New Build for Tryndamere(no-noob)

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The build that I have most success with:

Vamp Sceptre --> Wriggles Lantern (really helps with last hits and jungling) This takes about 1k gold -- The armor/damage/leech with 20% chance to hit minions/monsters for 500... Ideal for all your Tryndamere needs.
Boots -- be it Stun reduction or attack speed (more often berserk boots to help with life leech)
Crit cape then Pickaxe (building toward IE)
Recurve Bow --> Sword of Divine (The active is priceless)
Finish IE
Then we top off this sweet build with Guinsoo's Rageblade.

There's one spot left that you can use for either agi pots, or a last whisper if you're running against tanks.

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Simple Build
Infinity Edge
Infinity Edge
Infinity Edge
Infinity Edge
Infinity Edge
Blood Thirster

Who needs boots or lifesteal if you kill them in 1 hit?

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I've been getting back into tryn now that I got some crit runes.

What i've been finding really effective:

Either Brawlers Gloves + 2 health pots or 1 pot and a Dagger
First port back, get Zerkers and a crit cape if possible
get another crit cape
Either finish a black cleaver, or get a brutalizer if its a slower game. I'll also get avarice earlier if I decide on brutalizer
Finish IE
Finish PD if I didn't get Yomous
Either Starks or a Blood Thirster

So basically:
Black Cleaver or Yomou's
PD (I will usually always finish it)
Blood Thirsters or Starks

For the last item, it generally depends what i'm up against. A Thornmail is excellent against ad heros with lifesteal, but sometimes I opt for different things I want to try.

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--> Start: Boots of Speed & 3 Pots
Berserker's Greaves
Wriggle's Lantern
Infinity Edge
Phantom Dancer
The Bloodthirster
---> In the endgame, sell your berserker's greaves and wriggle's lantern
>If they keep on getting away from you: Frozen Mallet
>If you want to have almost 100% crit chance and go faster: another Phantom Dancer
>If they're stacking armor: The Black Cleaver
>If you're dying a lot: Guardian Angel
>If you're getting cc-ed a lot and stuff: Quicksilver Slash

Don't get Youmuu's because it is not nearly the best item in slot for Tryndamere. Selling it will only make you lose lots of money.