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Reign of Chaos-Darkness Descends

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Moby the White

Senior Member


This is an account of champions who were involved with the chaotic events that occured during and after The Coming Storm, The Swarm of the Void, and prior to Heart of Darkness.

Huge shout out to Wulffe, Bergmeister, Cryoshell17, and any other persons champions I used throughout the first segment.

Darkness descends quickly over the small island bringing forth a frigid fog from the heart of the Shadow Isles. The wind whips across the waters carrying the white sheets of dense clouds eastward towards the rocky beaches of Valoran. The sheer cliff faces granted the only reprieve from wicked winds as those who would become defenders of tomorrow assembled upon the grainy sands of Kaladoun's shores. Vudu stood on the beach facing the ocean, watching as this curtain of clouds enveloped his view. He glanced solemnly behind him nodding to the champions who followed him here. With her sword readied Bianca stood stalwart against the winds as they howled; meanwhile, others behind her shielded themselves as best as possible.

* * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * ** * ** * ** * * * * *** * * ** * * * ** * ** * ** * ** * * ** * ** ***

Bianca knew the witch doctor for many years, and fear was not an emotion he showed often. So when he came to her begging for assistance with beads of sweat pouring down his face and his face white and pale, she knew that something dreadful was occurring. A few other champions heeded his call - among them Dante. Why the darkslayer was needed for this exhibition Bianca did not know, but she would find out, she believed the Doctor knows what he's doing.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * ** * * * * * * * * ** ** * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * *

Apparently; however, Dante did not know why he was here; rather, when the doctor came to him and informed him that Helba had come back and she brought something with her-something vile and evil- Dante felt a growing surge of anxiety in his blood boil over. During his final days as a summoner Dante sought out Helba in a final attempt to destroy her, he knew that if her plan to release the void upon Valoran actually occurred that there would be nothing left of his homeworld. The terrors and atrocities that were once worshiped as Gods wanted nothing more than to devour existence and become the only sentient beings remaining, and Helba wanted to release this upon Valoran. Their battle took place at the heart of Shurima Desert, she opened a link into the void and was summoning the Will of the Void to appear, Dante arrived soon after she opened this rift and quickly overpowered her; however, with the final blow within his grasp Helba leaped into the void escaping certain death. With his sword-empowered by the magic of the most powerful summoner, he sealed the rift behind her making sure that the link would remain closed for as long as possible. This sole remaining link that ties the void to our world, much similar to a bridge, the desert acts as the last strand that holds the dimensions together. A single strain on this bridge could cause either dimension to crack and collapse if the strain was vast, but as it is the summoners are able to stall the outcome thanks to the strenuous efforts made by Achion, Domovoi, and Zilean to sustain the dimensions.

Vudu had seen and foretold a vast future of darkness descending from the west, from the very shadows and secrets that are the Shadow Isles. Vudu himself has vast ties to the region, and traveling there is not something he enjoys. He knows that his ties with that realm are certain to come knocking at any time, and provoking the odds are the last thing that he wants. But even as he stares out at the island he knows he has no choice but to face the Shadow Lords once and for all.

In his forecast Vudu saw the acts committed by something known to those in the shadow realm as the shadow council, and among this council are certain champions that plague the league with insidious darkness that permeates from their homeland. Champions such as Yorick, Mordekaiser, Elise, Hecarim, Karthus, and now confirmed by his vision Evelynn. Thus Vudu sought out those who were affected by the shadowy plague, yet stood against it. Champions such as Bianca the Forsworn, someone who Vudu has brought back from the brink of death at least twice. As for Dante, Vudu knew that Helba's affairs had caused a catalyst so vast that only the Darkslayer could stop her now, and as such he brought the valiant warrior along as well.

With dimensions collapsing at their very brink of existence Achion was forced to journey to the Shurima Desert along with Zilean and a few other warriors to protect them from Helba's onslaught. Together they were able to create a time lapse that forced all of time to stop in all dimensions. Thus they were able to stall the destruction of all worlds for the time being. However, this was not without a price for Zilean's chronodisplaesa sent him into a deep stasis where he was beyond time. All attempts to reach the keeper of time were thwarted by an invisible force that surrounded him, making him untouchable. With Zilean unable to assist, any attempts to recreate prior events would be impossible, so rewriting history was out of the question. It seemed the the summoners and their champions were left with only one life this time.

Achion although weakened by the events that took place in Shurima summoned a dimensional rift that would transport him to the beach where Vudu and the others awaited. But knowing Vudu's plans he would not be the one who would be traveling through the rift, for it was Dante that needed to be in Shurima to help stop Helba.

As the rift appeared on the beach, Vudu explained to Dante what had occurred in Shurima Desert, and that this is why he needed him to aid Achion there. Dante looked towards the rift and back to Vudu and simply asked, "And I couldn't have gone there first why?"

To this Vudu replied, "Because, I needed you here in case Helba appeared at the heart of darkness. But since she appeared at Shurima, it seems I need you there."

Bianca looked at Vudu and said, "Shouldn't you have known this?"

"I do not see the future, merely its possibilities as dealt by the cards. Even this is controlled by what the Shadow Lord wants me to see, I saw her in the Desert, but I was wary of treachery. Trust me Bianca I had my reasons, now go Dante, help Achion and the others. I'll have Domovoi hold this side of the portal while you go through."

Dante rushed towards the rift looking once more back towards his group of new-found allies before finally crossing into the rift with great unease. As he did the rift closed with a loud cracking pop sending some of the champions near Vudu and Bianca to their knees in pain.

Vudu looked towards the other champions that surrounded him, now there were only four including Bianca and himself, the other two were: Domovoi a spatial wanderer whose interests in keeping the dimensions alive stemmed from the tragedy that tore his world apart, and another who had enlisted as freelancer his name-Vash. For Vash it was all about the money, he could careless about dimensions allegedly collapsing, but if this witch doctor wanted to pay him as handsomely as he had, who was he to argue?

For the first time since they departed Vash spoke up and asked the obvious question, "Vudu, what is the Heart of Darkness?"

"Honestly?" Vudu turned and faced him his expression timid and full of fear for the first time since he was a child in those swamps, "I actually don't know, the cards weren't very specific when they told me: Heart of Darkness- Place of Evil. Shadow Isles: Where Darkness Descends. I would ask the spirits for aid on this matter, but even they answer to the Shadow Lord in the end."

"But what does the Shadow Lord have to do with the recent events?" Domovoi questioned, his voice a crackling fire emanating the sound of a meteor burning up in the atmosphere.

"Well the Shadow Council is a large part of the underground network. And I would not be surprised if certain members of the Black Rose were associated with them. Still, I can't help but wonder if certain parties are remaining idle and impartial..." Vudu replied his thoughts wondering as Bianca approached him.

"Like who?" she asked.

"Well Nocturne for one. He is an inter-dimensional being that feeds on terror. Fiddlesticks as well is an inter dimensional being that worries me. Even champions such as Zed who supports Chaos is constantly a concern to me, hence why Safred is with Achion and Zilean. But I don't know if any of them would really want to risk the release of the Void. "

"Do you think that the Shadow Lord knows that he is causing these events by forcing those loyal to him to spark these events into existence?"

"Absolutely Bianca, I fear that the Shadow Lord knows that if he causes absolute destruction to all of the realms, the souls of these realms will have nowhere to go but to the shadow world."

"The shadow world, the very essence that lies at the center of the Shadow Isles yes?"

"Sort of, some even say at very heart of the island beneath the earth lies the very entrance. But I don't remember too much of my journey there, and I am sure neither do you."

"Ah, yes Vudu, I had forgot you nearly died all those years ago..."

"It is why I am the way I am Bianca."

"So what happens if the Heart of Darkness arises?" Vash interrupted.

"It is not a matter of 'if' Vash, it is a matter of 'when'." Vudu replied.

"So you mean, we aren't successful in stopping all of this from happening?"

"No, we will not stop the Heart of Darkness alone, we still need certain events to happen first prior to stopping the Heart of Darkness from happening."

"What events?"

"First will come the death of the warden, and all of hell will escape its prison and finally be released into Valoran, this will come at the hands of the dying flower. This is the prophecy as I read it from the cards."

"So the Black Rose will have something to do with this?" Domovoi uttered.

"Yes, whatever is left of them. What do you think of that Vash?"

"I think my old group is nuts if they try to release anything from the Void, what would we gain from the inevitable chaos that it would cause?"

"Power of Noxus."

"But that isn't worth all of this!!" he exclaimed, infuriated by the audacity of his former groups idiocracy.

"This will come to pass unknowingly."

"So what are we going to do?"

"We are going to go to the center of the isles and stop the Shadow Lord from rising Vash."


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Moby the White

Senior Member


Part two

"DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRKNESS" The voice echoed across the desert as Dante arrived on the other side of the rift.

A blur of what appeared to be an ethereal figure viciously jettisoned itself before Dante heading directly towards Achion at blinding speed. With a flash of speed Dante rushed to Achion's aid and deflected the oncomers attack with his sword, but even this was daunting for the creature's momentum pushed Dante back - his feet barely able to hold their traction in the thick unstable sand. With one quick forward slash he sent the creature back the way it had come flying helplessly into the gravel like sand.

"Its really great to see you Dante, we could really use your help against Helba's forces." Achion grunted through the pain of his sustained injuries. Helba's forces were overwhelming, and Achion now knelt on the ground bloody and bruised.

"I suppose Nocturne is helping her?"

"Yes the nightmare king himself is causing me quite some trouble, all my attempts at fending him off are twarted by his spell shield. I wasn't sure how much longer I would be able to hold the rift open for you. You are lucky you got here when you did, I almost closed the rift which would have torn you to shreds."

"Well in that case I am really glad you didn't, I doubt Domovoi could sustain the energy himself yet. Do you think you and Safred can hold off Helba while I take care of Nocturne?"

"Yes, the rest of our group will handle Fiddlesticks and the other members of their group."

"Fiddle too?"

"Yes, it seems Vudu's worries were right all along."

"So you heard that too?"

"Yes, the dimensions are getting weaker as my power fades, I will be able to stablize them soon if I have time to rest. But with this onslaught of Helba's I doubt I will get that chance. Soon even the temporal rift that Zilean and I created will collapse and so will the whole of reality with it. Zilean is now the only thing holding all of time together. But his Chronodisplacea will eventually overwhelm him causing him to lose his concentration over the time stasis. When that happens, all void will break lose."

"That bad huh?"

"That bad."

"Okay then let's get started." With that Dante rushed off in the direction of Nocturne whom seemed to be recovering from forceful blow dealt by Dante's sword.

With forces of darkness, Nocturne ravaged and slashed with shadowy energy in the form of claws aimed at Dante. Each attack passed through Dante's body, sending shivers of blackness running down his spine. Every time Nocturne hit him, his health seemed to fade, but he had to push on and get to Nocturne so he could stop him for good. Meanwhile, Safred struggled to hold off Helba, while Achion recovered his strength.

Step by step, inch by inch, Dante slowly made his way closer and closer to Nocturne. When he finally neared the fiend, Dante was cautious of the creature, knowing how it could cause fear in any man by making them see their worst nightmares. He quickly charged in, knowing his only fear was Helba succeeding, he feared nothing exploitable and would stop Helba at all costs. Nocturne tried to fear Dante, but the slayer of Darkness saw through the creature's attempts and quickly broke the hold without a sweat. Dante brought down his sword, slicing across Nocturne's mass. The creature howled in pain and retreated further back against the howling desert winds. Dante pursued him each slash coming ever so close to reaching its target, but Nocturne was elusive and continued to dodge with ease it seemed, gliding across strands of darkness created by his shadowy claws. Lunging forward in yet another attempt, Dante at last connected once more sending ethereal goop flying across the desert sands. The nightmare beast howled in pain, crying out in one last final attempt to escape the beast uttered his final words...

"Darkness." The skies went dark and as light suddenly reappeared Nocturne was nowhere to be seen. It seems that the elusive creature would evade Dante yet again.

Dante knowing his battle with Helba's forces was far from over rushed to aid the others in their attempts to thwart the allied forces that she mustered. Each slice brought Dante closer to Helba and Safred, both of which seemed entwined in a battle of psychic powers. If the link between the two was broken who knows what might happen to the other, but for Dante this was a risk he was willing to take.

He rushed up behind Helba and sliced through the protective wards around her, quickly he raised his sword to her throat and uttered, "Drop the link Helba!"

"Well, well, well...if it isn't little Dante. You can't stop me this time Dante, your little sword won't help you anymore against me now, you see I have the power of the void."

"You are crazy Helba, crazier than you were when I first sent you into the void, it seems the endless whisperings of the void's will finally broke you."

"Dante, Dante, Dante, Don't you get it? It was I who broke the void."

"And now, the whole world is going to fall because of it. No Helba, I may not be able to kill you, but I can detain you. Forever."

"As you will, Darkslayer, I go with you willingly." Helba sneered as she dropped her mental hold over Safred, despite her willingness to surrender Dante still remained on guard.

"Take this woman directly to the Warden's cell. Restrain her and allow no one to speak with her. And make sure she can't use magic."

"Right away Dante!" a gruff soldier replied and quickly holstered Helba away.

As the soldiers took Helba into custody, Dante walked back over to Achion and Safred. "Did that seem far too easy?"

"You mean because it was anti-climatic?" Safred suggested.


"It is because deep down, Helba wanted to be detained. She has something planned, but something is blocking my view from seeing it. Whatever or whoever is causing this is quite powerful. Far more powerful than any summoner or champion combined. It is likely blocking more than just my abilities too. Even Achion and Domovoi seem to be weakened."

"Well that worries me. I have no choice but to detain her though."

"Until we learn more, no. We cannot afford to allow her to cause more damage to the rift. So we must play her games...for now." she said wiping the dirt from her face.

"Seems like we are approaching checkmate, and we aren't the winning side Safred."

"Yes Dante, it seems so."


The boat heaved against the crashing waves, every moment seemed to draw Vudu closer to the Shadow Isles. The ferryman was against taking them at first, and even when Vudu showed him a sack full of gold he was still reluctant, but finally after Vudu 'convinced' him -essentially using his stuffy doll- that it was in his best interest to take this party to the island the ferryman finally agreed.

Vudu sat on the bridge of the ship at a table (a table that is a giant wooden spool ), the mist cascaded over top of him as he repeatedly placed card after card down on the table. Bianca stood nearby at the helm watching him as he did. He appears nervous, another emotion Bianca had never seen in the Doctor for a long time. She quietly walked over and sat down across from him.

"What do the cards say Doctor?"

"Same thing they always say Bianca since the storm began to form, 'Darkness will reign over the worlds.'"

"Worlds..as in plural?"

"Well, did you think that we were the only world out there Bianca? Domovoi is proof of that not being so."

"Well I know that, but I had never thought that something occuring on our world would affect all the other worlds."

"Butterflies flap their wings ever so Bianca..."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Everything has an outcome, everything has an effect."

"Well Doctor, what is our outcome?"

"I see only the darkness, no matter how I turn the cards Bianca. Whatever our outcome, the cards do not speak well of it."

"So we could die."

"You and I both know there are worse things than death."

"Doesn't make me like death any better."

"At least in your case Bianca, death has been curable."

"Only thanks to you Doctor, we must both face the facts, if you die then I doubt I am ever coming back again."

"Well then I will do my best not to die."

"You better doctor, because according to Zilean he won't be able to resurrect anyone as long as the temporal stasis is active."

"Well, I guess I better not lead the way then huh?" he smirked.

"Be serious Doctor, are you sure you should be doing this?"

As she asked this he flipped over one final card, on its face was the magician.

"From what the cards say, yes I must be there."

"And you are sure that the magician means you?"

"It has in the past. Plus the predictions are controlled by the Shadow Lord now, he wants me here and so I shall be."

"And you are going to blindly follow some deceptive demon's plan?"

"Not blindly my dear Bianca, for even the Shadow Lord must abide by our pact."

"Fair enough Doctor, but know this, if I even suspect that you are in danger I will do whatever it takes to protect you."

"Thank you my child, I appreciate that so."

They had just ceased talking as Vash walked around the corner and approached their table, "Doctor, can I ask you something straight up?"

"What seems to be on your mind mon?"

"Why are you trusting me? I am a hired hand that has prior associations with Black Rose. You have no idea if I will betray you."

"Vash if you wanted to betray me, you would have done so already, but both you and I both know that you won't."

"How can you be so sure?"

"Well for one the amount of money I am paying you is enormous, and secondly you and I both know about my stuffy doll's hold over you."

"So you can control me?"

"Only if I needed to, I hardly doubt that I will though. Most people that become traitors usually tend to not express this concern with those that might doubt him."

"Well I guess I appreciate your well-guided trust."

"Not so much trust as it is leverage Vash, make yourself very aware of that fact."

"Yes Doctor." satisfied with this response Vash wondered back over to where Domovoi was standing along the railing of the ship.

"Doctor!" Bianca snapped after Vash was out of earshot.

"Yes Bianca?"

"You and I both know that your stuffy doll can't control people."

"Yes but he doesn't need to know that Bianca. Besides it may not control him but it can prevent him from harming anyone."

"True. At any rate it seems we are arriving at the docks of the Shadow Isles, but from here it looks more like a scrappy pile of junk."

"I doubt it sees many repairs Bianca, and I also doubt that our ferryman will remain any longer than he has to."

"You are saying we are going to be abandoned on the most dangerous island of Runeterra?"

"Pretty much."

"I am so glad I brought my sword."

"As am I, because we will need it."


"Achion how are you feeling now?" Dante asked.

"Much better now thanks to you, this rest has allowed me to regain my powers. Soon I will be able to stablize the dimensions for good. Except...nevermind."

"Except what?!

"Well, while Zilean and I were creating this stasis, it felt like something was preventing us or working against us. A force far greater than that which Helba could possibly possess."

"Safred mentioned something similar. Do you think it has something to do with the Heart of Darkness?"

"I don't know, but it is likely. At any rate we should secure the area and make sure Zilean is safe."

"Is there anyway you could relocate him to a safer location?"

"Even if I could, it wouldn't make a difference. Nothing can reach him."

"So I guess he is safe right where he is then?"

"Pretty much."

"Well we can't leave him here by himself."

"No. I had thought of that, hence why I brought that thing to watch over him." he said as he opened a rift to reveal a large mechanical sentry unit that was hidden out of sight within a dimensional shift.

"What is that?!"

"Oh just a sentient scrap golem that I found one day wandering the streets."

"Was it Blitzcrank?"

"Oh no, Blitzcrank is still fine and well, this is what is left of Damyia."

"Oh my, I hadn't seen Damyia in ages, what happened to her?"

"Well countless years without repairs leaves a golem full of rusty parts. Now she has nothing left but her sentience."

"So this is what the league does for its champions."

"In time Dante, everything becomes like Damyia here. The league is only able to prolong the inevitable for a duration. In Damyia's case, this is what happens to her 400 years from now."

"But how.."

"Is she here? Simple, time is collapsing due to Zilean's attempts to help me stablize the dimensions. So certain things are getting thrown out of sync with their timelines. Eventually all of time will happen at once if this continues."

"So like the timeline is bending or something?"

"More like the timeline is being jammed up into a ball and things are jumping from one point to the next just as if they were continuing down the line."

"My god."

"Yes and as it stands the future of Runeterra has already been written in the past, but for years we have been too blind to see it, this is something Zilean showed me in his final moments. Icathia for instance is just one example, its desctruction and their mythological belief in some Gods? Those were the void. And this isn't just the only occurence in history. There is another account where historians document how the void came to Runeterra, but were fought off. I believe that these accounts are coming now. That our past is really only our future."

"But, it makes no sense."

"I know, I'm struggling to figure it out too. But trust me, if I am right and we do not stop the void, our reality will collapse due to the anomolies and paradoxes created."

"So we have to stop it."

"We did so in the past, we will do so again."


The thick foliage of the forest slowed and halted progress preventing Vudu, Bianca, Vash, and Domovoi from proceding. The moonlight above often granted reprieve, but the cascading darkness that poured down from the overhead brush cancelled the effect. Vudu knew that their path would not be bogged down with creatures or treacherous terrain. But that did not make him any less hesitant to continue. Each weary step brought him closer to center and possibly the Shadow Lord.

Webs and tracks of spiders appeared on their right, the home of Elise was nearby, Vudu knew that the Widow Queen would not be home. Even still the thought of the montrosities is enough to send chills down any man's spine. With this in mind he hurried past this part of the forest onwards making haste coming within yards of the center.

Now it was finally time, he was within moments of the final hour. This was where the Heart of Darkness rested, the only question was what was it and what did it look like. Originally Vudu had thought the heart to be a black stone, but as he walked into the giant clearing at the center of the isle, his own heart skipped a beat. The entire forest floor was covered with large black stones all of which in the shape of a human heart. The shadow lord had some more tricks up his sleeve it seemed.

As he stared at the amass of stones scattered at his feet, a beam of dark energy emitted from the epicenter of the stone pit. Vudu was too late, the Shadow Lord was coming, and there was no way to stop him.

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Moby the White

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Part three

The dark form of the demon lord slowly rose from the dark stones, a purplish glow radiating from the ring that surrounded the dark figure who seemed to be clawing his way out of the ground.

Immediately they began attacking the demon, Vash with his pistol, Bianca with her sword and skeletal minions, Domovoi with his spacial spectral abilities, and Vudu with every hex he knew. Nothing seemed to phase the demon lord, in fact with each attack the demon lord seemed to grow stronger. The demon lashed out with a clawed fist empowered by all the dark energy surrounding the island, it struck the party sending them sprawling to the ground yards across the stone covered ground.

Bianca looked to her friend in utter terror her voice shaking as she spoke, "What do we do Doctor?"

"We kill the demon lord." he said in utter defiance. His mind kicking into overdrive as he had one monumentous epiphany.

"How?" she looked at him bewildered, "Everything we hit him with doesn't even phase him, and if he hits us like that again I'm not sure if we are getting back up."

"The only way you can kill something like this Bianca, with old magic."

"Do you mean 'naming'?"

"Yes." he uttered as the pit widened now to let the figure pass up to its waist.

"Doesn't this require knowing his real name?"

"Yes, and as dumb as it may seem, I know his real name. It was part of the deal that I made with him all those years ago."

"Then what are you waiting for?!"

"It's too easy, the Shadow Lord wants this, but I can't figure out why."

"What do I know, just do it already before he kills us."

"He won't kill us, he needs us."

With a booming voice the shadow lord spoke out directly to Vudu, "So, it seems you have come to final question Doctor. Shall you kill me and risk the consequences, or will you let me live and allow the Heart of Darkness to be released."

"So thats it huh? If I kill you then our deal is void, which means I will die too and so will Bianca!"

An echoing cackle was all that replied to the Doctor's inquiries. The Doctor knew the reason why the Shadow Lord was doing this, but he still felt like something else was wrong.

"Bianca, I am going to stuffy doll us, anything that happens to us should be redirected to the dolls. There is a chance that we may survive." he yelled raising his voice over the turbulent winds.

"You might as well use your ultimate ability while your at it Doctor!" her voice barely cutting through the whipping whirlwinds.

"Seemed like overkill!"

"So glad you have your sense of humor at time like this Doctor!" she yelled back to him, her voice now amplified as the winds seemed to stall out. The Doctor had but moments to make his choice before the demon was fully released. But would the stuffy doll really work?
Meanwhile, the delivery of Helba and the other allied supporters of her cause - with the exception of Nocturne and Fiddlesticks who were both somehow able to escape - were delivered to the warden's prison without an incident it seemed. Helba now had only but to wait and listen, soon her escape would come along with the rescue of the Swarm. She just had to wait, and waiting was definitely something she had become very good at.

Surprisingly it would not be too long after, in fact only a couple weeks would pass by and on a cloudy night a certain order that goes by the creed of Black Rose would rescue her.

On this night the Black Rose - or a dying flower if you will - would infiltrate the prison killing a certain Warden turning him into something far more than anyone had ever imagined. But the Warden's revival would only occur days later. For now his death was all that mattered.
"Make your choice Doctor!" the dark deceptive creature cackled, a constant caniving carnivore that feeds on lost souls struggling to breach the gap between the shadow realm and the shadow isles.

"I name thee..."


"I name thee KARN!"

In a burst of energy light descended upon pit at the epicenter of the stone floor, the light so bright it burned nearby trees whose branches extended over the rockfloor. In his hand Vudu felt the stuffy doll disintegrating into smoldering ashes, the doll had done its job again. As the forest around Vudu and his group went up in flames a smoldering voice extended to them one last time.

"Finally we are free Vudu, but know this the heart of darkness lies not at your feet, it lies within me. You have made a fatal error, by killing me you have released the heart of darkness!"

"But what is it! What does it do?!"

"You will see Doctor, you will see!! The worlds will curse you Doctor, they will name you as their disease, as their death, as their destruction- for it is you that has caused all to become nothing!"

The stone pit slowly closed over the figure sending the dying form back to its own dimension to finally die for good. The Doctor and his group overcame the odds and defeated the Shadow Lord. But at what cost? What catalyst would this become? What will the Heart of Darkness entail? Vudu could only hope and wonder.


The End...

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Moby the White

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The shadow council watched solemnly as their demon lord was defeated, they knew that this was as it was foretold, but that didn't make the pain any less. Like a flock of pidgeon huddling for warmth, the council gathered closely around the summoner's orb that showed the events that occured at Shurima and on the Shadow Isles. Zed looked around at his fellow companions, each of which seemed stricken with grief. Zed knew exactly what he had to do.

"Allthough our Lord has fallen, the Reign of Chaos begins now!!!"

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Moby the White

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Special Thanks

Thanks again to Cryoshell17, Darkzero1, LordAustin24, Bergmeister, and obviously myself for the use of their champs.
Thanks to Bergmeister for inspiring me to write this.
Thanks to Wulffe and Bergmeister for giving me loads of information to work with via their segments.

I had a lot of fun writing this, but I couldn't have possibly done it without the help of all these champion concepts that I borrowed for usage. Most of the concepts that I used were originally Lorecrafted by myself (with the exception of Achion for now), and as such this backstory is well fitting. I think the biggest thing that can come out of this segment is the question: What is the Heart of Darkness and what does it do?

I think that is definitely something Bergmeister will have to answer in his segment. Look for more parts of Reign of Chaos or other fanfics by me in the future detailing events that take place during their segments.

Thanks to all those who read this massive wall of text and I am so glad you made it through if you did I guess on a positive note I wrote it in three parts so that you could take breaks But I truly hope that it is a "pageturner" and that you aren't able to stop reading it

If you love it I'm glad, if you hate it oh well too bad :P

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Ouroborous HD



you can imagine my surprise when i search my champion's name and i find him in your fanfic. good show sir.

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Moby the White

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you can imagine my surprise when i search my champion's name and i find him in your fanfic. good show sir.

haha he didn't do all that much talking or fighting unfortunately because my hands got kinda tired after part two.

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And with that. I announce. My work is soon to begin. The heart of darkness has been released!

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Moby the White

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And with that. I announce. My work is soon to begin. The heart of darkness has been released!