League of Legends freezes on the LoL logo

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Hi LoL ppl! My problem is that whenever i try to star the launcher, the logo screen "League of Legends" just freezes and stays there. I don't get any error, but i can't close it. To do this i have to start the task manager and close the "rads_user_kernel.exe" process. If i wait, my internet conecction shuts down and i must wait like 30 mins to use it again.

Please i need some help, i've been trying to play LoL like for a week, and i tried way too many "solutions" that i've seen on posts like this one, and not getting it solved. I hope u can help me, and thanks.

Bye! Juampax 96

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1.Add the Launcher,Kernel,Client to the Firewall Manually , go to Control Panel>Windwos Firewall>
1.a.In Windows 7 , click the 1st one in the left under "Control Panel Home"
1.b In Windows XP , well you can search Control Panel or try to figure it out your self sorry :l !!
2.If this is your 1st time you tried to play LoL , try to re-install
3.After you done #2 ,open League of Legends , and leave it for like 15-20min , and also open the Network your using Status so you can see if its sending/receiving bytes

Hope this helped !!

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3 Weeks Ago

I've also the same problem as Juampax96
And I have already tried everything that you have recommended nothing seems to work.
I've uninstalled league for about 234324324 times and after downloading it again it didn't let me get to the launcher to finish the installing.

Just as Juampax mentioned the "league of legends" logo appears and freezes but it wont let me get to the launcher no matter what I do!