League of Legends freezes on the LoL logo

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Hi LoL ppl! My problem is that whenever i try to star the launcher, the logo screen "League of Legends" just freezes and stays there. I don't get any error, but i can't close it. To do this i have to start the task manager and close the "rads_user_kernel.exe" process. If i wait, my internet conecction shuts down and i must wait like 30 mins to use it again.

Please i need some help, i've been trying to play LoL like for a week, and i tried way too many "solutions" that i've seen on posts like this one, and not getting it solved. I hope u can help me, and thanks.

Bye! Juampax 96

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1.Add the Launcher,Kernel,Client to the Firewall Manually , go to Control Panel>Windwos Firewall>
1.a.In Windows 7 , click the 1st one in the left under "Control Panel Home"
1.b In Windows XP , well you can search Control Panel or try to figure it out your self sorry :l !!
2.If this is your 1st time you tried to play LoL , try to re-install
3.After you done #2 ,open League of Legends , and leave it for like 15-20min , and also open the Network your using Status so you can see if its sending/receiving bytes

Hope this helped !!