Who wants a tournament in NYC?

Uh yes, I've been waiting here! 4 100.00%
No way 0 0%
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Tournament in NYC?

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Dear Summoners,
I've come to shed some light to you. As you all know, League of Legends just keeps growing and growing with a fan base all over the U.S, but what if we spread some of that love over to the east coast? It's time someone lets Riot know what we want them in NYC too! I mean how awesome would it be to host a tournament to the city that never sleeps. I would love going to a tournament right close to home and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be the only one. Anywhere I go, there is talk of league of legends. I promise you won't regret, and if some summoners could back me up in this, that would be awesome. So give NYC some loving too! I promise you, we give some love back.

A NYC Summoner