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The Quest for Doran's Ring

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I will say YAY and NAY

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Frost Archer

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Hmm that's strange... I coulda sworn that I posted chapter with my epic Kat vs Ahri battle.... Don't tell me it failed to post T_T I didn't save that draft

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Frost Archer

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Sorry this took so long. Moving causes a lot of trouble, and I still don't have any access to the Internet at home. This chapter, I swear I thought this was already up there. However, it's not, so I had to type this up. On an IPad. -.-"

It was also pretty hard since I just started: sailor moon, one piece, and I've been seriously working on "Deamon Blades" (a crappy personal excuse of a "manga&quot

Anyway, here's the chapter. It's really bad though. Not as good as the original.

Garen strained against the soft tendrils slowly wrapping around his body but he could barely form a complete thought.

Must... not..... give in!

He leaned back from her face. If those lips connected with his, he knew that it would be his last kiss.

Her face was only a mere inch from his own when he heard the sound of sharpened steel cutting through the air. The fox woman ducked away, emitting a growl of annoyance. She tossed Garen's body away, where it landed in a corner. A dagger lodged itself onto the wall behind them.

"Oh no you don't." Katarina said. "This one's mine."

Her hand slipped down to her thighs when Katarina remembered that she had used all of them on Shen. She only had the one dagger that Shen had returned. And that one was lodged in the wall.

"No man has fought against me and won before." the fox woman said. Her voice was light and soft, filled with a melodious tone. "You should not interrupt me when I am interacting with another man."

"Two things," Katarina said as she tugged at her gloves. "that is not called 'interacting' it is called seducing. Secondly," her leather gloves slapped back in place. She quickly flexed her fingers. "I'm not a man."

She brought her fists up and closed in on her target.

"Before we fight, I'll tell you a secret."

The woman cocked her head to the side, her fox like ears flitting in curiosity.

"My name is Katarina DuCouteau. The Sinister Blade."

The other girl smiled. "So it is customary to tell each other your names before a fight? Very well. I am Ahri."*Her palm filled with blue fire. "How ironic that the Sinister Blade does not have a blade to use."

With a flick of her wrist three fireballs appeared around her. With another flick of her wrist, the fireballs, one by one, hurled themselves at the unarmed assassin.

Katarina did not hesitate as she crouched down and rolled forwards, the blue fireballs sailing harmlessly over her head. Ahri made a sweeping gesture with her hands, causing the flames to curve back.

The fox grinned "No matter how hard you try, you cant escape my fox fires."

Katarina cried out as one of them hit her leg. The other two grazed her arms and flew back to the palm of the seductress.

"You hateful witch." Katarina growled. Struggling to her feet, she made a lunge at Ahri. The girl laughed at the attempt until she saw Katarina's real goal. Snatching her dagger from the wall, Katarina was back on the offensive.

She kicked off the wall, launching herself at Ahri. The fox let out a hiss of irritation before disappearing. Once again Ahri filled her hands with blue fire. She began throwing fox fires at Katarina relentlessly. Katarina managed to block some with her dagger, but she couldn't keep this up for long. She quickly used shunpo, carefully calculating so she would appear right behind Ahri.

Ahri was so surprised that she did not react until after Katarina plunged her knife into her shoulder. Crying out in pain, she jumped away from her, throwing a couple fireballs to cover her retreat.

When she was a good distance away from her opponent, Ahri pulled out the dagger. Blood spilled openly from her wound but it began to heal. Not quickly, but much faster than it should have taken.

Ahri grinned at the dismayed face of her red haired assailant. "Surprised?" she asked "I simply took some of the energy your boyfriend gave me." Her shoulder head completely and she filled up her hand with blue energy. It swirled around in her hand, forming a dense ball. Its aura radiated more power than her fox fires.

"This is his energy." she said, nodding towards Garen's limp body. "His life force." She dropped the dagger in her opposite hand into the ball containing Garen's life force. It sizzled and liquidated, leaving only a foul odor in the air.*

"I will kill you with your friend's aura." she said "And this time, you have no weapon."

Katarina sprinted towards Ahri. As she drew close, Ahri tossed the ball at her. She drew her legs in and jumped over the ball, disappearing in a puff of smoke. Katarina reappeared behind Ahri again, but this time she expected it. She swiped one of her tails, causing Katarina to lose her balance. With a pulling motion, she drew the energy ball back and pushed it full force into Katarina's chest.

Katarina was tossed back until she hit a wall. She managed to get to her feet before doubling over in pain. She tasted iron. Quickly scanning her surroundings, she crawled over to Garen's body.

Ahri laughed at her feeble attempt to fight her. She slowly and deliberately closed in on the two, bouncing Garen's life force as if it were a toy ball. She dribbled it along the ground, weaved between her tails, all the while making her way closer to Katarina.

Katarina had just pulled out Justice, but the blade was too heavy for her.*

Ahri allowed herself another giggle."Why do you even bother?" she asked.

"Because my reason is beyond your understanding, fox!" she replied.

Ahri gasped as a white light enveloped Katarina's body. When it faded, Katarina looked down in shock. The armor on her was more beautiful then any other she had ever seen. Granted, it was blue with a gold trim, something she would not be caught dead wearing, but the craftsmanship was top grade. Justice had also changed, no longer a large claymore. It was a simple long sword with a sharp nook at the end

"Impossible!" Ahri cried.

Katarina advanced with a crazy grin on her face. She didn't know why, but the armor had chosen her. It had decided to form when she decided to protect Garen.

The blade was perfectly balanced in her hand.

Ahri screamed and blasted at her with three fox fires in quick succession, but three shields formed in front of her. "So that's how it feels." the red head grinned. It was pretty easy. She ran forward and swung her blade, grazing the fox girl on the arm. As she tried to back away, Ahri fell. Panicking, she tossed the ball of energy but it passed through Katarina's armor without a sound. On the way back however, it hit Katarina hard enough to bing her to one knee. Part of the armor broke off and hung loosely from her shoulder.

Katarina let out a growl of annoyance and reached down. She picked up Ahri by the hair and dragged her back to Garen's limp body. She managed to grab the ball of energy and pushed it onto his chest. His body absorbed the blue energy easily and his face regained its original color.

"No!" Ahri cried out. But it was too late. Garen was already staring to come to.

Ahri started shaking uncontrollably. She gave Katarina one last hateful glance before she was consumed in a cyclone of arcane energy. "I will return." she promised

After that, all that remained was a small snow fox that quickly scampered away.

Katarina slid down beside Garen and sighed with relief.

With a cough, Garen's eyes opened.


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Frost Archer

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^ very rushed. So..... Don't hate. It just tells u what happened. I will work on it for a while. >.<

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Ehmargerd tough you were dead XD, continue. Will review later...

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A great fight scene. Your writing has gotten so good since the very first thing you posted And it's always a good day in my book when Ahri gets her butt kicked!

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Frost Archer

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He he, I was originally going to make Ahri be reppelled by the ring, but I decided to roughen her up a bit for you XD Anyways, I'm directing a play this week so no chapter just letting you know I'm not dead

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XD thanks. Well good luck with the play!

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Frost Archer

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~Chapter 99~

Garen opened his eyes. What he saw didn't make any sense so he shut them again. When he opened them, he could only gape at the spectacle in front of him. Katarina was wearing a different leather jacket, decorated with skulls. Her hair was red again. But that was not what dropped his jaws. Katarina was chasing a small little fox around the room with a wicked sword.

He coughed.

Katarina stopped in her tracks.

"This is not what you think." she muttered.

Garen let out an uneasy chuckle. "To be honest, I don't know just what to think."

The small fox quickly took this opportunity to scamper into a small hole.

Katarina cursed.*

"What ever," she said "do you know where the ring is?"

Garen promptly pulled of his shirt.

"Uwah." Katarina sputtered "What are you doing?" Her face was starting to blend in with her hair perfectly.

Garen grinned at her discomfort. "For a swim." He dived into the water.

It was nothing like he ever felt before. It was cool and comfortable, making him want to sleep at the bottom of the pool for all eternity.

Focus. He thought.

He swam towards the center of the pool where a small curl of dented metal lay on a seashell. He quickly snatched it up and kicked up to the surface.

He burst out of the pool, startling Katarina. As he struggled out, he showed her the ring.

"That's it?" she asked unimpressed.

Garen shrugged. Then he noticed a familiar weight was missing. "Where is my sword?" he asked.

Katarina handed over her nooked blade.

"What the hell happened to it?" he asked

"I don't know." she replied promptly.

Garen could tell that she was lying, but he didn't think too much about it. Luckily for him, as he grasped the handle, Justice glowed and returned to it's original form.


He tossed the ring to Lux, who gingerly caught it. She immediately tried it on.

"I feel, stronger I guess." she said. When she looked up, her face contorted into horror. "Kat!"

Katarina cursed again. She'd forgotten that Doran's Blade removed her makeup.

"I knew something was wrong with you!" she cried out "You were her!"

She quickly clasped her hands around her staff and started chanting an incantation. Garen only briefly heard the words "-Finales Funkeln." as she finished. His eye widened. It was the only spell whose name he bothered to learn. And there was a reason for that.

"Lux! No!"

Garen leapt in front of Katarina, his arms splayed out protectively. He squeezed his eyes shut and braced for the ensuing blast. His three shields rose in a line to protect him.

The red ray of light marked dead centre.

"Final Spark."

The words hardly escaped her lips when a searing light erupted from her staff. The fringes of the beam glistened with the beautiful colors of a full spectrum.

The three shields took the brunt of the impact, but were disintegrated by the blast. The weakened beam of light smashed into his shoulder, tossing him back.

His mouth tasted like sand. He felt Katarina struggling beneath him and rolled over.

"You're heavy." she groaned.

"You're welcome." he muttered.

The part of his pauldron was smoldering. He stood up and helped Katarina to her feet.

As Lux watched her face fell. "You knew?" she whispered.

As Garen dusted off Katarina, Lux fell to her knees. There were tears in her eyes. "You knew who she was and you STILL chose to save her?"

Garen looked down and nodded his head. "Yes."

"No!" Lux clutched her hands over her ears childishly. "You're lying!"

Her eyes flashed open again, this time filled with anger. She lowered her staff at Katarina.

"You!" she shouted accusingly, "You did something to him! Give me back my brother!"

Katarina put up her hands. "Lux, calm down."

"Don't tell me to calm down! How stupid do you think I am? You nearly killed my brother last time, so you really think that I would believe that my brother would fall for scum such as you?"

"Lux." Katarina growled, her tone dangerous.

Lux rambled on, ignoring her. "My brother was a prime model for Demacian citizens. He would never fall in love with you. He would've had a nice relationship with Sona if you hadn't intervened."

"Shut up girl!" Katariana snarled. Before Garen could react, she tossed a dagger at the distraught girl. It flew towards her, only to be jerked away by an invisible force as it got close.

Lux's eyes got dangerously bright. "Is that how you want to play?"

"Bring it on you little brat."

Garen tried to intervene. "Girls, cut it out." His eyes widened as he saw a ball of swirling light floating at Katarina's feet. He quickly tackled Katarina to the ground. "Lux, you especially!"

But Lux was too blinded by anger to listen. She threw her spells everywhere. The forest was starting to catch fire.

"Lux!" he pleaded.

He and Katarina jumped over a log to escape another exploding ball of energy.

"You can't reason with her anymore." Katarina shouted to him. The ducked as another ray of light vaporized half of the tree.

"I guess the ring works" he muttered. "Before she could only cast that spell once every thirty minutes."

The burning of the forest was suddenly halted. The silence was cut by Lux's terrified scream.

He quickly ran back into the clearing, Katarina reluctantly following.

Lux was suspended in mid air. She cast her brother only one look, pleading. "Help me."

Garen dashed forward when Katarina kicked his legs from beneath him. Only a fraction of a second later, a thunder bolt of pure arcane energy came crashing down in front of him. Had Katarina not done as she did, he would have definitely been killed.

*Lux was pulled higher into the air. When she was above the tree line, she was suddenly jerked sideways and was soon only a speck in the distance.

Garen was dumbfounded. The the cold truth hit him. His sister was gone.

He fell to his knees.


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Thanks for the update!