Darkness

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bumping (moby if you need more room just let me know and I'll delete this)

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bumping (moby if you need more room just let me know and I'll delete this)

nah I'm good I have 3-4 reserved slots just in case

i need to contact Genmadhatter asap though about her champ :S

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Ouroborous HD



i think you could have included domovoi more in part, him being a spatial being and all it makes sense for him to be able to be in two places at once.

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i think you could have included domovoi more in part, him being a spatial being and all it makes sense for him to be able to be in two places at once.

its not done yet