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Would you join?

Yes 17 58.62%
No 4 13.79%
Maybe, with more information. 8 27.59%
Voters 29 .

A Dominion League

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inFe eD:
Why do we need a league system to determine the best when we already have a tourney that does that a lot more efficiently?

This isn't nessessarily being done for the top teams. It is being done to give something back to Dom and to promote competition with in Dom. Face it, as great as the DD tourney is, it hasn't exactly engendered much competition for the top teams.

My thought is,and I could be utterly wrong, that over a season's worth of matches newer teams will figure out how to win against teams like PECS, etc. Will every team? Probably not.


I'll look into a match score system. Thanks for the feedback.