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[Skin Idea] PUNCHing Nun Vi

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Hey, you know what? Vi is a hilarious champion! She runs around and punches stuff. She punches more stuff than a NOCTURNE who is made out FISTS, that that concept that was never made, but would have been awesome.

I was thinking, though, "What else likes to PUNCH stuff." I was all like "Rock em sock em robots!" and then I was like, "Little Mac from PUNCH Out!" Then I was thinking about those hilarious little finger puppets of nuns that box. Boxing Nuns! How hilarious! What an amusing knick knack that I would love to purchase for my nondescript friend or family member who has a particularly unrefined sense of humor!

But then I was "No, Kolby! You fool, this idea is gold!" Cause those Boxing nun puppets are hilarious! I mean, it's a nun! Who PUNCHes! And you do it with your hands! It might sound absurd, but Vi could totally be a nun! And she just PUNCHES stuff. I mean, sure it's borderline crass giving a champion a skin resembling religious leaders, but we already have precedent with Lee Sin, the Blind Monk. And besides, it's not really a joke on religion, but a joke on a joke on religion. It's metahumor, or if you're British or whatever, metahumour!

Think about it! PUNCH! She's a nun! A boxing nun! Think about all the awesome Sister Act and Sister Act II: Back in the Habit references you could include in her quotes. If Whoopie Goldberg did it, you know it's funny! Imagine it! You ult someone, and Vi is all like "Say a little prayer for youuuuuuu." Think of the comedy goldmine this could be! She could be a singing/PUNCHing nun!

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boxing yes nun no